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REVIEW ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Angela M. Hudson Angela M. Hudson Ö 0 FREE READ READ Mark of Betrayal (Dark Secrets, #3) Ut left alone in a world of lies and secrets Ara will find herself down the road of treachery walking very dangerous ground while those closest to her fight to keep h. WORST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ Seriously it hasn t taken me this long to read a book or books in just about a year MAJOR SPOILER ALERT the sex between Ara and Jason is just WRONG and i hope they live a life of eternal hell and self loathing I dont care how much you hate your bother or want to save him from some un confirmed death from a profiecyYOU DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR HUSBANDS BROTHER WTFthe 1 2nd book has a good promise to it i was elated when David and Ara got married how he was with her at her home loving her and being a romantic husband but this third book ugh just H A T E D IT

REVIEW ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Angela M. HudsonMark of Betrayal (Dark Secrets, #3)

REVIEW ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Angela M. Hudson Angela M. Hudson Ö 0 FREE READ READ Mark of Betrayal (Dark Secrets, #3) Er safe from dangers unseen The boundaries between friends and enemies will blur and the return of an old friend will see Ara crossing a line she can never return fro. Well I finally finished and i know why its called Mark of Betrayal I cant say whatever happens with Ara wont be her own fault She walking around without all the information not knowing what actually will be her down fall I can honestly say i dont want to see what happens i dont think i can take So much is going on in this book with Ara and the Knight men all which is wrong IMO but she always has a justification for everything she does until its to late I never understood AraJason s relationship and i dont think i ever will i just dont get it I dont think anything will end well for anybody but i think there is a lot going on then what we actually get to see in Ara s head especailly with her powers growing I cant wait to find out about Lilith and her many kids because i have a feeling it has something to do with what she did that affected her kids life Drake is a on going mystery also because he is waiting for something i just dont know if its what everybody else thinks it is I really dont know who is telling the truth or who is lying but Ara takes everything anyone says to her even though it contradicts what the other says I hope i see some growth with Ara s character in the upcoming books because i havent she is still very impulsive and never sticks to a decision

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REVIEW ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ö Angela M. Hudson Angela M. Hudson Ö 0 FREE READ READ Mark of Betrayal (Dark Secrets, #3) Book three in the best selling vampire series Dark SecretsA love so strong fire and torture could not break it A heart so pure neither death nor hate could taint it B. I am reading this before it is released to look for abnormalities on my nook devise So excited as I have loved this seriesFinished Okay wow This was a HEAVY book I loved it just as much as the three before but it has heavy subject matter not sutible for under 18Now that that is out of the way I absolutly LOVE this author She is a rare gem in the book world Her characters Man these characters are so complex and wonderfully frustrating There were so many great new characters in this book The knights were so awesome and funny Mrs Peacock Ha Ha Ha that made me laugh so hard The house and counsil members were very amusing I wanted to strangle Ara in this book I was so frustrated with her The thing is I also understood where she was coming from and that made me sit back and think about the story I loved that about this book I wished David had been in it a little I missed his romance I kinda knew some things were going to happen I don t want to say because I don t want to give away any spoilers There were so many twists and turns to the book I was also VERY surprised at my reaction to some of the characters I didn t like in the previous books and how much I fell in love wth them in this book Another thing I loved was that you never know who the antagonist is besides Ara herself you are always kept on your toes as to who is the mole There are so many different agendas happening it made it very interesting There were a few things I didn t uite agree with but understood why the charaters would do what they did It was hard to read at some parts but I loved it Now I am going to go back and read through all of the books at once I can t believe I have to wait so long for the next book I may die Hopefully I will be able to read THAT book a month early too

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