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Keeper part 1 Hidden Bloodlines #1

Keeper part 1 Hidden Bloodlines #1 review Æ 103 Kember holds the key to not only defeat the Rygons but to protect one Drea until deathBut what happens when one who’s born to protect hunts instead During a heated battle with a rogue Kember Taylee’s forced to run and let her own Kember the man wh. Pulled in right at the beginning Not my favorite genre but I couldn t put it down

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Keeper part 1 Hidden Bloodlines #1 review Æ 103 As a Drea Taylee Pierce is a walking energy bong or that’s how the gift stealing Rygons see her Her ability to control minds in their hands could mean the destruction of the Kember and Drea race Laced with speed strength and a physical ability each. On the FenceSpoilersI m not sure how I feel about this one but it was a short read The intrigue and mystery pulls me in but Taylee and circumstances shove me back out I absolutely didn t like not in a way detrimental to the read that Dalmari died so uickly I d have liked to know him better as a reader but it s all good Taylee pushes boundaries has a uick temper a smart mouth and not enough sense at times to know when it s best to keep it shut which I chalk up to age seeing as how she s not yet 18 I figure those lessons will come later Combined with her goal to avenge Dalmari s death those things make her impulsive and manipulative as she tries to deal with his killer After tangoing with Sage twice I m hopeful some sense begins to creep in and she admits she needs help and takes time to wait for either an improvement to her current abilities or a plan than involves firepower than she currently has at her disposal Ian uickly went to the unlikeable category given the way he handled Taylee when she came running into his office He s not done anything to redeem himself in my eyes yet and he and Taylee have a history Now throw in Aidan who is young but still has been a warrior and in the organization for a long time as Taylee s next protector It surprises me that he not only listens to her which in itself is a hmmm moment than anything but that he takes her to Portland to find Sage which is a head scratcher but then finally when she s developing this strange tattoo that he agrees with her to wait a few days before telling Ian Ian who is still on my shit list I admit but use the resources available to you Neither Taylee not Aidan know what the tattoo is or why it has developed other than it appeared after her second run in with Sage so going it alone doesn t make sense to me Whether it s Joshua who was a trusted friend of Dalmari s or someone Aidan knows who can keep it to themselves they need help and indulging Taylee s paranoia whether warranted or not seems foolishAidan seems to be an incredibly competent Kimber which is great but with the threat they re facing I m not sure why it s only him Perhaps that s just the way the organization does things but a bit world building would help in that regard I think Drea and Kimber aren t explained enough in this first one but that s probably because this book is of a third or a fourth of what I would consider a whole book I enjoyed Taylee s uick wit and comebacks and wanted her to release the tears she held back after Dalmari s death Raised practically since birth 17 years with someone like a father warrants tears at their death Waiting for the funeral or by herself I think she needs to let it outInterestingly brief read with some hiccups for me Not sure if I ll read the next one

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Keeper part 1 Hidden Bloodlines #1 review Æ 103 O raised her face him alone With the announcement of her protector’s death Taylee’s anger and obsession regarding the mysterious murderer take over She’s hell bent on bringing her guardian justice even if it means walking into the enemy’s trap. So first off the main lead is far too violent i love that she is fiesty it makes for an interesting read but could she tone it down a tad I don t want a weak moaning child but she is just too aggressive all of the timeAside from that I have been really struggling to read a book when at home Its sort of like a book reading slump but it just happens when I am home I got in from work where I started this and I kept thinking I must finish this book And that is most likely due to how good the story line is and how well the characters are written It ended so uickly for me I may have to start on the next book now