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  • Hardcover
  • 503
  • Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden
  • Scott Oden
  • English
  • 26 September 2018
  • 9781932815399

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Read Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Summary ç 104 Scott Oden Í 4 Summary F Barsine a woman of remarkable beauty and grace Most of all he fought for the promise of peace Through the deathbed recollections of a mysterious woman the life of Memnon unfolds with brilliant clarity It is a record of his triumphs and tragedies his loves and lossess and of the determination that drove him to stand against the most renowned figure of the ancient world the ambitious young conueror called Alexander the Great. Standard by the book historical fiction Eual parts action romance and intrigue I ll be checking out Scott Oden s other books

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Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden

Read Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Summary ç 104 Scott Oden Í 4 Summary Hter To his own people he was a traitor to his rivals a mercenary But to the King of Kings his majesty Darius III of Persia Memnon was one man capable of defending Asia Minor from the rising power of the barbaric Macedonians In a war pitting Greek against Greek Memnon proved his uality beyond measure His enemies fought for glory and gold; Memnon fought for something for loyalty for honor and for duty He fought for the love o. I am picky about historical fiction titles Most are just action adventure stories crammed into a historical setting but Memnon doesn t do that I easily imagined no became one its citizens and thoroughly enjoyed this book

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Read Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Memnon AUTHOR Scott Oden Summary ç 104 Scott Oden Í 4 Summary He lived in the shadow of kings One trusted him with his empire; the other feared his every moveMemnon of Rhodes 375 333 BCE walked in the footsteps of giants As a soldier sailor statesman and general he was in the words of Diodorus of Sicily outstanding in courage and strategic grasp A contemporary of Demosthenes and Aristotle Memnon rose from humble origins to command the whole of western Asia in a time of strife and slaug. This is one of those books that just darts under your eyes and is finished before you know it Most of the 688 pages went so smoothly and easily that it was only until around page 450 that I started to get bored And then hooked in again And then boredBoredom aside though I thoroughly enjoyed it and was only mildly let down in the end when Oden s smooth easy style got a bit dense and dull That s why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 I would still recommend Memnon to anyone and suspect the boredom I experienced with it in the end was partly my fault I had expected something else I think and we all know the error of doing thatMemnon is an entirely likeable character A mild mannered gentle man who breaks the butch arrogant mould often found in lead male characters in male authored books It was refreshing The love relationship between Memnon and Barsine never drew me in 1 because I don t need romance in the books I read and 2 because they were closely related and that was kind of gross I am sure you can guess that it was the latter than the formerIf you like your ancient greeks served up educated stately and starving for battle at every turn then Memnon is for you