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Rogue's Reform Download ✓ 102 Proposing marriage for the child's sake But she wanted the whole dream And she wasn't going to settle for less Silhouette Romance Sensatio. 1010 Would read again Oh goodness How these characters had such tension and passion So perfect Loved it

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Rogue's Reform Download ✓ 102 Ethan had spent a lifetime looking for trouble Then he received a photo of a woman who seven months ago had claimed him body and soul for. I enjoyed this book which is third in a series So far the first one telling Guthrie s story is my favorite Ethan is Guthrie s younger brother who has been a flake all his life His dad was a flake Grace is a woman who was virtually held prisoner by her father her entire life She s never been out of her small home town Never had a single guest enter her home When her father goes out of town for the one time in her life she dresses up and goes to a bar she s in her twenties hooks up with Ethan has her first kiss and first sex and ends up with her first pregnancy Ethan comes back to town to do the right thing only no one can believe it because he is such a flake That includes Grace who refuses to acknowledge him as the father because having such a flake for a dad would make her child the object of gossip and derision That doesn t do Ethan s low self esteem any good but he goes along Most of the book revolves around these issues Ethan trying not to be a flake and change his ways and Grace getting some gumption I liked both characters especially Ethan who is charming and really just wants to be loved

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Rogue's Reform Download ✓ 102 A single night and who was now seven months pregnant Grace Prescott had always accepted the little she'd been given Then Ethan resurfaced. This story touched upon a lot of subjects such as gossip and judgment As humans we can t help but judge each other it s just apart of what we were created to be However there is many kinds of judgment and rudeness unfortunately is no exception When the heroine and hero are the star attractions in the gossip going around their little town things start heating up The heroine is already pregnant by the notorious bad boy hero Now the town is gossiping even that the hero is back in town and hanging around her With the heroines sensitivities and the heroes I don t give a crap attitude can they actually make it together and create a life for their unborn daughterIt was a pretty decent read touched on some sensitive topics and I did enjoy it However at times I found it less than interesting and kind of boring It was uite the mix

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  • 06 October 2020
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