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Ombria in Shadow Free read ê 105 A supposed waxling created by a powerful sorceress who lives underneath the city With the help of Mag and the prince's bastard nephew a strange silver eyed man obsessed with drawing Lydea tries to save Kyel and somehow defeat Domina. Magical almost dreamlike with an excellently original premise

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Ombria in Shadow Free read ê 105 Ombria is a place heaped with history and secrets There is a buried city beneath it inhabited by ghosts accessible only through magical passages and long forgotten doorways When the Prince of Ombria dies suddenly his wicked great aun. I would recommend this book to people who really enjoyed Peake s Titus Groan or the whole line of the Gormenghast novels Both are slow gothic and obsessed with language and timingThere were some uite beautiful passages and overall I did enjoy the story It wasn t my favorite KIND of story however and I wasn t always as engaged in the tale of the magical usurperregent and her charges as I probably should have been It was a case of the details carrying the weight of the plot than the characters I can definitely see why uite a few people fell in love with this however It brings Fantasy back to the old days where kingdoms were besieged from within Where history is of a villain or something else than anythingI think it s pretty well designed to be a uiet thoughtful readMe however I didn t really get into it as much as it probably deserves having won the World Fantasy Award

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Ombria in Shadow Free read ê 105 T Domina Pearl seizes power by becoming regent to the prince's young son Kyel Minutes after the prince's death Domina kicks Lydea the prince's longtime mistress out into the streets to die But she is saved by a strange girl named Mag. All of McKillip s novels are beautiful Her exuisite prose and her ability to capture the sense of magic both light and dark that imbues traditional fairy tales ensures that any novel she writes will tantalize and delight Her style is deliciously archaic even baroue and she has a habit of giving the reader the bare minimum of information to make the plot and motivations of her characters understandable tingeing every action with the spice of mystery This has worked not very well in some novels I found the climax of In the Forests of Serre near incomprehensible but even when the mystery isn t working her novels are delightful confections designed to be savoredOmbria in Shadow is McKillip at her best a dark chocolate truffle rich and beguiling The city of Ombria with its decaying streets and its shadows that bleed into the underworld of its past and its hints that there is yet another shadow city that may overlay Ombria itself is the most breathtakingly beautiful McKillip creation I have encountered since I read Alphabet of Thorn my first McKillip though published two years later clearly McKillip was on a hot streak The cast of characters is just as good each one three dimensional and bowed but not broken by heartbreak And the central mystery of how the city will cope with the loss of its prince in an already uncertain time is always enticingly just out of reach until the climax when strand after strand of the plot comes together in a breathless resolution that answers a host of uestions and raises a dozen but which is still entirely satisfying on a visceral level The denouement is uietly wonderful granting the happy ending that seemed hopeless in a most unexpectedly melancholic wayAll in all I don t think I could have loved this book any

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