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  • Paperback
  • 190
  • Dunia Mara
  • Sitta Karina
  • Indonesian
  • 21 August 2018
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Dunia Mara

Read ✓ Dunia Mara ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download Dunia Mara H impiannya itu mewujud; hidupnya kini jadi bergejolak dan penuh kejutanMungkin petualangan merupakan suratan takdir Mara selama iniMungkin itu bagian dari dunianya sejak dulu Dunia. What I love about Sitta Karina s book is how she almost always manage to make me feel like I ve know a lot about the characters Like how Aki Imaji Terindah wants to drive her dream car or how Sisy Lukisan Hujan loves cooking I think I expect to know a little bit about Reno and Mara by reading the book after all who doesn t after his on and off appearance on the previous booksBut to my surprise the book doesnt really tell about them and instead jump into the myth about Sword s Tears I think there s too much to tell in so little pages that I don t get about Arka Reno Mara herself and why Sword s Tears in Reno s strory while it has always been Nara s part Some parts even makes me uestion why the title is Dunia Mara while it wasn t in my opinion her worldI do miss Sitta Karina s romance story that usually comes with a bit twist of fantasy I think we just need pages to have a bigger picture about the whole adventure of Mara

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Read ✓ Dunia Mara ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download Dunia Mara Mara Syadiran gemas dengan doktrin hidup ideal versi ibunya ‘lulus cari kerja dan menikah’ Ia ingin menjalani hidup yang berwarna dan sarat petualanganSejak bertemu Reno Hanafia. Hanafiah family concept was probably what get me hooked from the first time I read Seluas Langit Biru Sitta Karina is the first Indonesian writer that had come up with a such uniue yet brilliant idea of making an alternate world in which that such family exists and made stories from that The said idea had to be executed well if she wanted to make her idea not go wasted And uite relievingly she did it so well that Hanafiah the boys particularly captivated so many of teenage girls Being all hyped up I bought this book with a high expectation this is Reno yes that Moreno Lucien s story But I have to say that I was uite disappointed I know it was just a novella but there was part in which the story was made hanging It just wasn t as cohesive as the precedences were But still this is Moreno s story I m talking about Although the plot isn t too well described especially the part in which Reno s starting to like Mara Being a womanizer that we all know Reno is but still he won t go head over heels over her with only her saving his life and leaving him to face his scary Grandma all alone right the characterization is done so overwhelmingly pretty that I love every single character of Sitta s books But please I bought this novella to see that womanizer experiencing THE emotional turmoil I think that point is one of many things Sitta could have dug deeper and described elaborately so that the tension has some time to developBut I m on your boat forever Sitta Way to go to finish all Hanafiahs stories

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Read ✓ Dunia Mara ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free download Dunia Mara Mara adalah sebuah novella yang mengisahkan salah satu Keluarga Hanafiah keluarga besar rekaan Sitta Karina yang lika liku kehidupannya telah dibukukan sejak 2004 dalam Lukisan Huj. Good book as usual from the writer about this hanafiah clan However I found a few thing missed on this like there s no explanation why one of character is went bad and the ending is different Its about Reno and Mara right and why Reno stay with no Mara at the end I hope there will be book 2 to clear things that missed out