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  • Friendship Love And Killer Escapades
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  • 06 June 2019
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characters Friendship Love And Killer Escapades í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Nists pursuing engineering courses in a run of the mill institute in Bangalore The story encompasses a uniue intriguing realistic love plot between Purvesh and Richa numerous escapades and thrilling adventures Throughout the four year roller coaster the academic and personal fortunes of the chief personas fluctuates à la the great Indian stock market What impac. FLAKE is the story of Prakash Purvesh Aakash and Co revolving around the four years college life in the city of Bengaluru The story begins with the dream further on experiencing many adventures escapades throughout the book This book is a campus novel presenting you the ups and downs of college and hostel lives hence reader should not expect much of stimulation but keep reading until the end First thing first the strongest point of the book is the language with which it is written Considering it as an Indian debut novel this book scores high in the matter of language and the words used It doesn t bore you but keeps you reading till the end Some pranks and jokes sound amateur but make you laugh Although repetitive use of French words and proverbs as well as words like Withal Hitherto irritate readers to the core and terminate the flow and ease of reading Characters of protagonist Purvesh and Prakash could have been improved by adding a proper plot or adventures The conversation between Richa and Purvesh looks like an amateur one The writers have shown college love but don t go in depth which could have given them sight to write There are many scenes that could have been advanced with imaginations and writing skills Some characters have been introduced but as you read the book you would find them lost without a proper plot or story Over all this book is all about one s college life and adventures and it shows how one deals with the situations problems The writers have scope to improve in those fields and surely I would be waiting for their next bookRatingsPlot 25 starsLanguage 4 starsEnding 35 starsReader s interest 25 starsOverall rating 35 stars Paperback GeneralFiction PankajGiri ApoorvWanikar 215pages

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characters Friendship Love And Killer Escapades í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Prakash Bharti a shy self effacing spiritually inclined simpleton from Gangtok; Purvesh Shroff a cocky strapping young lad from Mumbai; Richa Malhotra a sweet vivacious girl from Bangalore; Anand Kumar Rajput a mysterious enigmatic personality from Jharkhand Friendship Love and Killer Escapades FLAKE is a captivating story primarily revolving around four protago. Random sentences from this book However he cognized the futility of proliferating his blood pressure ruminating anent him Prakash ejaculated a muffled wimp He dressed himself meteorically clasped her soft creamy paw with his other mitt Prakash supersonically glanced towards his mobile He suashed the face of the green button and confabbed with her momentarily Befuddlement prevailed in his mind palace He dressed himself dapperly and skedaddled to Shantana Bakery After devouring the succulent nimbu paani The guys bobbed their noggins the lab attendant scootedYou get the drift At least when it comes to the language If you can stand to see English being slaughtered in this cavalier fashion FLAKE which by the way is an acronym for Friendship Love And Killer Escapades might be your cup of tea Not that it s got much of a plot this is basically just another campus novel that follows the lives of a bunch of engineering students Prakash Purvesh Anand Amish Tenzing etc through their years at college There are loves found and lost uarrels pranks exams passes and fails cheating partying just about everything that happens to young people Nothing new nothing unusual and not all of it interesting In fact some of it especially a couple of metaphor heavy descriptions of diarrhea and masturbation and sex is either downright disgusting or hilarious have you ever thought of euating sex with a wizard and his wand with which he s approaching a tree to pierce its barkBut back to the language which was what really got my goat This is English at its very worst a frightful attempt to cobble together big words without really understanding how the language works what goes together and what doesn t Without realizing for instance that corroboree and wassailing are words for very specific gatherings not just any food and drink party Without realizing that it s silly to substitute wholesale with almost no exceptions simple words like about hear late talk uickly and all at once with anent discern audibly tardy confabulate and tout de suite When you don t know idioms when you don t know that someone rang his girlfriend on her phone not ringed her like some bird or that the past tense of spit is either spat or spit not spitted unless over a fire what hope is there When you don t even realize that bringing together so many disparate elements in language archaic words like ere long and anon on the one hand slang like skedaddled vamoose collywobbles and bushwhacked on the other and the sort of stuff you usually find only in medicine and law courts ad interim juvenescence diurnally and so on just results in pandemonium how can you call yourself a writer of EnglishBefuddlement prevailed in my mind palace therefore the 1 star I got this book as a free copy for review from one of the authors I wish I could ve given it a higher rating My conscience won t allow that however This is one of those you shouldn t touch with a barge pole

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characters Friendship Love And Killer Escapades í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB T will the inscrutable character Anand have in the lives of Prakash and the other protagonists Will Purvesh and Richa succeed in sustaining their relationship over time Will Prakash be able to transcend the stage of infatuation and eventually fall in love What predicaments will Prakash and friends encounter in the academic journey Read to find out Ready FLAKE Go. Took me down memory lane It basically includes every aspect of college life Friends Roommates Crushes Studies and Relationships I was smiling crying laughing getting anxious and connecting with the characters on every page Author deserves a pat on the back for awesome story buildingThe language used is neither too simple nor too extravagant Author has played with words arranging them beautifully A talent I think most of the authors lack now It truly deserves to be called a campus book with literary content I was totally mesmerized by the way author has used his imaginative skills to express some beautiful human emotions and feelings It is hard to believe that this is his first creation It totally stood up to my expectationsAn awesome reading experience A must read for all