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Download Le Fantôme de l'Opéra Free read Le Fantôme de l'Opéra ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review Ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Gaston Leroux Re collected are that masterpiece of monstrous unreuited love and 3 other short stories Before we start off let me clarify something because I can t be bothered to create a the Broadway stage adaptation is better shelf my the movie is better shelf will have to suffice here The Phantom of the Opera the show is a giant absurd bombastic display of every bad misconception of theater and is the main reason Andrew Lloyd Weber is able to fall asleep on a bed made of money every night It s not my favorite show is what I m saying in fact I don t even really like the show come to think of it which begs the uestion of why I read this book in the first place but whatever So with all that in mind Madeline Reviews Inc now presentsWhy The Phantom of the Opera the Book Is Somehow Worse Than The Stage Show And Every Movie Version Released So Far Everyone in the book is a moron Like even than they are in the show I got about halfway through the book when I realized Wait a minute was I supposed to be surprised by the revelation that the Phantom and Christine s tutor are the same guy Haven t we known that from like page twenty Even if I hadn t seen any other versions I feel sure I would have figured it out come on the story is about people trying to learn the identity of a mysterious invisible guy and the title of the book is The Phantom of the Opera Were Gaston Leroux s readers really that stupid Annoying characters from the show are even annoying here Christine is still a useless twit and in this version comes upgraded with zero observation skills and a seriously misguided sense of priorities When she admits to Raoul after like two months of bullshit that the Phantom scares the hell out of her and she wants to escape him Raoul makes the very sensible point that maybe she should stop wearing the ring the Phantom gave her Christine s response That would be deceitful GAAAAAAHHHHH Raoul is even worse In the show he s simply a well meaning schmuck who fails spectacularly at saving Christine every opportunity he gets In the book he s a selfish dick This is a paraphrased account of an interaction between him and Christine Raoul Christine I know there s something super weird going on with this guy you re running off to see and I want you to tell me what s up because I love you and want to protect youChristine It s too dangerous I can t tell youRaoul OMG YOU RE IN LOVE WITH HIM AREN T YOU WELL FINE I DON T CARE I HOPE YOU DIE YOU LYING WHORE We never get to see anything from Christine s perspective This is important because in the book she spends at least two months as the Phantom s prisoner and all we get is her description later of what it was like Instead of seeing the Phantom through Christine s eyes where he might have been a compelling character we just get to watch Raoul follow her around like a creeper and then listen to Christine give lengthy expositional speeches after events happen The Phantom isn t actually that cool He s always bursting into tears and begging Christine to love him and the rest of the time he s so incredibly misguided about his relationship with Christine that it s almost funny He comes off sounding like one of those perverts on cop shows who insists that he and the ten year old locked in his basement actually have a very special and loving relationship while the cops are just looking at him like that s nice man but your ass is still going to jail There are way characters than we need and a lot of them are different read worse than they are in the show Madame Giry last seen as a cool commanding ballet mistress is merely a crazy old woman who works for the Phantom because he deceived her with the most idiotic lie ever The book also features The Persian a guy who literally hangs around the Opera and shows up whenever it s thematically necessary He might as well have been named Deus Ex Machina Leroux s pacing sucks Any drama is instantly ruined by his digressions or abrupt scene changing and all momentum is lost When the Phantom kidnaps Christine after her final performance the story is going along well everyone s freaking out and trying to find her and then Leroux pops up Hey he says You guys remember how on page 20 I told you that the new managers have to pay the Phantom 20000 francs once a month I bet you guys are wondering how that s going huh Let s check in with them uick And before you can say no Gaston I actually wasn t wondering that at all he makes you slog through two goddamn chapters about the new managers trying to figure out how the Phantom collects their money Similarly once Raoul and the Persian have gone after the Phantom and are almost at his lair a journey that takes way way too long they get locked in his torture chamber which involves torture so stupid I won t even describe it and the plot comes to a damn standstill as Raoul and the Persian spends hours trapped there It made me actually long for the show where everything skips along at a fast clip and the worst digressions are five minute love songs The ending is stupid Christine gets the Phantom to release her and Raoul after a lengthy imprisonment that again we only get to hear about rather than see not by having a sexy uick makeout session with him but by crying with him That s it The Phantom kisses her on the forehead bursts into tears and Christine cries with him This somehow convinces the Phantom that she loves Raoul and that he should let them go and that s how the Phantom is defeated I am in no way joking In the interest of fairness the book has two good things going for itOne Leroux s portrayal of the opera house as a sprawling complex maze that s a contained city is pretty incredible and he s at his best when he s describing all the intricacies and hidden secrets of the opera house And two at least in the book we are never subjected to a performance of Don Juan Triumphant Thank you Jesus

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Le Fantôme de l'Opéra

Download Le Fantôme de l'Opéra Free read Le Fantôme de l'Opéra ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review Ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Gaston Leroux Gaston Leroux is most famous for his classic story of 'The Phantom of the Opera' and he Persons who are visited by the Angel uiver with a thrill unknown to the rest of mankind And they cannot touch an instrument or open their mouths to sing without producing sounds that put all other human sounds to shame Erik AKA The Phantom of the Opera is Paris s Heathcliff This book is a dark tale of a man s descent into violence and madness and the woman who forms the obsession at the centre of his lifeI should probably confess I am a shameless lover of The Phantom of the Opera musical which I have seen many and not enough times as well as the 2004 movie version starring Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum I think the story the setting and the music make up one of the most beautiful displays of love and loneliness that I have ever seen It can also be incredibly sexy but that might have a little something to do with Mr ButlerThe musical version is truly wonderful If you re curious watch this wonderful scene from the movie There s just so much love and sadness wrapped up in just a two and a half minute reprise Honestly this story is one of the few things that thaws my cold unromantic heart Christine In the night there was music in my mindAnd through music my soul began to soarAnd I heard like I ve never heard beforeRaoul What you heard was a dream and nothing Christine Yet in his eyes all the sadness in the world I couldn t help but compare this book to my favourite book of all time Wuthering Heights I felt myself drawing so many parallels between the two stories even though one is a rough and wild story set on the Yorkshire moors and the other is set amid all the finest luxury of nineteenth century Parisian high society Both stories create complex villains that earn our pity as well as our disgust Neither Erik nor Heathcliff is meant to be excused or even forgiven for their violent and cruel behaviour they are not romantic heroes despite the love and passion that fuels both stories As with Wuthering Heights this book is about a man who has lived his whole life with nothing but cruelty and hatred from others in this case due to his facial disfigurement His own mother presented him with a mask so she didn t have to look upon his face Erik becomes obsessed with Christine Daae the object of his love and desire and makes her the centre of his universe But no man or phantom or angel of music can suffer through a loveless childhood and years of being a freakshow attraction without developing some serious issues And the phantom uite frankly is as messed up as he is a musical geniusErik manipulates terrorizes and even kills to fulfill his mission of furthering Christine Daae s career in the Opera House He really is the best kind of character twisted complex angry and evil but I don t think we ever really hate him I like how this book doesn t turn into something akin to a modern day YA romance where the heroine falls for the bad dude anyway because it s TRU WUV that isn t the story being told here Erik is not a hero but a monster And this is the monster s storyIt is the monster s deep unreuited love that makes him human to the reader I don t want Christine to be with him that would weaken the true power of the story but nevertheless I had to fight back tears when he says And yet I am not really wicked Love me and you shall see All I wanted was to be loved for myself If you loved me I should be as gentle as a lamb and you could do anything with me that you pleased The almost ending scene is my favourite in the musical in the movie and now in the book too The movie s sad reprise of the song Masuerade sung by the phantom just hits me in the heart every time MasueradePaper faces on paradeMasueradeHide your face so the world will never find you A beautiful bookBlog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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Download Le Fantôme de l'Opéra Free read Le Fantôme de l'Opéra ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free review Ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Gaston Leroux Including 'In Letters of Fire' 'A Terrible Tale' and ' The Women with the Velvet Colla And despite the care which she took to look behind her at every moment she failed to see a shadow which followed her like her own shadow which stopped when she stopped which started again when she did and which made no noise than a well conducted shadow should Gaston Leroux who popularized an entire sub genre of detective fiction called locked room mystery through his works like The Mystery of the Yellow Room and his fictional amateur sleuth Joseph Rouletabille is most renowned for his suspense romance drama novel The Phantom of the Opera easily one among the most adapted novels in literary history Originally published as a series in French daily newspaper Le Gaulois between 1909 and 1910 this terrific tale of suspense and maniacal passion was published as a novel in 1910 This romantic drama with a dark angle narrates the love triangle between the key characters of Christine an opera singer Erik a man with a horrible facial deformity and who is living unknown to others in the Opera house introduces himself just as a voice to her initially and trains her in fine tuning her singing and Raoul her childhood friend who is in love with her The passion and possessiveness arising from the love and a string of violent and terrifying events that happen in an Opera house in which the legend of an Opera Ghost is thriving drives this story forward Erik who had been never loved even by his mother due to his physical deformities finds love in Christine and this lonely man becomes so mad and jealous with his obsessive love for Christine that through his character Leroux portrays the infinite capacity of human mind in generating evil and his tale is an inspection at the depths of darkness that a soul can possess This is a Gothic tale of mad passions and the setting of the underground rooms of the Opera house matches the chilling atmosphere that the tale exudes I will not go much into the story line in this review as it will spoil the experience of reading this book but I can assure the prospective reader one thing the anti hero characterization of Erik is one of among the best the terror the evil the fear and the malice that he generates all is brilliantly balanced with the pity and sadness that the reader feel towards him further into the book The illustratorIt was a decade and half ago that I read The Phantom of Opera for the first time but recently I came across a 1911 first US edition copy of this title published by Bobbs Merrill When the book was originally published in 1910 titled Le Fant me de l Op ra in French it was accompanied by five oil paintings by French illustrator and artist Andr Castaigne The US edition of 1911 had three of these original five oil paintings reproduced on art paper plates and these paintings capture the eerie atmosphere of the story brilliantly The French artist and engraver Jean Andr Castaigne who was the original illustrator for the first edition of The Phantom of the Opera This is an anonymous Portrait of Castaigne from The Charcoal Club in Balti USA 1893 Andr Castaigne was a master illustrator and painter who drew humans animals architecture and landscapes with eual flair and illustrated extensively for both French and American publications One of the oil paintings that Castaigne did for the original 1910 first edition depicting the below scene from novel He said to you Christine you must love me At these words a deathly pallor spread over Christine s face dark rings formed round her eyes she staggered and seemed on the point of swooning Raoul darted forward with arms outstretched but Christine had overcome her passing faintness and said in a low voice Go on Go on Tell me all you heard At an utter loss to understand Raoul answered I heard him reply when you said you had given him your soul Your soul is a beautiful thing child and I thank you No emperor ever received so fair a gift The angels wept tonight The Phantom of Opera A clever blend of fact and fiction Gaston Leroux in a clever manner infused real locations and actual events from history to make his novel credible and mysterious and fact and fiction overlaps in this novel to form an atmosphere of misty unknown Let s inspect a few such elements that Leroux took from actuality to fuel his imaginationGaston Leroux used the Palais Garnier opera house as the setting for his novel and some of the rumors and architectural elements associated with this real life monument allowed Leroux to infuse a sense of authority or reality to his fictional work Uncovered facade of the Palais Garnier on 15 August 1867 The house broke into a wild tumult The two managers collapsed in their chairs and dared not even turn round they had not the strength the ghost was chuckling behind their backs And at last they distinctly heard his voice in their right ears the impossible voice the mouthless voice saying SHE IS SINGING TO NIGHT TO BRING THE CHANDELIER DOWN With one accord they raised their eyes to the ceiling and uttered a terrible cry The chandelier the immense mass of the chandelier was slipping down coming toward them at the call of that fiendish voice Released from its hook it plunged from the ceiling and came smashing into the middle of the stalls amid a thousand shouts of terror A wild rush for the doors followed The papers of the day state that there were numbers wounded and one killed An Engraving of the main auditorium chandelier of the Paris Opera s Palais Garnier The design was by Charles Garnier and the engraving is believed to be by J B nard and C LapiauteOn 20 May 1896 one of the counterweights that keep this 7 ton bronze and crystal chandelier stable broke free and burst through the ceiling into the auditorium killing a member of the audience Gaston Leroux was inspired by this tragic accident to create one of the most famous scenes in the novelThe concept of the subterranean lake under the Opera House is also based on some truth as when the site was excavated in 1862 the groundwater level was found unexpectedly high and despite some heavy duty attempts in draining this water from the swampy work site the site was not dried up completely and a special double foundation had to be designed to take care of this groundwater seepage The subterranean water body underneath Palais Garnier taken from Google Street view You can Inspect this in detail here enormous concrete cistern which was built to take control of this situation formed a reservoir of water and Gaston Leroux was inspired by the rumor which soon spread around Paris stating that there is an enormous underground lake beneath the Palais Garnier And the large cellars that act as the technical rooms of the building along with its alcoves and arches could have inspired him into creating the plot element that the phantom lived underneath the Opera houseThe Numerous AdaptationsChristine You You are the PhantomThe Phantom If I am the Phantom it is because man s hatred has made me so If I shall be saved it will be because your love redeems meThere have been a multitude of adaptations for The Phantom of the Opera into both adult and children s literature dramas musicals movies television shows and comic books and I would wish to inspect two specific adaptations here the 1925 movie adaptation and the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical based on the novelIn 1925 Rupert Julian the New Zealand cinema actor director writer and producer directed a movie adaptation starring Lon Chaney Sr as Phantom and Mary Philbin as Christine Lon Chaney Sr and Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the Opera 1925 FilmThis was a faithful adaptation of the book with some plot differences only and was a box office success I chose this adaptation for mention because of the famous unmasking scene the scene in which while Erik is playing the organ Christine creeps up behind him to snatch his mask off a movie scene which can be easily stated as one of the most memorable moments in the history of films The famous unmasking the phantom sceneSince the movie is on the public domain you can watch this scene from YouTube it came out in 1925 this scene was the apex of horror and the make up that was used on Lon Chaney was much acclaimed and frightening It is also one of the closest characterizations of Phantom based on the book From today s standard this scene may not have even the slightest iota of horror in it as we have outgrown fear for such visuals with over exposure but at that time this scene when watched in a dark movie house could have been uiet startling and one of the promotional tricks that the movie used was that the theaters were asked to keep smelling salts ready in case someone from the audience watching the scene actually fainted A publicity photo of Steve Barton and Sarah Brightman in the final scene of The Phantom of the Opera musicalAndrew Lloyd Webber s musical adaptation opened in London s West End in 1986 and on Broadway in 1988 and is the longest running show in Broadway history with over 10000 Broadway performances and a worldwide total gross collection of over 56 billion The Phantom of the Opera may feel overemotional from a modern perspective but this is a classic mystery and suspense story from a whole different time period and if as a reader you can have a bit of patience and can take account of this difference in the time frames then this work from Leroux can be a satisfying experience Written October 31 2015

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