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free read é eBook or Kindle ePUB ô P.C. Cast P.C. Cast ô 3 download free download Destined Eparing to face off against Neferet Kalona has released his hold on Rephaim and through Nyx’s gift of a human form he and Stevie Rae are finally able to be together – if Rephaim can truly walk t. REVIEW DOWN BELOW Wow Okay Cool cover I mean there are abs in it What could possibly go wrong with a hottie like that on the cover Ugh Despite my love for the cover I can already predict that this book is going to beyet another usless novel 1 Heath is coming back Oh Heath you can be sweet sometimes but my real feelings for you lie in my hands that want to slap you senseles YOU WILL GET NO REMORSE HEATH LUCK 2 Like I said up there this is not going to be good The lack ofANYTHING in Awakened lessens my hopes for this book The author tried to cram little miniscule bits of info into a book that really should ve never happened Or at least combined with Burned to make one huge mistake 3 There are going to be three books after this Yes just when I thought I couldn t get enough of Zoey s idiotic thoughts her stupid actions and her non existant I I get another three books to burn Whoop De Doo But don t be fooled I will try and enjoy this book for whatever its worth I will just a Not buy it at a bookstore for 1999 when I can get it in the trash bin for free just joking b Try to keep my slapping hands away from Heath and c I actually don t have anything for c SLAP Countdown the Destined Only 9 days Oh joy This is why I m going to guy the Iron Knight before I even touch this book It would be a disgrace NOT to Let me predict what is going to happen in this book 1 Another useless character dies If only it were this exciting 2 Zoey develops some incredible new power that enables her to bring back the dead Like it hadn t already happened five books ago 3 All of the characters hook up with someone even if it really wasn t nessecary 4 This book will be a total waste of my time yet againAnd if there is the slight chance that this book won t make me want to do this Or this Then I might consider buying the next one I got the book And I ve just made probably the stupidest or most obvious realization It isn t Stark on the cover It s Heath Three stars Three stars WHAT IS THIS There will be a lot to say about this So hold on tight But the first thing I have to say is that all at least almost all of my predictions came true I will enlighten you all on that later But for now my overview Again let me remind you that if I didn t have such strong mixed feelings for this series I wouldn t be reading this book at all I went into reading this insult to literature with an open mind please remember that Anyway onto the ranting Destined was a roller coaster ride of good and bad I was NOT thrilled in having Heath backeven though somehow magically he s a sexy beast Abs Yes please Oh eh hem sorry about that From the first chapter I already had the urge to smack this book against the wall and then continue to beat my head against it just to get the last wisps of Zoey s demented lingo out of my mind I can t stand how she thinks No teenager in their right mind would ever talk like that I can t even explain it its that bad So while we re still on the topic of Zoey I d like to point out that she s still the same stuck up stupid biotch she was in the lastwhat was iteight books So don t get your hopes up for a change The only way I got through this boook is because of the split POV s because I wasn t stuck in Zoey s small mind and didn t have to imagine words like smushy and ridiculous sentances like I blinked a bunch of times streaming from a should be mature teenage mind And that stupid Ah Hell that s like a uirky little catchphrase to you Not cool Throughout most of this book I actually had to put it down for a while to be able to think properly Honestly this book was a mess A Mess Obviously this book wasn t properly edited I mean they barely come out a couple months behind each other What do they do Draft a book in a month and then get someone to fill it with incestant angsty teenage babble There were thousands of gramatical errors spelling mistakes and sentances that just didn t make sense The only reason it got three stars is because again the split POV s made up for it That s all And when I say that s all I mean that s all And also while I was reading this I daydreamed I wondered what it would be like to have someone who almost tried to kill you in the past be all friendly and cuddly with you in the same room If it was me I would just do this Whoops I also had weird fantasies when Kalona showed up and Shaunee was in the tunnels with him about them hooking up No offense but that would ve been totally awesome I might have even spared half a star if that happened P Also I m glad that some of the other characters have love interests and not just Zoey who hogs all of the smexy boys for herself I thought Lebonia and whats his face were so cute together and I also like Stevie Ray and Rephiam together although it would be fantastic if one of them died leaving the other tottally and impearably heartbroken and crushed But you know thats just me Sigh And lets not forget how many times the ending of this book has been used before It goes kind of like this We have to make a circle Don t break the circle DON T BREAK THE EFFING CIRCLE B but someone is hurt I DON T CARE DON T BREAK THE GOSHDAMNED CIRCLE Let s count shall we 1 In the first book Heath is getting attacked by pervert ghosts DON T BREAK THE CIRCLE 2 In the third book Stevie Ray is biting Aphrodite and could uite possibly kill her DON T BREAK THE CIRCLE 3 In the fourth book Stevie Ray just got SHOT WITH AN ARROW and is bleeding all over the place DON T BREAK THE CIRCLE 4 In the fifth book Stark just got SHOT WITH AN ARROW and is bleeding all over the place DONT BREAK THE CIRCLE 5 In the eight book Rephiam just got mauled by a bullDON T BREAK THE CIRCLE Do you SEE the pattern here I can already guess what the next book will be like No seriously if I get another ending like this I willdo something I don t know what yet but I will do something about it And while we re on the topic of lists here s another one HOW MANY BOYS ZOEY HAS INTERACTEDCAUGHT THE ATTENTION OF 1 Heath 2 Erik 3 Loren 4 Stark 5 Kalona I ve anazlyzed this list and have come to the conclusion that Zoey is not entirely human She is due to the excessive ammount of male attention she is getting even though she has the I of a rock A ROBOT Yes I am almost positive now Anyways like I said before almost ALL of my predictions came true I am actually shocked I didn t know I was that psychicand instead of ruining the book than I already have for those who haven t read it yet I ll just do this 1 Another usless character dies Check 2 Zoey develops some incredible new power that enables her to bring back the dead Like it hadn t already happened five books ago Check Well memories of the dead 3 All of the characters hook up with someone even if it wasn t really nessecary Half Check I said ALMOST not all of my predictions came true 4 This book will be a total waste of my time yet again Check x10 Ahh at least now I have a break until the next bookHIDDEN

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free read é eBook or Kindle ePUB ô P.C. Cast P.C. Cast ô 3 download free download Destined He path of the Goddess and stay free of his father’s shadowBut is Zoey really safe Does she truly know those who are closest to her And will love win when it is tested by the very soul of Darkness. Addictions suck Especially when as you re reading through it your thought process is something like Oh dear lord why am I reading this why are they talking like ten year olds why is absolutely nothing happening in the plot and even worse why am I enjoying it I seem to think this way when reading every installment in this series and Destined is no exceptionPerhaps the most frustrating thing about this series is the dichotomy between the plot and the characters The Casts well really PC does Kristin actually do any of the writing have developed a plot that has matured as the series went on the actions of the antagonists became much darker and the conflicts became much grand in scale However while the subject matter has matured the characters have not This immaturity was okay at the beginning of the series when Zoey and the gang were mostly dealing with relatable teenage issues with a few vampire problems thrown into the mix This far into the series however all traces of normality are gone and these characters are dealing with death and destruction at every turn It seems only logical that they would inevitably grow up in the process but they re still spewing out dialogue that sounds completely idiotic and their interactions with each other are far too contrived The heart to heart moments between Zoey and Stevie Rae were actually painful to read at times It s almost as if these authors were never actually teenagers because the way these two speak to each other is not natural or relatable at all Similar problems arise in this installment that have occurred throughout almost every single House of Night novel in the past Stereotypes are still at large and don t seem to be going away anytime soon Damien setting aside the fact that his character has been reduced to a crying mess is every single gay stereotype wrapped up into one person and I still don t understand why the Casts feel the need to riddle Kramisha s dialogue with blatant grammatical errors just because she happens to be black The pop culture references are getting out of control too Dropping the names of popular books and television shows and then awkwardly inserting a contrived conversation about it does not help the audience relate to what s going on it just makes everything extremely awkward I was cringing throughout the references to the Sookie Stackhouse series Game of Thrones and the others since they were made completely out of context and they had no relevancy to anything at allThe plot s pacing was a little strange as well I just finished it thirty minutes ago and I cannot remember what happened in the first two hundred pages These novels tend to fall into a pattern where the characters talk about what they re going to do for the first three uarters of the book before actually doing it and this installment is no exception The climax however was possibly one of the most memorable of the entire series Even though in my opinion nothing truly happened in this book to move the overall plot forward it was still nice to have some kind of gratification from the fairly well done ending If you ve made it this far into the series you re obviously going to have to read this one and the ones after it I ve given up hope that I will ever stop reading these books because I m so far in and as much as I hate to say it I actually do find myself enjoying these books for the very trashy things they are Sigh

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free read é eBook or Kindle ePUB ô P.C. Cast P.C. Cast ô 3 download free download Destined In Destined the forces of Light and Dark collide as their epic struggle focuses on Tulsa’s House of Night Zoey is home where she belongs safe with her Guardian Warrior Stark by her side – and pr. For the record I hate this series like I ve hated no other But I just want to know what happens next And after finishing it I m like Great Not another cliffhangerIf only the authors had put thought into it from the start the books have become so overrun with narratives that I m wondering what is the point of the authors narrating Zoey in first person now Seems to me this is a massive case of we re making this up as we go alongIf this was an anime then I suppose it could work in that contrived way that anime plots and Mary Sues gel together But no This is not an anime a TV show or even godforbida movie It s a book a terribly written one at that and yet I know I ll be reading the next one whilst cursing the writers for making an addictive plot and the most awful main characters in recent book historysigh