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Free download ↠ Mystery Man Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Night time is the right timeGwendolyn Kidd has met the man of her dreams He's hot he's sexy and what started as a no names exchanged night of passion has blossomed into a year and a half long pleasure fest Sure it's a little strange that he only appear. This will be yet another review where I will show off my fine skills of prioritizing Forget the hero the heroine or the story We have other stuff to take care of firstCharacter description taken from the book itself I didn t expect to see tall broad inked to the max long blond haired Dog standing at the other side of the counterHOLD THE PHONE No one bothered to tell me that Dog the Bounty Hunter was making an appearance in this bookThenjust when I thought it couldn t get any surreal I saw this her sister Ginger KiddWait a secis there really a character named ginger kid Disclaimer I adore red haired children Parents of red haired children please do not send hate mail because I posted a picture asking for help for ginger kids I was only pointing out that this is a term not often used for flattery and probably not the best name for a book characterAw hell Let s just kick this review off with the charactersHawk aka The eighties called and they want their Camaro back He s a hot man I m not gonna lie The hair the skin the dimples the boots the multi national heritage He s like a taller version of the guy who plays Ranger in the Stephanie Plum movie Who am I to complain really Other than a weird fondness for mid life crisis muscle cars he s my kinda man I don t appreciate that he put cameras in Gwen s house to spy on her Really You couldn t have monitored her from outside of the house but hey He gives great sex and he s pretty to look at Sometimes that s about as good as it s going to getGwen aka Shallow ditsy fluffy girl How the hell did this woman manage to get three hot guys willing to wage war over her I could not stand this chick After reading a book as long as this one was and it was looooong all I knew about her was that she drank cosmos ate copious amounts of cookie dough liked expensive shoes and collected little black dresses FFS I would not want to hang out with this woman in real life She had the depth of a potato chip Although I guess I can say that her big hair probably worked well with Hawk s camaro At least they had a retro theme going onSince I ve already figured out that nothing major changes about the men in these books other than how they look and what their jobs are I m hoping that the future will bring greater variety in the female lead department I want to see big personalities not Sex and the City wannabeesThe Story itself wasUp and down The first 15% was a lot of rambling about pop culture and side characters who weren t really in the story Then things took off for a while and I was interested Then we hit a downswing again when a couple of turf war issues repeated themselves Then we hit an upswing then a downswing rinse and repeat Gwen and Hawk were never really a believable couple to me until after they got back together for the last time and then it got good The last couple of chapters and the epilogue were excellent It s too bad that it took almost an entire book before I got excited about what was going onWhat interested me the most were the side characters I m looking forward to both Mitch and Tack s books I have the feeling that I might like those books better so fear not KA groupie girls All is probably not lostThe terminology wasEh I think I m used to it by now I get that KA apparently loves nickname usage which is something I loathe when it s used excessively in books But I think I know that it s just part of the package and you have to deal with it if you re going to read and enjoy these booksThe suishy belly thing was just odd though Gwen s belly got suishy a lot I don t know if she was turned on or having indigestion Every male character sounded the same I ve noticed this in other books of this author s as well The sentence phrasing is very stilted I get that it s conversational so I m not knocking that but it s highly unlikely that every single guy you ever come in contact with is going to talk in the same exact style Especially when you have a commando a police guy or whatever Mitch was don t remember and a biker all speaking the same way Last I checked there is no universal guy phrasingExample I was another type of man the type they are I wouldn t hesitate gettin in there and muddling your head by making my playHowever there s always a silver liningAs stated earlier the last part of the book was pretty flipping incredible The epilogue outstanding It s a first book to a series Sure there were some flaws but I think there s room for growth The book entertained me well enough to keep going and often that s good enough I have the feeling that my feelings about the series will grow fonder as I continue on with the rest of the stories

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Free download ↠ Mystery Man Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook S in her bed at night but Gwen is so sure he's the one she just can't turn him away Hawk Delgado knows about Gwen than she could ever imagine She's gorgeous headstrong and skittish about relationships But Hawk is facing his own demons demons that keep. Starting off the year with a re read fave MYSTERY MANHAWKGWEN You live in your head too much you curl up and shut shit out and spend so much time doing it you forget to live your life You can t live your life in your head That isn t living You re livin in Badass World baby he whispered in my ear Fair warning until I fix what I cut in you you re there to stay You re in deep with me aren t you baby I whispered my uestion just to confirm Drowning he whispered back Find me at

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Free download ↠ Mystery Man Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Him from connecting with anyone Yet when Gwen is drawn into Denver's lethal underground scene Hawk's protective nature comes out full force The problem is when Gwen gets a dose of Hawk's Alpha attitude in the daylight she's not so sure he's the one any. Some of the story premise was a little out there but it had the sexy alpha male you come to expect from KA Hawk is actually one of the less intense heroes I ve read from her as far as possessiveness is concerned He had enough to play it up but he was pretty cool about it Well compared to someone like Knight that is lol The plot did lose me briefly but it wrapped up nicely Gwen did not win me over like the other heroines have I d rate this a 35