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  • My Lady Mage
  • Alexis Morgan
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  • 06 June 2019
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Free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ Alexis Morgan Alexis Morgan ¶ 0 characters Read My Lady Mage Calls upon the bespelled warriors In Gideon she finds than a champion and in his arms than protection However their enemies are fighting with a power darker than anything than they imagined and should Gideon fail she will lose everything she holds dear including her heart. Full Review to be posted soon2 and half stars Really wanted to like it but I couldn t warm up to the romance or the main heroine who I found to be pretty bland and a bit of a Mary Sue I actually preferred the sub story with Aline who I felt was a much interesting character It also felt a bit like a PNR with the whole band of brothers thing and I think I might be a burned out on that trope Overall it was ok and I liked how the avatars and the magic linked with the horses played out But it didn t really stand out and I don t think I will be following the series although I did enjoy Alexis Morgan s PNR one

Free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ Alexis MorganMy Lady Mage

Free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ Alexis Morgan Alexis Morgan ¶ 0 characters Read My Lady Mage Ll lead his men to redemption lest they face an eternity of damnationYears have passed since anyone has journeyed to the river's edge but times are desperate Oppressed by a cruel guardian whose dark magic threatens to destroy her people the beautiful and courageous Merewen. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Talesuick Dirty A uniue and fun fantasy read set in a magical worldOpening Sentence Merewen tripped over a twisted knot of tree root jutting up in the narrow game trail and pitched headfirst to the groundThe ReviewMy Lady Mage is the first fantasy romance that I had read in uite some time While there were some ups and downs this book really didn t disappoint Merewen is in trouble Her uncle is slowly destroying her dead father s town with his suppressive rule As a female Merewen cannot take over unless she is married and her evil uncle forbids her from any relationships The only action she sees is resurrecting the Warriors of the Mist from the waters that they sleep in She read about them in her father s library and isn t entirely sure it will work but she is that desperateGideon and his group of warriors awaken to this woman wanting their help At first they don t know if she is good or evil just that the gods summoned them to help her They follow the will of the gods but they don t trust magic and they sense magic flowing from Merewen Gideon is ready to protect her from the very beginning while the rest of the group is a little wary of her but it doesn t take long for them to hear her tragic story and to know her kindnessThe Warriors of the Mist just want to be released from their immortal duties to the gods They really hope to one day be able to have a family and grow old They are only able to help Merewen for about three months before they are sent back to the water so they have to take action uickly to help her and her village Merewen has a type of magic that isn t evil but it isn t entirely helpful either Her magic is what has helped her village prosper but as the last in a line of caretakers she has to remain alive to pass on her heritageMerewen is truly a good lady at heart She holds no ill towards anyone except her evil uncle and the second hand man that obviously wants to beat and rape her She just wants the best for her village and wants her people to live in happiness not fear She does make a few rash decisions that are kind of head slapping annoying that make you think why did she do that why didn t she tell anyone Gideon is a man on a mission He wants to break the curse and he knows he has to help Merewen but what he never expected was to fall in love with her He is great in battle decisions strong and uite baffled with Merewen when she doesn t listen to himMagic and mystery are what binds this fantasy novel into an interesting romance The romance is slow to build but once they both feel an attraction the novel heats up Gideon and Merewen know they don t have much time left together but they are going to spend it happily They know they will be left broken hearted but they see it as a chance to pass on Merewen s gift to another generation The magic is a little different but I loved how each of the warriors had an animal to callMy Lady Mage is told in the third person and it does jump around to many of the different characters including Merewen s horrible uncle Fagan There is a feeling of helplessness in this novel because even though Merewen has called upon help it is unclear as to how she will be able to escape this mess aliveThe Warriors of the Mists story is not over and there is an open ending to My Lady Mage Merewen s uncle is just the beginning There is an even greater evil threat and there are many mysteries left unanswered that may have you wishing you had the next book Her Knight s uest nearbyNotable Scene Lady Merewen it s young Edric He was inside the stable helping with the horses Too much smoke I m guessing because he s he s not It was hard to say whether the man ran out of breath or whether he couldn t bring himself to say the rest He staggered toward her the limp body of the young boy in his arms Merewen immediately straightened up her own struggles to draw a full breath obviously forgotten She met the stable hand halfway Lay him down she ordered as she knelt on the ground beside the too still bodyEveryone else stopped what they were doing their faces painted with soot and stark grief Edric stay with us Merewen pleaded as she looked around I need a knife Gideon immediately offered his She used the blade to split the fabric of the boy s shirt After setting the knife aside she laid her hands on Edric s thin body and started chanting The words tripped off her tongue in a rough whisper her throat obviously still fighting the effects of breathing in so much smoke herselfHe recognized the flow of her magic although this time desperation swirled in and around the chant The longer it went on the less likely her gift would work this time He moved closer wanting to help but not sure how Finally he simply dropped to one knee beside her unsure what to do If the boy didn t respond soon Gideon would have to drag Merewen away before she burned herself out completely My lady he started to say but she shook her head and kept chanting her voice growing fainterHe risked a hand on her shoulder The connection between them surged hot as his own life force lent its strength to hers Immediately her words grew stronger ringing out clearly in the night air Her efforts were rewarded when Edric s chest moved like a bellows as he drew a gasp of airFTC Advisory I purchased my own copy of My Lady Mage No goody bags sponsorships material connections or bribes were exchanged for my review

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Free download Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¶ Alexis Morgan Alexis Morgan ¶ 0 characters Read My Lady Mage A cursed destiny A band of warriors And one troubled kingdomIt is whispered in Agathia that the legendary warriors of the mist cursed by the gods can be summoned only when a champion is needed and the cause is just Gideon their captain knows this to be the one path that wi. Sometimes fantasy books are ones that I hate to love It can be tiring learning all the rules of a new world How does the magic work Who are the characters What makes this world uniue from all the others So when that really special fantasy romance comes along I grab on with two hands and uickly become Fan Girl And the special ones are those that don t tire you out learning about things before you get into the story My Lady Mage by Alexis Morgan is one of the special onesMerewen is a young woman living in Agathia She is the sole inheritor of the family talent that allows them to prosper The horses that live in their land are special and Merewen is able to communicate with them But Merewen s uncle Fagan is jealous that he did not get the talent and so could not rightfully inherit the land and keep the horses to himself He needs Merewen and he resents her He is cruel but than that he is slowly becoming and evilFor the full review please go to