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Mercenary's Promise Silhouette Romantic Suspense

Mercenary's Promise Silhouette Romantic Suspense Free read Ò 2 Lly when their forced proximity during a dangerous jungle rescue unleashed a smoldering irresistible attractionXavier knew the beautiful American was trouble the second he laid his eyes on her Tak. White American girl goes down to Columbia to rescue her sister Remind you of anything Seriously if you guessed Romancing the Stone you d be half right It s Romancing the Stone meets Proof of Life Heroine Bethany Darrow s sister s been kidnapped by the FARC revolutionary group After two YEARS of corporate mediating going NOWHERE she s deperate enough to hire mercenary Xavier Monero to plan and execute a rescueTwo problems One she doesn t HAVE the money she promised to pay him Big fat liar And TWO he NEEDS the money ro rescue his OWN sister from a FARC group I had a real problem with her I ll do anything to rescue MY sister but to hell with YOURS attitude Bethany did WELL in the jungle being a wilderness guide back home She can handle a gun and she doesn t freak under pressure I really liked Xavier and the men in his unit There was a chemistry and a cameraderie there they were capable and had a certain droll gallows sense of humor The chemistry between Xavier and Bethany was real and believable but I still had a problem with THE LIEDouble standards never sit well with meThis was a fast exciting read the action never stops and there are some NASTY twists and turns that were truly steller The ransoming hostages for money as everyday routine is heartbreakingly real and is both timely and emotional I just wished I respected the heroine I understood why she did what she did but I didn t LIKE her for it

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Mercenary's Promise Silhouette Romantic Suspense Free read Ò 2 Wilderness guide Bethany Darrow was desperate to save her kidnapped sister in Colombia but lying about having the money to pay dark mysterious mercenary Xavier Monero would cost her dearly Especia. She d rotated into the point position earlier eager to cover ground and confident in her abilities her strength and that while desert knowledge wasn t applicable in the Colombian jungle basic survival principles remained the sameBut that was two hours ago and between the ache in her biceps and shoulder that came from swinging the machete and now what she d forever call the tiny frog incident her confidence was waningShe hacked at a thick vine and the machete stuck halfway Her shoulders slumped and it took all her strength to not drop to her knees in defeat Her words from yesterday echoed in her head You can set me in the middle of nowhere jungle or desert with nothing but a knife and the clothes on my back I ll walk out of there aliveWell she d live as long as she avoided frogsSynopsis A Utah wilderness guide lures a mercenary into the jungles of Colombia under false pretenses to rescue her younger sister Who she hates Uh in a nutshell NOThis book is so terrible I kept cracking up throughout and hollering choice bits at my husband through the house Good thing the dogs are not easily scandalized Bethany Darrow is a wilderness guide whose younger sister was kidnapped by a rebel faction while doing engineering surveys in Colombia After the engineering firm abandons the Darrows Bethany travels to Colombia and lies to a man with very large muscles and a gun who coincidentally I ll say that again coincidentally has a stake in the rebel group games They rescue the sister fall in love have hot sex in the jungle escape from two different rebel groups and Bethany kills her first man Happily everLet s count the terrible shall we1 It s never clear what kind of guide Bethany is Hiking Whitewater Backpacking Climbing No not climbing because she finds a climbing harness in her backpack Xavier put it there and marvels at its strangeness2 Xavier and his men trust this girl this complete stranger to lead the expedition through the jungle even allowing her to keep the true location of where they re going Totally Sekrit 3 Bethany is the world s worst guide Bugs EEK Frogs EEK Heights EEK Thorns EEK The jungle is hot and viney and hard to get through pout WAH And not only is she the worst guide ever she is obnoxious and whiny and I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP tries to have a relationship talk with Xavier in the middle of them escaping from the rebel group blink4 The main crux of the plot revolves around how Xavier s fee is half a million dollars And Bethany lies and says yup all good Then secretly she sobs fist in mouth because she doesn t have the money She only has three hundred thousand dollars and it s just not Wait What s that sound Do y all hear itIt s like likelike the sound of pounding hoofbeats and OMG Here they come ladies and gentlemen to jump up and down on the idea that a wilderness guide of any stripe in her twenties no less has THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARSY all are going to have to excuse me while I go re up my Swift Water Rescue certification as I totally missed the bit where I could make THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS being a guide Unless her guiding service includes dude I don t even know blowjobs on the side of Mt Ararat or while whipping through Class V rapids I can t even begin to no just noAlso Bethany is dumb as a bag of hammers and half as charming There s this one part where no wait hang on let me just okay breathing After being trained in mercenary hand signals Bethany is in camp with Xavier whenXavier edged around the corner of the hut one hand behind him palm out in a gesture that most of the world recognized as talk to the hand For her it meant to stop and waitWow Most of the world huh You re going to have to forgive me if I fail to believe that Bedouins living in the seclusion of the desert or remote rainforest tribes or Eritrea as a country watch Jerry Springer and allow him to dictate how they translate non verbal signals But yeah Bethany good job relearning that hand signalUm something positive to say Something positive Something Um Ooh The mechanics of McClellan s language are smooth You never see an awkward turn of phrase or a bobble in who did what when WhewUnfortunately this is overshadowed by a romance as sexy as three week old bread two dimensional characterization and logic fail that pretty much backflips into the foam fail pitBut now I know You can make a fortune guiding Please forward my mail to Wyoming effective immediately

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Mercenary's Promise Silhouette Romantic Suspense Free read Ò 2 Ing Bethany on the mission was a risk and he wasn't prepared for the peril she placed on his heart Suddenly he wanted than fortune he wanted Bethany body and soul But everything comes with a price. I loved the little game that Bethany and Xavier played with each other It kept the book entertaining From the moment Bethany Darrow propositioned Xavier Monero they had this game going with other Their witty banter and constant bickering kept the story light and enjoyable The plot was good and interesting The whole time I was just waiting for the shoe to drop once Xavier found out that Bethany lied to him Very good romance story that shows what a true man is and how love does come with forgiveness

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