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  • Al kitaab fii Ta'allum Al 'ArabiyyaA Textbok For Begining Arabic
  • Kristen Brustad
  • English
  • 01 May 2020
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Read & Download Al kitaab fii Ta'allum Al 'ArabiyyaA Textbok For Begining Arabic 104 This book develops all language related skills including reading listening speaking writing and cultural knowledge; immediately incorporates extensive use of authentic materials for reading listening and grammatical practice relating abstract grammatical concepts to practical skills; presents narrative based content through audio and video media rather than written tex. This book is absolutely maddening It doesn t define most of the Arabic words you re supposed to learn it just uses them in hopes that you ll get the meaning from context That might be a nice approach if you have tons of time to watch every second of the DVDs but personally I d rather just memorize and be done with it The layout can be confusing too No wonder there were only two FBI agents who spoke Arabic before 911 This was and is the most widely used English language textbook for learning it And it s awful Alif Baa by the same people was good but this just doesn t work

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Read & Download Al kitaab fii Ta'allum Al 'ArabiyyaA Textbok For Begining Arabic 104 T to develop meaning focused language processing skills utilizing two main characters and their extended family; develops readings skills through the use of composed texts derived from the main narrative and authentic texts from newspapers and journals; introduces grammar using the techniues of spiraling and inference challenging learners to discover the grammar of the. Although this is a decent book for studying Arabic with the support of a teacher If I were to embark on a uest to learn Arabic independently I would struggle a lot For one the grammar is learnt erratically you learn one form of the present tense I during the first few chapters however you encounter the other forms much later on which leads to confusion as you have to unlearn information to understand Additionally none of the reading texts are vowelised which does not aid the enunciation and pronunciation of new words Additionally most of the initial vocabulary doesn t help conduct conversation for example why is United Nations taught in the first couple of chapters but important vocabulary is not converted until very later on

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Read & Download Al kitaab fii Ta'allum Al 'ArabiyyaA Textbok For Begining Arabic 104 Language by means of analogy problem solving and educated guessing; introduces Egyptian collouial Arabic through scenes based on the main narrative to promote the use of shared vocabulary and structure of the two registers increasing listening comprehension skills; and contains Arabic English and English Arabic glossaries and reference charts as well as a grammar inde. This book will teach you Arabic but you won t enjoy itI get the impression that this book is intended for the perfect student not just the A student who works hard and has experience in studying languages but the student who has endless time on his hands and remembers every word after seeing it onceIt often seems that the authors have gone out of their way to make this book as difficult as possible based perhaps on the premise that students are lazy and will take advantage of any crutches they provide Maybe they re right But I m not convinced that taking away the basic supports leads students to try harder than they otherwise would it may just make the whole process slower and lead to increased levels of frustrationA case in point the table of contents is almost entirely in Arabic in a book for beginning students who have just learned the alphabet Will they struggle through the list of Arabic words when they re trying to find that grammar explanation from a few weeks ago or will it be both faster and easier to flip through the pages until they happen across the section they re looking for From personal experience I can say it s the latterThe grammar explanations themselves aren t always easy to understand The example sentences tend to be full of the current chapter s vocabulary which was often seen for the first time only days before Of course the ideal student will have memorized all of the new vocabulary immediately The average student will likely miss the point of the sentences or at least waste time flipping through the glossary that could be better spent actively studyingIt doesn t help that the grammar explanations use Arabic words whenever possible and that these grammatical terms aren t listed in the main vocabulary to be memorized for each chapter Instead each chapter has a list of additional words at the end without the convenience of their meanings So again time is spent flipping through the book to find these words and they re ultimately not learned as well as the words in the main vocabulary The result is that the grammar sections become harder and harder to followTo increase the student s frustration further almost the only reading passages in the book are authentic ie not written with the beginning student in mind The idea is that the student will pick out the few familiar words from a paragraph thereby gaining an understanding of the basic idea Besides the fact that this doesn t work at all if you happen to forget one of the key words it s just not satisfying to read only passages that are too advanced for your current level There s no sense of accomplishment at allThe book does have some good points it comes with multiple DVDs so the student can get plenty of practice in listening to the language and I found that everything seemed a lot clearer when I read through it again before beginning my second year course As I was actually working through this book though I have to say I found it pretty painful