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CHARACTERS On His Knees 100 From New York Times bestselling author Cathryn Fox comes a story of lust betrayal and billionaires hot enough to melt the Swiss AlpsNew York lawyer Tate Carson is out to expose a gold digger But before he knows it he’s the one baring it allGorgeous Summer Love is after my grandfather’s billions And I’ll stop at nothing to prove she’s a fraud Not even following her. This was my first read by Ms Fox and I really enjoyed the story It starts out with the grandson Tate trying to protect his grandfather from a woman he thinks is a gold digger He goes to St Mortiz to attempt a seduction so he can tell his grandfather she doesn t love him but his plans fall to pieces when she turns the tables and seduces him He had no plans to sleep with her but she made it very hard for him to say no that first nightSo begins their week together in St Mortiz Tate has a hard time picturing the sweet girl he is with as a gold digger Well things aren t what they seem and you find that out pretty early in the story This was cute and fun read I ll definitely read books by this author I have the next one in the series on hold at the libraryuotes Faves I m sorry Summer I never in a million years wanted to make you feel that way If you ll let me I ll spend the rest of my life worshipping you Tate wraps his arms around me lifts me clear off the desk and spins me His lips find mine and he kisses me long and hard and with such passion and love my heart fills with a kind of joy I ve never felt before

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CHARACTERS On His Knees 100 ?s exposing my every carnal desireThe time I spend with her the she lays me bare I’m sharing memories and fears I thought were buried deep She’s got me on my knees but if I don’t prove my case she’ll walk away with billionsand maybe even my heartSexy Passionate Bold Discover Harleuin Dare a new line of fun edgy and sexually explicit romances for the fearless femal. 35 stars

REVIEW é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ñ Cathryn Fox

CHARACTERS On His Knees 100 To glamorous St Moritz Not even masuerading as a bartender and seducing her myself But I never imagined falling under her sexy spellI wasn’t expecting the raging chemistry between us But sweet beautiful Summer could make any man roll over and beg for including me And now from my luxury chalet and her penthouse suite to the slopes of the snow encrusted Swiss Alps she?. Cathryn delivers a fast paced romance that has you unable to put the book down Her witty writing has you grinning and smiling Summer and Tate are two strangers who struggle with survivors guilt for two different reasons but it brings them together into a romance neither of them were expecting Cathryn makes your heart melt and beat rapidly with this novel a must read

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