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  • Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife
  • Mary Nichols
  • English
  • 18 June 2020
  • 9780373306152

Mary Nichols ¾ 9 Summary

Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife Summary Ë 109 Rosamund is unsettling It threatens the terms of their convenient marriage and his undercover work bringing criminals to justice Guilt over his fir. Yet another story of a member of the Piccadilly Gentlemen s club I have a weakness for romance novels where the hero marries the heroine and then at long last falls in love It is much hot when it is expected to consumate the marriage and the hero holds back because of different reasons fear of death by pregnancy was a real problem before modern times Unfortunately there are no hot scenes written so the reader is left to their own imaginations so it is ok for younger readers although they should read the Jane Austen s works first as her work is truely geniusWriting 3 starsCharacters 3 starsHot scenes 1 starMystery 1 stars

Summary Lord Portman's Troublesome WifeLord Portman's Troublesome Wife

Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife Summary Ë 109 Homeless and penniless Rosamund is forced to marry Lord Harry Portman In return for a comfortable life she must produce an heirHarry's attraction to. This started off pretty good Unfortunately it didn t stay that way Harry s fear of her dying in childbirth the mistreatment of his daughter and the most boring mystery ever follows

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Lord Portman's Troublesome Wife Summary Ë 109 St wife's death tortures Harry But when Rosamund falls into danger he has to find the courage to let go of the past and fight for the woman he loves. Miniseries The Piccadilly Gentlemen s Club