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Mary Walker Wears the Pants summary ¿ 108 Earn the Medal of Honor This picture book biography tells the story of a remarkable woman who challenged traditional roles and lived life on her own terms. The title is hilarious And what s in the book is momentous

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Mary Walker Wears the Pants summary ¿ 108 Mary Edwards Walker was unconventional for her time She was one of the first women doctors in the country she was a suffragist and she wore pants And when. Wonderful Look up some photographs of the real Mary Walker I wish one had been included in the book and you ll be treated to some fascinating pictures of her as an elderly woman in her full top hatcoat regalia What a fascinating woman

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Mary Walker Wears the Pants summary ¿ 108 The Civil War struck she took to the battlefields in a modified Union uniform as a commissioned doctor For her service she became the only woman ever to. Ah so glad that sexism was alive and well so long ago and is still with us now Walker was a woman who liked the flexibility and movement of pants rather than skirts and corsets so clearly there must be something wrong with her if she wanted to wear pants And then she was smart enough and talented enough to be a doctor Crazy woman Who had to fight uietly and loudly at times for her place in the world giving of her talent and skills even when most showed they didn t want them She persevered She persisted And we re all the better for knowing her story

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