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Orphan's Destiny

Review Orphan's Destiny Robert Buettner ↠ 7 Read Orphan's Destiny Summary ê 7 Viving peace and politics seems to be even tougher But when an enemy armada targets E. It could be far better but it is not disappointing book of the series This series are based on a linear narrative plot and there is not subplot It seems that this kind of story writing is easier but on the contrary it is far difficult to catch readers attention fully on the story and not bored them In this point of view I expected Buettner could find a way to solve this problem which occurs in his series I have to mention that this is just book 2 of 5 I have read and I will try the 3rd after some other books to give a break It took than two months to read of course problem of free time but the real and main reason is the issue I mentioned above Idea of story is good not new or uniue but that is not enough as we see many people tried to write but few of them could remind us Dune Star troopers and some few others in this sub genre of sci fi

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Review Orphan's Destiny Robert Buettner ↠ 7 Read Orphan's Destiny Summary ê 7 In 2043 field promoted orphan Jason Wander has survived man's first space war but sur. This was a fast read for me Overall I would say I enjoyed it The character development is interesting I found myself liking Jason Wander even in this book I found myself disliking Howard Hibble even in this novel There are other characters that also are developed in conjunction with these two main characters from the first book I thought it was an interesting move in the series view spoilerto have the Earth United States pushing for disarmament and reducing the military budget due to the Slug War being over when that is in fact far from the truth hide spoiler

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Review Orphan's Destiny Robert Buettner ↠ 7 Read Orphan's Destiny Summary ê 7 Arth itself for invasion mankind must bet its existence on a suicide suad led by Jaso. Maybe really 35 In some ways the author took a risky route by focusing the first half of the book on what the political ramifications of the events in the first book might look like And by and large that risk pays off When the pivot to the space opera occurs it feels fairly clumsy and forced Then it is fine Still worth the read and I will be continuing the series

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