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Mrs Mike characters Á 105 Vokes the love that blossoms between Sergeant Mike Flannigan and beautiful young Katherine Mary O'Fallon. Did you know that mosuitoes are SO bad in the far north that people can DIE from them Me neitherDid you know that if you re trapped in a forest fire you should find the widest part of a river and stay there but don t ever hide in a well or basement I know Who would ve thoughtAnd hypothetically saying of courseif you needed to keep your dead away from animals and had no time or ground is too frozen to bury them the best place is on the roof or hung in a thin tree that bears can t climb All true These are just some of the tidbits to be found in Mrs MikeWhen I first started reading it I thought it would be kind of like Little House On The Prairie for grown ups And it does have that soothing feel to it But this is definitely much grittierAnd the soothing bits that at the beginning of the book you kind of snooze through well you ll be desperately grasping for them by the middle Ever read These Is My Words Sarah s uilt and The Star Garden by Nancy Turner Well think of this as an Arctic versionBASIC STORY LINEA 16 year old girl from Boston falls in love with a 27 year old Canadian Monty and travels with him to the wild barbarian north where he is stationed 4000 miles from Boston She is one of only two white woman among a colony of trappers and Indians There are no stores no doctors no nothing How does someone make a life for themself in a land where life is so tragic that people speak of their first family second family third family Well this is the story of one woman who did just that and did it wellCONTENTSEX NoneLANGUAGE very mild cussingDRUG USESMOKINGDRINKING One character gets drunk Whisky is also liberally used as anaestheticVIOLENCE Moderate and descriptiveWhile some could argue that the story could be told without the descriptive violence I really feel you would lose the authentic feel of what those hardships were like and how these experiences moulded the characters I feel that the descriptions are needed to truly get into the shoes of the characters and feel what they feel I ll give you ONE exampleDuring the forest fire women and children are hiding in the river The smoke is so bad and the heat so intense that they have to submerge themselves under water to escape it and even then some end up with second degree burns Many who are not in the river will die and there are descriptions afterwards of the search for bodies Now some time later Kathy makes a trip back home to Boston and is struck dumbfounded when her mother s lodgers are suabbling about who burnt the toast It was a WOW moment for me and I don t think I would have felt the full impact if I as a reader hadn t been in the thick of the horror THEMATIC ISSUES Trapping smallpox and diphtheria epidemics amputation childbirth domestic violence NOT glorified abortive herbs also not glorified widespread forest fire Arctic conditions etcMY RATING PG 13BOTTOM LINE Well worth a read

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Mrs Mike characters Á 105 A moving love story set in the Canadian wilderness Mrs Mike is a classic tale that has enchanted million. This wasn t on my list of scheduled reads but while I was in a bookstore last month to purchase a book for a Christmas exchange I saw Mrs Mike on the shelves and felt compelled to buy this much beloved bookI m often asked what my favorite book is I always answer that I don t have one there are many books I love but they are too different to say one is superior to anotherI have changed my mind Mrs Mike is my favorite bookA coming of age story set in the Canadian North in the year 1907 Katherine Mary O Fallon a young woman of 16 goes to live with her uncle somewhere north of Calgary as treatment for her pleurisy There she meets Sergeant Mike Flannigan a Mountie who has eyes so blue she could swim in them They are eventually married after a brief but fantastically romantic courtship and she follows him by dog sled to the arctic wilderness to live among the fur traders and IndiansI love this book for many reasons Most importantly as a book it s my first love Mrs Mike was the book that made me realized how much a book could move and stick with me for years I rarely re read a book but I believe I ve read Mrs Mike five times now Each time my stomach swoons when Kathy and Mike fall in love I laugh when Kathy covers her daughter and Mike spanks Kathy instead I cry when the unimaginable happens and I sigh as I close the book thinking the line at the very end is one of the best ever writtenAnother reason I love this book is that it s based on a real woman s life who the authors met before writing the book I m sure it s juiced from the reality but even the skeleton of the story is movingI can t claim that it s the best written book It is simple in structure dialogue and description but as I ve read and over the years and compare it to other literature I believe the style matches the story perfectlyIt s the kind of book I can t help but promise that anyone who reads it will love it But I also know that with our diverse personalities and preferences it wouldn t be true Like a biased mother who adores her baby I don t think I d enjoy anyone pointing out the flaws of this book Perhaps its eyes are too close together and the head oddly shaped but it s my baby and I think it s the most beautiful thing in the world

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Mrs Mike characters Á 105 S of readers worldwide It brings the fierce stunning landscape of the Great North to life and tenderly e. This book is well written it s interesting and it has very high reviews I think I might be the only female in the world to not like this book Here is my summary The book starts off with a 16 year old Boston girl in the 1900 s taking the train to the Canadian Wild West to live with her uncle The girl is the narrator and she is clever and funny Kate gets to Canada and is told there aren t a lot of women up there because they are too soft for this land Kate meets Mike a Canadian Mounty and falls in love in five seconds at most They are married a week later and their honeymoon is a 700 mile trek across the frozen tundra that Mike worries will be too harsh for Kate because This is no place for a women She gets sick on the trek and Mike saves her In the next chapter The wilderness is too much for her and she goes temporarily insane Luckily Mike is there to save her A fire breaks out and Kate runs for the river along with all the other survivors In the river she meets a mom with three young babies Kate takes one Finally I think Kate is growing a backbone She will do something not useless Alas the river and smoke are too much for her and Mike has to come save her AND the baby Kate becomes pregnant and delivers a baby The pain is too much for and she screams and drifts through consciousness Mike steps in and saves her and the baby It was at this point I threw the book across the room because surely women aren t too soft for childbirth It s not just the sexism and the overall uselessness of Kate it s the racism that made me sick to my stomach When the book says things like You have to tell them one thing at at time because they can only keep one thing in their head and that an abused wife stayed with her husband because that s the Indian way it really made me ill Maybe as a women I was just too soft for this book

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