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Mad Love (DCYE #3) Read & Download Ë 4 When Kinsley walks away from Klive’s mind games Jase welcomes her with open arms and takes her for a jog on the wild side he has been coaxing her toward As ‘sweet K. If you read the first two books this one will slap you in the face make you like it then feel dirty for liking it then want another then want to slap self then slap the book characters like Constance does Naughty naughty characters Kinsley falls from grace in epic fashion but I can t spoil for other reader Can t stop thinking about it

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Mad Love (DCYE #3) Read & Download Ë 4 Ins’ loses her inhibitions Jase is thrilled but Kinsley meets a side of herself she isn’t comfortable with While Kinsley fights old enemies and provokes new ones wh. Good thing it s snowing in the UP right now Need to go cool off in ways than one from this book Kinsley Kinsley Kinsley For shame Hot Definitely Conflicting Yeah that too Really hope she gets her poop together after this Bravo Lynessa These images will be stuck in my mind for a very long time Rustin Jase Wah Bad bad boys But yummmmm

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Mad Love (DCYE #3) Read & Download Ë 4 O find a common hate Klive steps off the sidelines to stand beside her in keeping them at bay but Kinsley may find her worst enemy is the one she’s drawn the closest. HOT HOT HOT Layne steps up the steam factor in her 3rd offering of the DCYE series and controversy to boot Love it or hate it you re invested in the saga if you re with us this far Hang on tight because as we ve discovered there are as many as 11 books to go to reach conclusion We were impressed with the writing in book 1 drawn in further by book 2 but this 3rd book has amped up the stakes and it s getting crazy interesting Congratulations Lynessa we re in for the long haul More Jase Rustin Klive and stranger danger hotness Looking forward to book 4

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