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  • One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism
  • John Porter
  • English
  • 23 December 2019
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characters · One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism D a glittering record of firsts in the Alps and Andes Yet how Alex climbed was as important as what he climbed He was a mountaineering prophet sharing with a handful of contemporaries – including his climbing partner Voytek Kurtyka – the vision of a purer form of alpinism on the world's highest peak. Another book that I found to be somewhat boring The author talks at great length about all the conversations the climbers have with each other all the things they did away from the mountains and uote poetry to show how clever and cultured they all were all of which I found boring and frustrating I don t care about the journeys they take to get to the mountains or what each airport was like or what poetry they know I wanted to read about the actual climbs which are almost there as an afterthoughtNot one I would recommend

Free read One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism

One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism

characters · One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism The head killing him instantly and robbing the climbing world of one of its greatest talentsAlthough only 28 years old Alex was already one of the leading figures of British mountaineering’s most successful era His ascents included hard new routes on Himalayan giants like Dhaulagiri and Changabang an. A really interesting book about the nature of climbing and the changes happening in the 1970s and 80s Despite knowing that Alex dies at the end the book is still compelling we want to find out what leads him there At the same time we are learning about how climbing was evolving I found the stories of travelling to the Himalayas fascinating There was such an element of adventure to climbing that is harder to find today And the climbs were extraordinary I really enjoyed this book It reminds me that there are some incredible people walking among us

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characters · One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Free read One Day as a Tiger Alex MacIntyre and the Birth of Light and Fast Alpinism A revelatory and poignant memoir showing mountaineering at its extraordinary best and tragic worst as it draws an unforgettable picture of a dazzling argumentative and exuberant climbing legendIn the autumn of 1982 a single stone fell from high on the south face of Annapurna and struck Alex MacIntyre on. Fascinating book about the British alpinism of the 70s and 80s mixed with tales of Polish climbers behind the Iron curtainhttpsgoryksiazekpl201602john pOne single stone had changed the fate of the climbing Where would the modern alpinism be had Alex Macintyre not died on the south face of Annapurna We do not know but thanks to a fascinating book written by John Porter we can immerse ourselves into a brave beautiful world of the British and Polish alpinism at the turn of the 70s As it occurs representatives of both nations with eual boldness faced highly valuated climbing routes and many bottles of highly valuated liuid Whether climbing on the dole in Britain or forced to make a dangerous living as a roped access worker in Poland both groups developed the skills needed to face hardship and adversity but on climbers own terms One day as a tiger is an account of the times already gone but which have shaped modern alpinism It is an epitaph of visionary generation of the British and Polish climbers It is a book which should have been co authored by Voytek KurtykaAfter the 2014 Banff festival was conuered by John Porter s book One day as a tiger I waited impatiently for the delivery of the parcel I ve ordered at the British internet bookshop The book was very promising after nearly 35 years climbing partner of Alex Macintyre wrote a book about the legendary climber with whom and Voytek Kurtyka they created foundations of the alpine style in the high mountainsAlex Macintyre was a leading figure of the British alpinism of his times Even though he was only 28 when he died tragically he was a precursor of light and fast climbing in small teams in the highest mountains of the world He traced new routes climbing in the alpine style on the Himalayan giants like Dhaulagiri Changabang or in Hindukush Koh i Bandaka He completed many of the most important routes with Poles among others with Jerzy Kukuczka and Voytek Kurtyka With the latter he shared the common vision of a new pure form of alpinism in high mountains Apart from climbing he used to design lighter and functional gear paving the way for a modern outdoor industry In addition to all the above he was a very intelligent joyful and friendly man not without flaws thoughI got to like the protagonist of the book at a spot and the next moment just after having read six pages of the book my heart stopped beating when I stumbled upon a description of Alex s lethal accident on Annapurna in 1982 John Porter is ruthless and does not beat around the bush this book is about a very perspective generation of climbers that climbed itself to death After the bold start author returns to the beginnings and walks us through Alex s life through the events that created his nature and style At the same time with a great deal of gentleness allows us to take a peek into Macintyre s private life to listen the stories told by his mother his friends his life partners The tale is interwoven with memories from adventures in the mountains at the beginning from the rock school of the Lake District and ranges of Scotland then the Alps up to the most important expeditions into the Hindukush the Himalaya the Peruvian Andes What may be of an interest to a Polish reader is that author looks behind the Iron Curtain to Poland of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s making an account of visits in the country as a representative of the British Mountaineering Council the euivalent of Polish PZA and of expeditions with the leading Polish alpinists Andrzej Zawada Voytek Kurtyka Jan Wolf and the othersJohn Porter intertwines his story with numerous anecdotes from life of climbing community The most interesting stories were brought from the visits in communist Poland The way the Brits saw Poland of the end of 70s is fascinating their efforts to understand the incomprehensible commerce of trafficking virtually anything what can be sold or even making money on expeditions in the high mountains As it seems the trafficked goods were also used by the secret services of communist regime Together with the author we visit the Tatra in winter where the Brits meet armed Czechoslovak border force officers during the climb on the ridge We observe the fascinating poker game between climbers and the party apparatchiks The most engaging are stories of how Andrzej Zawada smuggled the team of Brits on the train across the USSR in the middle of the Cold War While the merry British team unaware of the danger played cards in their compartment listening to Led Zeppelin the train s speakers were transmitting loud songs of the Choir of the Red Army Zawada borrowed the Macintyre s ice axe and methodologically smashed all speakers in the carriage one by one until the Choir was no Returning the ice axe to astonished British climbers he said We do not allow such a militarism and lack of good taste in Poland Zawada s attitude towards the Soviet Russia is characterised by his commentary on giving the Scotch whisky as a bribe to officers in Moscow Polish vodka is far too good for these Russians To give them Scotch is a crime The book is filled with little stories of the kind stories about climbers from the United Kingdom and about the Poles like the one about conflict of a gemstone of Voytek Kurtyka and inhabitants of the Afghan village One day as a tiger has a similar significance for the British himalaism as for the Polish had the Freedom climbers by Bernadette McDonald We get to know the legendary Englishmen that traced new routes and set new standards in mountains however who are often not well known to a Polish reader In the book stories about everyday life of the climbers mix with the tales of climbing The book tells how alpinists coped with jobs relationships family All these threads help to understand the lives of protagonists take away status of super humans and show the everyday difficulties they faced on the lowlands how lost they were the price they had to pay for the lifestyle they chose Conversations with Alex s closest ones bear witness to the tragedy of the situation seemingly without solution a passion that made him who he was gave him his maturity at the same time being a very egocentric passion which leaves no room for the happiness of other people The passion that reuires support from others and a passionate man that wants to be loved needs a community and stable life after coming back from expeditions The book tells the story of how Macintyre perfected his climbing style and how he kept on losing his nature and relationships with friends in the process Each step towards even difficult challenges reuired from him to be less and less sensitive to problems of the others and to be and focused on his goalAuthor invites us to almost philosophical reflections on the purpose of climbing on its beauty on what it gives and what it takes John Porter seems to be asking a uestion how to follow the path of passion not to get lost not to take one step too far not to raise the stakes too high higher than we are willing to pay Often a reply comes as a sorrow and remorse many years too late The ideal state of euilibrium described by the author was the moment before entering very dangerous wall of Koh i Bandaka when he felt that there was nothing in the past he wanted to hold on to nothing in the future he wished to aspire to except the here and nowReading One day as a tiger is a great pleasure also because of a vivid language of the author John Porter describes events and adventures in such a colourful way that it s difficult to stop reading Language used is very illustrative creative and often reaches out to the slang of climbers of the 70ies and the 80ies Translating the book into Polish while keeping the imaginativeness will be a challenge for translator One of the pearls prepared by the author is giving the chapters titles related to the names of songs and culture of the time Stairway to heaven A walk on the wild side Rocking in the free world describing climbing behind the Iron Curtain Let it be where author meets Alex s mother Wish you were here I can recommend this book by any measure In my opinion it will soon belong to the canon of mountain literature This is an incredibly well written account of the times that are long gone nevertheless have a lot to do with the reality of today For those who can I advise reading an original book before the Polish translation becomes availableReading One day as a tiger I ve been thinking how much of my comfort I would be ready to sacrifice in order to live Alex s life how much would I be willing to risk how long would I agree to be exhausted and in fear For Alex Macintyre it seems there was no other way He preferred to live one day as a tiger than a thousand years as a sheep