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review A House in the Sky Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Amanda Lindhout Amanda Lindhout Ö 3 characters AnBest Book of the Month September Amanda Lindhouts story starts as a breathless travelogue inspired by National Geographic as a kid in rural Alberta Lindhout scavenged bottles to buy thrift store copies of the magazine escaping through its pages from a violent home into a vast vibrant world In her twenties she sought out every amazing place shed always wanted to see then kept going loving the rush of pushing beyond the next border Travel became her education and a desire to make it her vocation as a freelance journalist draws her to Afghanistan Ira and finally Somalia where a hungry young reporter with guts might make a name for herself Lindhouts hubris can be frustrating intellectually she knows Somalia is the most dangerous country on earth but she still talks her former lover freelance photojournalist Nigel Brennan into coming along By this time both of them have moved through so many unpredictable places unscathed that the possibility of real peril is a hazy abstraction and their abduction by armed extremists comes as a shock As their captors hold out for a ransom of million Lindhout and Brennan defensively convert to Islam and try to remain sane through covert communication but after a botched escape Lindhout endures severe torture and repeated assault and survival means drawing on her every reserve Written with uncommon sensitivity by Lindhout and cowriter Sara Corbett A House in the Sky becomes a moving testament to her ability to cultivate resilience and a kind of spiritual transcendence even in profound darkness Witnessing her experience left profoundly grateful for everything I havesharply aware of how I choose to react to circumstances beyond my control Most of us will never live a day like the Lindhout spent in captivity but we all have our trials and we can cultivate our own resilience Mari MalcolmGuest Review of A House in the SkyBy Susan Casey author of The Wave In Pursuit of the Rogues Freaks and Giants of the Ocean Growing up in the small town of Red Deer Alberta Amanda Lindhout dreamed big She was a young girl with a curious streak the size of the Rockies and though her wrong side of the tracks provenance seemed to promise only a flatline future Lindhout decided to change her own fate Out there she knew beyond a horizon dotted with oil rigs and trailer parks magic awaited a vast map filled with all.

review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Amanda LindhoutA House in the Sky

review A House in the Sky Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Amanda Lindhout Amanda Lindhout Ö 3 characters And her writing is so strong that she can paint readers a vivid picture with only a few brush strokes A House in the Sky is a true story of a young womans radical adventures It is absorbing and inspiring and textured It is terrifying It illuminates It is the best book I have read in a very long timeExuisitely told A House in the Sky is muchthan a gonzo adventure tale gone awryits a young womans harrowing coming of age story and an extraordinary narrative of forgiveness and spiritual triumphTheres no self pity or grandiosity in these pages In the cleanest prose she and Corbett allow events both horrific and absurdto unfold on their own Lindhouts resilience transforms the story from a litany of horrors into a humbling encounter with the human spirit Eliza Griswold The New York Times Book Review Lindhout manages to tell her story and to transcend it Her account stands as a nonfiction companion to Emma Donoghues shattering haunting novel about captivity Room Emily Bazelon Slate A poetic profound and thrilling exploration of one womans misadventure set against the backdrop of global terrorismElegant and evocative Rebecca Johnson Vogue A great bookThe lesson Amanda Lindhout taught me and others who know this remarkable young woman is What matters is not how you got there but what you do once youve arrived Robert Draper ELLE A harrowing beautifully written memoirThe wide eyed optimism and unflappable determination that led Amanda Lindhout to danger also kept her aliveA brave compassionate and inspiring triumph Korina Lopez USA Today star reviewA riveting memoir Good Housekeeping A searingly unsentimental accountUltimately it is compassionfor her nave younger self for her kidnappersthat becomes the key to Lindhouts survival Holly Morris O the Oprah magazine Keenly observed and sprinkled with arresting details A House in the Sky isthan one womans heartbreaking tale of captivity The book sheds light on a conflict area not often painted with nuance It dares to explore the outer reaches of human empathy A stunning haunting and redemptive read Lindhouts story is one that stays with you long after the book has been closed Grace Bello The Christian Science Monitor An elegant and wrenching memoir The Daily Beast A remarkably keen eyed honest and radiant memoirMoving and informative reading for everyone Barbara Hoffert Library Journal.

Amanda Lindhout Ö 3 characters

review A House in the Sky Õ eBook or Kindle ePUB review ↠ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ö Amanda Lindhout Amanda Lindhout Ö 3 characters Things lost or unexplored mystical or wild How did Lindhout know this National Geographic Paging through worn copies of the magazine she was transported to every spectacular place shed never been The world arrived in waves and flashes as a silvery tide sweeping over a promenade in Havana or the glinting snowfields of Annapurna The world was a tribe of pygmy archers in the Congo and the green geometry of Kyotos tea gardens It was a yellow sailed catamaran in a choppy Arctic Sea And so fueled by waitressing wages and determination Lindhouts travels begin at first in idyllic ways then accelerating and acuiring a degree of difficulty that would daunt any seasoned explorer In short order Lindhoutworking as a freelance journalistventures into places like Kabul and Baghdad Addis Ababa the back alleys of Cairo and then finally Somalia where the stakes become nothing less than life or death Lindhouts story is exhilarating and harrowing and several other brands of extreme and it would be riveting however it was told But in A House in the Sky readers will find a rare and beautiful alchemy writer Sara Corbett captures Lindhouts voice and spirit with utter mastery on the page and a kind of ferocious grace that I found breathtaking I know thats a strange phrase ferocious grace Lindhouts desireher need evento live on all cylinders burns bright in this book but Corbett deftly reminds us that even when chipping away at cement covered in grit and cobwebs while attempting a desperate escape from her prison Lindhout is still that unassuming and hopeful girl from Red Deer Alberta The one who wrote to her mother from India I am going to Jodhpur It is a city in the desert called the Blue City as all the buildings are painted blue I am having the BEST TIME EVERIn fact its Lindhouts contradictions that make her such a rich character She can be nave and driven generous and opportunistic ambitious and fitful sometimes all at once At the same time shes heading for danger shes making friends And even after she is taken hostage by an extremist group and her situation descends into darkness she finds small measures of beauty and even optimism in her captivity And within that simple brutal paradox Lindhout manages to stay alive What Lindhout endured during her days in captivity is difficult to absorb but Corbett is brilliant with the telling detail.

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