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Executive in Sweatpants

Executive in Sweatpants characters Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Dvertisements for work from home systems that promise to solve all your problems Although the idea of working from home is great many of these systems are total scams I want to assure you this book is not some kind of work from home program or gimmick It's simply my own story No tricks no one time investments no scams This book is the perfect read for disgruntled corporate executives and mid level managers in need of a change stay at home moms and dads who want to earn some extra income retired business professionals looking to leverage their experience into an income stream college students who want to gain practical work experience freelance consultants looking for a reliable source of clients and virtually anyone with a marketable skill such as marketing accounting sales business development operations management web development and information technology to name a few Stop hoping for a change with your career Take action today and tomorrow you might just be able to trade in your slacks for sweatpan.

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Executive in Sweatpants characters Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Cutive in Sweatpants I share my own path for starting a business in the 21st Century As the name implies your new business can be operated from the comfort of home in sweatpants of course Over the past five years I've used the principles found in this book to start and grow my own home based consulting firm By leveraging the power of the Internet some free web based tools and your own creativity you too could grow a real business that you can be proud of By reading the book you'll learn Why salary is a dead end proposition for your career What the changing economy and technology means for your future How you can leverage the changes in technology to your long term advantage Why your virtual resume is so much important than any paper resume How to win clients on Upworkcom formerly oDeskcom Dozens of free work from home tools and how to use them How to work from home without losing your mind Tips for growing your business and staying focused on long term success Important note You've probably heard the a.

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Executive in Sweatpants characters Ü eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Admit ityou're not really happy with your current career track are you Do you find yourself routinely asking these uestions Is this job fulfilling or do I just do it for the paycheck Am I really climbing the corporate ladder or am I stuck on the same rung Why do I keep working for the same company but expect different results Whether you're unemployed underemployed or just generally dissatisfied with your current job your gut says there must be something in store for your career Rest easy in knowing that you're in good company; nearly 70% of all Americans are dissatisfied with their current employment situation Luckily you live in one of the greatest times of opportunity our world has ever known Thanks to the power of the Internet the dream of owning and operating your own business is closer than you can imagine I was once much like you working for a big corporation unsure of what my future looked like and kind of bored I knew I wanted to someday become an entrepreneur But how Doing what In my book Exe.

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