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Summary Merciless Alpha Bodyguard #2 108 Ught she’d made a clean escapeBut she was about to find out how merciless a bodyguard could be MERCILESS is the second standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard SeriesThe Alpha Bodyguard SeriesSCANDALOUS – Tank’s storyMERCILESS – Collins’s storyRECKLESS – Tyler’s storyRUTHLESS – Sawyer’s story. Another hot bodyguardI am loving this series The bodyguards are all perfectly hot and heroic The stories are uniue enough to really keep the suspense going The military expertise is on display in this part so than in book 1 of the series

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Summary Merciless Alpha Bodyguard #2 108 BodyguardMercenaryGun for hireI didn’t care what you called it the end result was always the sameYou paid me for a job you got results The Marines trained me to shoot but life taught me to aim Working for the best personal security firm in the business was a stepping stone Put in my time build the resume t. 35 Hmm I actually enjoyed this book it was fast paced had some good dialog I liked the interaction between the two lead characters and that s about itDo I actually believe this is a great book and would I recommend it indiscriminately NoJust to be clear I could nitpick or simply point out what this book does wrong but tbh I don t feel like it because in the end it didn t matter Sometimes I read books and I can t shut up about the stuff that bothered me but in this case I feel like my overall enjoyment kinda trumps anything elseOh and I ve got to mention that this hero is such a unicorn He sees the heroine likes her becomes slightly obsessed with her and stays celibate for like 3 years while trying to look for her I mean To top all that the heroine is kinda badass than him him being some badass MarineMercenary Bodyguard at least she is imho DAll I m saying is I was sold This is an author I will check out of whenever I m stuck and need a change cause I feel like she can write some good action into her romances good as in not OTT and short enough to not bore me to death

Summary Þ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Sybil Bartel

Summary Merciless Alpha Bodyguard #2 108 Hen move on I didn’t do attachments on any levelUntil a smoking hot former one night stand crossed the street in front of me holding hands with a kid who was my spitting image She tried to play it off deny he was mine She said she didn’t even remember me right before she picked her kid up and ran She tho. 35 You re my home starsSo far this has been my least favourite of Sybil s books that I ve read That doesn t mean that I still didn t enjoy it and gobble it down in one sitting Brookelyn is trapped in a life that she can t escape when she first meets Garrett I kept wanting her to just tell the truth to let down her guard and trust Garrett to let him take care of her But like most things in life it never goes how you want it to And because life was cruel no matter how you played it I allowed myself to kiss him back For one mind altering moment I allowed myself to feel the kind of gentle I didn t have The kind of man I d never have I loved Garrett and his strong sense of honour and his undying affection for BrookelynI mean the man looked high and low and waited 3 years for her I looked for you for a yearWhy Her voice caughtI took her hand and brought it to my chest Because you walked into my life and stole my fucking heart This was a uick and easy read that had plenty of angst instant love revenge and action

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