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review Beguiled Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Ally Grayson never wanted to be a heroine she dreamed of writing great stories not living in a fairy tale But when she's abducted by a charming highwayman right out of a novel Ally finds herself. The story was itself was whimsical and the level of intensity was flat up until the end I would call this CPD or Can t put down You can easily read it and leave it then come back Although the story had a great amount of mystery and puzzle solving and murders the writing just didn t really bring it to life The Protagonist the Heroine was a lot of fun interaction as they bicker but I thought the Author got lazy in the love scenes the description didn t really make the read understand what the lovers where thinking It felt like a uick pass over I know it can get tedious when a couple has sex constantly but in this case they didn t In which case the first time they came together should have felt profound which is why I rated at 3 stars It also felt as if the Author was playing it to save with the main characters such as all spoiler her guardians and godparents Too much goodness which could have been counter balances with another set of characters with problems Shall I read the previous two Mmm not sure

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review Beguiled Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB None other than the rogue of her dreams Ally must make a choice plunge into a world of murder and deceit without a protector or place her trust in the man who lies to her but makes her heart si. It was ok I liked the mystery part of this book

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review Beguiled Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Thoroughly enchanted No matter that she's betrothed to another or that she has no intention of binding herself in an arranged marriage anywayBut when Mark her burdensome fianc is revealed to be. I love Heather Graham and this was my first time trying out Shannon Drake It was not a bad read but I do prefer the Graham novels better perhaps due to being a different genre I did enjoy the characters that were added to this book such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and ueen Victoria Even though this was a fictional book it was nice to see that the author actually knew enough about the location and the time to be able to incorporate actual people into the story line

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