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Free read Out of Left Field Ellen Klages ✓ 6 Read Summary ã Out of Left Field ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Here are they now And how can one ten year old change people's minds about what girls can doSet in 1957 the world of Sputnik and Leave It to Beaver saddle shoes and Heartbreak Hotel Out of Left Field is both a detailed picture of a fascinating historic period and a timelessly inspiring story about standing up for euality at any a. I don t like sports books I m not interested in sports period So that makes it doubly impressive that I couldn t put this book downKaty Gordon is the best pitcher in the neighborhood hands down She s so good that she impresses a passing Little League recruiter and he invites her to tryouts Naturally she makes the cut and everything s awesomeexcept that it s 1957 Girls are not eligible for Little League period No exceptions She may have passed as a boy for tryouts but some kid s mom rats her out and she s immediately cut from the team Okay so Katy writes a passionate logical well reasoned letter to Little League asking them to allow her to play Surely that ll work rightNope They send her back the most frustratingly condescending reply saying girls aren t physically capable of playing baseball that she d only be a distraction to the boys that baseball has always been a male only sport from day one and that she should really consider cheerleading for the boys or helping the moms provide snacksYeah I saw red tooFurious Katy sets out to prove them wrong She lacks the resources necessary to scientifically prove that her physical fitness is just as good as the boys and the distraction claim is practically impossible to prove or disprove So she decides to challenge the idea that no other girl has ever played baseball beforeuick TO THE LIBRARYKaty s research uncovers Jackie Mitchell who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back to back But Katy doesn t stop there she digs deeper and finds even women baseball players writes letters to them gets interviews even meets a few All of them have stories to tell about the sexism that denied them the chance to play the game they loved because of their genderAnd soon Katy finds it goes further than gender too She meets Toni Stone one of the first African American women to play on the Negro League And here s where we learn about when racism and sexism intersect All those white women players and recruiters Weren t looking to recruit black women no matter how good they were Her all male team Didn t think women should play baseball Stone tells about her experiences things we would consider mind bogglingly racist today but were commonplace in the 50s It was hell she saysArmed with all of this information will Katy be able to convince Little League to let her play before she ages out Will her efforts help open the door to other girls wanting to play ball This book was surprisingly engaging and informative Katy learns about so many women baseball players that I d never even heard of The back matter of the book includes biographies for twelve of the players mentioned plus information about Little League s policies Title IX and the current state of women in sportsSo much of our history is ignored forgotten or deliberately erased because our western culture doesn t value the contributions of anyone nonwhite and non male And not just in sports too I hope this book encourages kids to dig deeper to not stand by and let injustices slide and to speak up and let their voices be heardDid I mention this book takes place in 1957 58 Yeah this book takes place in the late 50s when things like Sputnik and the Little Rock Nine were current events It was a much different world then and the language in the book certainly reflects that

Free read Out of Left FieldOut of Left Field

Free read Out of Left Field Ellen Klages ✓ 6 Read Summary ã Out of Left Field ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB A story about the fight for eual rights in America's favorite arena the baseball field Every boy in the neighborhood knows Katy Gordon is their best pitcher even though she's a girl But when she tries out for Little League it's a whole different story Girls are not eligible period It is a boy's game and always has been It's not f. I may have given up on understanding baseball but I can never give up history This is a fiction but loaded with facts nonfiction women in baseball and the space raceIn 1957 Malaya was on her way to gain independence from the Brit and in the States a 1O year old Katy Gordon was in a war of words of her own with the Little League s board Katy was a damn fine pitcher she loved baseball knew most of the players and stats but there was this one sentence in the Little League s rule book that said Girls Are Not EligibleThis book is uniue It is a treat to read a story where the fiction and nonfiction are so delightfully balanced great dialogues endearing characters and good uality writing This book completely charmed me and evoked a wide range of emotions this is a story that other books in its genre should strive to achieveMy heart breaks and swells simultaneously for these extraordinary female baseball players for pushing forward and not grovel to the men when they beat their chests and claim baseball as theirs These women sacrifice practice hard in perfecting their games keep on believing in their passion inspire pave way for the next generations and show their moves at the ball gamesKaty is a wonderful lead her love for the game shines throughout the story and thanks to her diligence these womens stories are uncovered I love Katy s role as a pitcher the accuracy of her pitches the way she strokeshandles the ball before throwing and how happy she is when she strikes the batters out especially the smug onesRead how an idiot pretending to be intelligent I m Coach Martin the man said He had a strong voice that carried For almost twenty years Little League had been open to any boy who wants to play baseball Your race your religion your ethnic heritage none of that matters Through this book I learned that women have always been a part of baseball history only it s a part that didn t get written down as much so most people are unaware of Now baseball is a worldwide game and this is the world of eual opportunityin progress so nothing s gonna stop anyone nowA1Was Katy successful in educating the idiots You ll definitely want to experience it yourself2Did this book convert me into a baseball fan Nope I still love my guysgals to run all over the field chasing a ball instead of standing around looking fancy schmancy in their uniformsAdditional Information 1 Jackie Mitchell a 17 year old southpaw who pitched against the New York Yankees on April 2 1931 The first batter she faced was Ruth followed by Lou Gehrig the deadliest hitting duo in baseball history Mitchell struck them both out 2 MERDEKA The great emotive word that Malaya s Father of Independence Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted seven times to the expectant crowd in Merdeka Stadium on August 31st 1957 I still cry me a river whenever I listenwatch the clip and feel the goosebumps Future ResearchI need to read about these wonder women Lizzie Arlington Alta Weiss Lizzie Murphy Maud Nelson Jackie Mitchell Edith Houghton Babe Didrikson Sophie Kurys Dorothy Kamenshek Eleanor Engle Toni Stone Mamie Peanut JohnsonConfessionIt was really difficult to keep a neutral expression when kid1 told me that she was trying out for the rugby team early this year I nodded and said something gibberish before running up to my bedroom and screamed excitedly into the pillowRecommended

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Free read Out of Left Field Ellen Klages ✓ 6 Read Summary ã Out of Left Field ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Air and Katy's going to fight back Inspired by what she's learning about civil rights in school she sets out to prove that she's not the only girl who plays baseball With the help of friendly librarians and some tenacious research skills Katy discovers the forgotten history of female ball players Why does no one know about them W. There s a lot that you may not know about baseball in this story set in the late 1950s Katy wants to play Little League baseball and she is good enough to make her local team There s a catch though according to Little League rules girls are not eligible By learning the history of female ballplayers and the Negro Leagus can Katy change the minds of Little League

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