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review Lenins Brother ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook free download Lenins Brother Ed History has largely forgotten Alexander but for the most important conseuence of his execution his younger brother Vladimir went on to lead the October Revolution of 1917 and head the new Soviet government under his revolutionary pseudonym “Lenin”Probing the Ulyanov family archives historian Philip Pomper unc. This book provides and interesting history However at places it gets bogged down with the theory and philosophy of socialism and loses the the actual history This makes it challenging to follow and frustrating at parts

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Lenins Brother

review Lenins Brother ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook free download Lenins Brother Overs Alexander’s transformation from ascetic student to terrorist and the impact his fate had on Lenin Vividly portraying the psychological dynamics of a family that would change history Lenin’s Brother is a perspective changing glimpse into Lenin’s formative years and his subseuent behavior as a revolutionar. Pomper is a good if uninspiring writer whose style can make his content sound thoughtful than it really is He is lauded as a psychological historian on the book s jacket and unfortunately he is very much that The book actually does a pretty good job of describing the general intellectual and political milieu of a late 19th century Russia where nihilism which in this context merely denotes a militant violent and self destructive if necessary dedication to secular progressivism and novosk ism the notion that the Russian peasantry with its tradition of collective ownership of the land would lead the country to an agrarian form of socialism were fusing and mutating into a variant of Marxism under an autocratic and backwards regime that thirty or so years before it would finally fall was already living on borrowed time No matter how good Pomper is at describing a collective mood he insists on reducing history to the actions and characteristics of its most famous actors There would have been no Russian revolution Pomper tells us without Lenin and no Lenin without the assassination attempt against the Czar by his older brother Alexander It is indeed indisputable that Lenin decidedly shaped the nature of the revolution but to say that it would not have occurred in some form without him is speculation not fact as is the idea that Lenin would not have become a revolutionary without his older brother s example Pomper regrettably proposes far too many such truisms Not only does Pomper insist that history revolves around the individuals he is writing about he claims with almost psychic certainty to explain exactly what motivated his subjects and when For instance Pomper assures us that Alexander turned his mind to terrorism during a protest when a soldier roughed up his nihilist girlfriend The author s evidence is little than that it sounds good within his narrative If one approaches this book as a light historical novel then it s a perfectly enjoyable read But as serious history it is simplified at best and simplistic at worst

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review Lenins Brother ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook free download Lenins Brother In 1886 Alexander Ulyanov a brilliant biology student joined a small group of students at St Petersburg University to plot the assassination of Russia’s tsar Known as “Second First March” for the date of their action this group failed disastrously in their mission and its leaders Alexander included were execut. Philip Pomper has brought forward an interesting piece of history At first you think it is merely a footnote but when you finish the book you realize that it is You come away with a new understanding of Lenin his methods and his motivationLenin s older brother Alexander Ulyanov Sasha to friends and family earned honors as a scholar while participating in the Second March First plot to assassinate Tzar Alexander III on the anniversary of his father s assassination The plot was clumsy and the would be terrorists were caught The 21 year old Sasha nobly stood for his cause and was hung for itThe initial chapters show the influences on Sasha at home and in his college life It shows how he and his group The People s Will applied the scientific knowledge of their studies to describing an ideal society and to bomb making Most of the text covers the plot its participants its unraveling and the trial and punishments of the plotters The last chapter shows how the brothers different experiences in the family and how the martyrdom of Sasha influenced Lenin It also through a visit to the family home describes the changing views in Russia regarding Lenin s importanceI appreciate a book that sticks with its themes and this one does There are plenty of avenues for tangents in this story and Pomper thankfully resists temptationI found a few things of particular interest First was the judicial system While the trial was stacked for the prosecution there was room for pleas of leniency for family hardships and other circumstances The description of it and its considerations was fascinating The second point of interest was the press Alexander III wanted to manage the trial the executions and the news so as to minimize harm to Russia s reputation as the autocracy that it was in Europe Also if we think the press has deteriorated on p 198 the Washington Post s news of this event was way off the mark Third is the uirk of history that the prosecutor was a former student radical and he collapsed after the trial Perhaps in the future there will be some psycho history on himIf there were to be a reprint of this book I would suggest that the reference list of the 7 core terrorists be expanded to include all members and description of each A general reader like me plods over the Russian names Without the memory of the last mention it is difficult to build the character I had to use the index and flip back to identify what had already been said about the person when names reappearedWhile I am not an historian I would expect that this short volume is a valuable contribution to the study of the Russian RevolutionComment