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  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Mr Midshipman Fury
  • G.S. Beard
  • English
  • 07 April 2019
  • 9780099498681

G.S. Beard ✓ 5 Summary

Free download Mr Midshipman Fury æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free To India Fury is involved in a dreadful shipboard accident and he finds himself working doubly hard to prove that he isn't cursed just like his fatherRedemption arrives when reaches Bombay only to discover that ships of the East India Company have disappeared including the Company's warships somewhere in the Indian Ocean a very powerful privateer is at work and the Governor despatches to find and destroy her. Fury has joined the navy under his uncle s care Put on the ships books at the age of 13 he doesn t actually join his boat until the age of 17 With his fathers unfortunate naval history to live down he must earn the sailors respect A battle two prize ships and a storm finds Fury shipwrecked and with an outrageous plan to capture another ship Fury sets out to get to their destinationThe story seemed a bit rushed flying from one problem to another with barely a breath inbetween and Fury is a very competent young man with alot of self doubt but I have hopes for him as he grows up

Free download Mr Midshipman FuryMr Midshipman Fury

Free download Mr Midshipman Fury æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Soon afterwards is in a fight for her life against a much stronger foe resulting in many of her officers killed Fury finds himself in his first ever combat in charge of the gun deck In such crucibles of fire are the officers in His Majesty's Service forged Showing exceptional courage and coolness the shadows of the past are forever banished and Fury's naval career begins in glory as he becomes a leader of men. Run of the mill Napoleonic war naval novels The book might merit a higher rating save for the many excellent series which already cover this era with panache sophisticated English and well rounded characters

Summary ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ G.S. Beard

Free download Mr Midshipman Fury æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free The year is 1792 the start of the French Revolutionary WarsA shadow hangs over John Thomas Fury in this his first voyage as a midshipman aboard the 32 gun frigate Fury is already seen as a pariah by his fellow sailors Ten years earlier his father a brig commander in the Service became mentally unbalanced and violent and his ships crew mutinied and went over to the French Now as heads southwards on her voyage. Being only a young 17 year old kiddo on warship can be a challenge Especially when you have to convince the whole crew that you have place at the ship when your father a former commander turned crazy tortured the crew and had the crew commit mutiny with him ending up being hanged Mr Midshipman Fury seems to be a book about how to deal with the challenge of convincing a supicious crew to trust your commanding skills essentially making you a leader Unfortunately this only appears at the beginning of the book The book is description of very naval war tactics commandment of a crew and how a warship works Character development is almost zero The main character John Fury is often directly described as an unsure young man who has doubt whether he is ready for the challenges he is being faced However the actions of the main character do not support these doubts and you often find yourself asking if the guy described is the same guy giving orders to his men Further John Fury s character do not develop at any point His promotions doesn t seem to change him at all and the 17 year old boy at the beginning of the story is the exact same lieutenant at the endThe plot seems to be of a wallpaper than the driving force of a story You are forced to read descriptions of how the ship works and what kind of standard commands you give your shipcrew Being a so called action and adventure is truly misleading There is a lot of action in the book but it is often descriped on a very superficial level and you often found yourself being told about battle strategies when facing another warship in battle instead of letting the action flow It is uite dull to readThe language is uite simple and straightforward which action and adventure novels should be Unless you know very little about ship you won t find yourself asking yourself What the heck is going onBottomline this book is not nessecarily bad but it just doesn t work as a novel The plot is non existing the characters are almost non existing and the book is much focused on how things works than why the things happens Not really recommendable