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Rachael Johns ã 6 free read free download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã Rachael Johns free read Outback Sisters Bunyip Bay #4 In the cafe was an amazing kisser – but not the one he thought he was meetingReclusive farmer Angus wants nothing to do with Logan's plans for improving the property's finances and finding a partner – until he meets the sisters at a wedding Who is attracted to whom More importantly can Frankie and Simone sort out their feelings for the two brothers without destroying their very close bond. This is the fourth novel in Rachael Johns highly successful Bunyip Bay series basically written in response to popular demand from readers who wanted to revisit this small town in Western Australia after the original trilogy concluded In Outback Sisters we get the double whammy of 2 for the price of 1 with heroines and sisters Simone and Frankie taking centre stage Both were introduced and featured in the previous novels with something of each of their stories being told so it was only fitting that they both got to find their own happy ever aftersFrankie is working in her local cafe when a handsome man strides in and kisses her senseless uite enjoyable very enjoyable in fact until she realises that he thought she was her sister Simone Disappointed Frankie directs him on how to find Simone who has been set up by her teenage daughters in what is a pretty funny but not really for poor Simone sort of situation Luckily the handsome stranger named Logan is not a serial killer and is just as nice as he is good lookingSimone and Frankie are about as close as two siblings can be but the arrival of Logan Knight definitely complicates their relationship a lot Things get even complicated when Logan and Simone decide to get Logan s grumpy brother Angus to accompany Frankie to a wedding The sparks are flying but they re not really the sparks you d be expectingThe two sisters are remarkably real and I really enjoyed the ups and downs their relationship goes through in this novel as they negotiate some really difficult times and heightened emotions Simone has been a single mother for a long time and Frankie has always been there to help her and keep her and the kids fed Not having a sister I really love reading about the intricacies of this sort of relationship and this one definitely explores the connection they have but establishes them very firmly as individualsBoth Logan and Angus have experienced a lot of loss and family tragedy Logan has managed to maintain a very positive outlook on life but Angus has his grumpy moments working the family farm and not often getting out and about Logan s job as a journalist takes him away from the farm on a regular basis but Angus life has become very insular and although he s often portrayed as being gruff and brusue there are times when he really connects with some of the characters even Simone s very difficult teenage daughter I found that I really warmed to Angus the reader hears about him before we meet him and you are prepared for him to be antisocial and grumpy and he s the sort of character that really grows on you as you discover his hidden depthsOne of the best things about a series is that feeling of coming home with each new installment and this book definitely gives that feeling Due to a special occasion taking place there s a whole cast of characters that we ve previously read about showing up and popping in and out of the narrative and it makes you feel like you kind of belong in this town like they could all be your friends too The Bunyip Bay books have always been like this for me Rachael Johns has created the most amazing small town and filled it with wonderful characters and this book was heaven for people who love a glimpse of past characters and what they re up to now which satisfies the need to know in meOutback Sisters is another gem definitely one for the keeper shelf

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Rachael Johns ã 6 free read free download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã Rachael Johns free read Outback Sisters Bunyip Bay #4 A Bunyip Bay novel Frankie and Simone are sisters and best friends Could a new man in town drive a wedge between them for the first time everCafe owner Frankie has been unlucky in love all her life It's hard in a small town like Bunyip Bay to meet prospective partners Her sister Simone lost the love of her live years before and is now devoted to raising their two teenage girls leaving little t. Review originally appeared at latest book in the Bunyip Bay series releases later this month I couldn t wait for release date so reuested a copy from NetGalley as soon as it went up and slipped it into my scheduleBunyip Bay is a town I have grown to love with characters who are like old friends so any chance I have to head over and see how they re all going is going to be jumped atOriginally this series was slated for three books but a major fan outpouring of support saw Rachael head back to the Bay for another book here s hoping she will do it againOutback Sisters is different from the other Bunyip Bay books in that we have two leading ladies and two leading men Two sisters and two brothers I have to say I was a little sceptical about how this would all come together but I think Johns has pulled it off beautifully Yes there were some pretty predictable plotlines but there were also some super surprisesFrankie and Simone are sisters and best friends they ve always had each others back and been through than their share of heartbreak togetherSimone lost the love of her life early leaving her a single mother of two young girls now teens She has been on her own almost a decade and is a little apprehensive of putting herself out the again she s only ever been with one man and that was a long time agoFrankie thinks it s safer to stay away from men after the heartbreak she s already suffered and her habit of falling for Mr Wrong She has her cafe her sister and two gorgeous niecesA case of mistaken identity starts a rollercoaster of events that catches that might just tear two families apartThere were so many important aspects of this book that it s hard to know what to focus onLogan shares the family farm with his brother and sister though big brother Angus is the one living and working their full time and he will not even entertain the idea of a wind farm on their land which is something Logan is considering Wind Farms are uite topical at the moment even I have heard talk about them and I usually avoid the news Johns integrates uite a bit of detail about wind farms in the book which I found to be interesting reading and give a new perspective I had only thought of them in terms of an energy source I hadn t thought of the income source for farmersHarriet she s a prickly teen but she s a well drawn character and I loved that everyone could see she s a basically good kid underneath the terrible teen much worse than the terrible twos The interaction that stands out the most for me is an argument she has with Simone one of many where it s all Simone s fault she split up with her boyfriend This may seem like a ridiculous argument and completely illogical but I remember having almost that exact same argument as a 16yr old so it made me giggle a littleOur leads all four of them have suffered than their fair share of tragedy and they are all still relatively young It has shaped a lot of their attitudes and goes a long way to explaining why they are all still single They have different reasons but they can all be traced back to the trauma they ve already faced These characters have lost a lot in their lives and how many times can you risk heartbreak before you decide that s enoughGrace has an interesting storyline and it is very well written and a great reminder The well adjusted child who is no trouble at all is sometimes not as well adjusted as they seem It can be easy to miss warning signs and then be taken completely by surprise because there seems to have been no warning until you start to reflect and look back because once you have all the info you sometimes look back and notice things you didn t register beforeOutback Sisters was an interesting read and a compelling premise I loved watching it unfold though there were moments that I was left wondering how Johns was going to get us through this oneI have recently returned from a holiday in my original hometown with my family so am still feeling a little homesick and I am going to blame that for the choked up moments I had There were times that the sibling relationships in this story brought me to the brink of waterworks because of the close bonds they share I was also left wondering if that ever so close bond was really as close as they thought and if it would survive the bitterness brewingRachael Johns has done it again she s presented a compelling story that takes us back to Bunyip Bay a town full of friends that I was than happy to visit with I love being able to peek back into their lives and see where everyone is at Now to convince her to write anotherYes this is a Bunyip Bay book but I think there is enough info in there that you could read it on its ownOutback Sisters is book 7 for the Australian Women Writer s ChallengeRachael Johns can be found on Twitter Facebook and her WebsiteOutback Sisters is available through Harleuin and from Angus Robertson Bookworld Booktopia and where all good books are sold

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Rachael Johns ã 6 free read free download õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ã Rachael Johns free read Outback Sisters Bunyip Bay #4 Ime for romance When Frankie is kissed by a handsome stranger who calls her Simone it's a case of mistaken identity – but who is this man and how does he know SimoneLogan Knight is in town to meet up with a woman he has met online Although raised on a farm with his brother Angus he has travelled the world as a journalist and is now looking forward to meeting a girl and settling down The girl. I loved this story it was like coming home to family and friends for me meeting up with the people of Bunyip Bay enjoying a wedding and seeing romance and love come to the small country town again but it will cause a few problems for sisters and best friends Frankie and Simone as both of them have a journey that has a few ups and downs till they get their HEA s that are so deserved after Frankie has been hurt in a relationship before and Simone mother of two lost her husband 10 years ago and he was the love of her life make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready and sit back and enjoyLogan Knight has arrived in Bunyip Bay to surprise the woman he met online and arrives at Frankie s caf and stuns her with a magical kiss but calls her Simone Frankie is stunned surprised and warmed by the kiss who is this gorgeous stranger to town there is an instant attraction between them and how does he know Simone a lot of uestions that need answering and when you get them you will be smiling But Logan has a brother Angus they are farmers but Logan is also a journalist and has decided that it is time to settle down and he is hoping that he can convince Angus to do the same although Angus can be a bit grumpy but he has his reasons Things get very interesting when Logan and Angus accompany Simone and Frankie to the wedding of Stella and Adam Outback Ghost there is a lot of indecision about who is attracted to who and the sensual vibes are flying of the pagesThis is a beautiful story that has all the emotions that make a great romance the setting the characters are true and come to life on the pages you will smile cry and thoroughly love this story I mean there are two gorgeous wounded heroes and two strong beautiful heroines and a cast of family and friends to catch up with If you have already read the first three books in this series get to this one asap and if you have yet to read them I highly recommend that you get Outback Dreams and start you will not want to stop till you have read them all MS Johns never disappoints me with her stories they are magical and must reads another for the keeper shelf

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