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  • Lassoed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow, #3)
  • Marie Ferrarella
  • English
  • 10 September 2020
  • 9780373657995

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Lassoed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow, #3) Eke Jones born and bred in Horseback Hollow He is an old fashioned cowboy committed to tradition and used to getting his own way And he won't change for anyone not even for the sassy aspiring chef who's been tormenting his dreams Julia Tierney holds the distinction of being the o Title Lassoed By Fortune The Fortunes of Texas Welcome to Horseback Hollow Book 3Author Marie FerrarellaPublished 2 18 14Publisher Harleuin Special EditionPages 219Genre RomanceSub Genre Family Life Western Cowboys SeriesISBN 9780373657996ASIN B00FBILBV6Reviewer DelAnneReviewed For NetGalley Liam Jones a rancher who is proud of his heritage is furious His mother recently discovered she was part of the wealthy Fortune Family given up a birth along with her sister they were part of a set of triplets where only their brother was fit for keeping Then when his new uncle tried to pay his mother off his sealed his opinion of them as being snobbish elitist When his mother asked her children add Fortune to their names he was affronted He was a Jones and always would be Then Julie Tierney talks one of THEM into opening a restaurant in Horseback Hallow in which she can fulfill her dream of being a chef As Liam tries to talk her into stopping the restaurant they argue but that s okay with Liam as their arguments always ends in a kissFast moving and filled with strong characters that will captivate you from the beginning of the story You soon become invested in their hopes and dreams in hopes that their love can conuer their differences Marie Ferrarella has been a writer I have followed for years and she has never failed to deliver a story that touches the heart and leaves you wanting to return to see how the characters do in the future I look forward to reading her other novels soon 5 out 5 stars link and Noble link GoodReads link Reading Room link

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Lassoed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow, #3) Nly woman who ever turned Liam down She's an independent lady with dreams way bigger than their rustic hometown Every time she runs into that bullheaded rancher they bicker The man makes her nuts But there's something about Liam that keeps roping her in and making her come back f Lassoed by Fortune Fortunes of Texas is a cute story about two stubborn people After Liam Jones s mother found out that she is a Fortune she and other members of his family decided to add the Fortune name Liam doesn t trust the Fortunes and was greatly angered by what his mother and siblings did They are Jones s and he feels that changing their name to Fortune Jones was a slap in the face to his father When Julia Tierney the only woman in Horseback Hollow who appeared to be immune to him in high school decides to work with Wendy Fortune Mendoza and her husband to bring a new restaurant to Horseback Hollow Liam decides to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening including seducing Julia The tension and chemistry between Liam and Julia was obvious from the beginning Both of them are stubborn and both have difficulty expressing their feelings to one another It was great reading the changes that took place in both of them and in their relationship as they got to understand each other better I received my ARC from Netgalley and Harleuin in exchange for an honest review

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ Lassoed by Fortune (The Fortunes of Texas: Welcome to Horseback Hollow, #3) Can an independent cowboy be lassoed by love when he least expects it USA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella arrives at Horseback Hollow with the latest installment of the popular Fortunes of Texas continuity Liam Fortune Jones knows exactly who and what he is the son of D Who doesn t love a good enemies to lovers story If this is a trope in novels that you enjoy then you definitely need to pick up this bookI have to start this review off my making a small complaint about this book this does not at all take away from the story itself just something in regards to this series itself that really bothers me The over plot of this incarnation of The Fortunes of Texas is the mother of the some of the main characters was adopted as a child She has now found out that her birth family is the Fortunes Since finding this out she now wants all of her adult children to adopt the name Fortune discounting their father and his family I don t know why this irks me so much but it does and I felt the need to point it outSaying all that Liam our main character in this story is very much against this and believes the Fortunes are up to something and he doesn t trust them in the least Entering into this is Julia Julia has plans she wants to bring a new restaurant to the small town of Horseback Hollow This new restaurant will be financed by the Fortunes Liam is very much against this idea as he believes that this new restaurant is going to completely change the town you know you live in a small town when Liam and Julia go head to head over this issue right from the beginning of the story These two also have a history They went to high school together and Julia was the only girl who turned him down for a date He claimed it wasn t something that bothered him but Liam fancied himself a ladies man and didn t understand why Julia would turn him downOver the coarse of the novel Julia is trying to convince Liam why this new venture would be a good idea and of course Liam and Julia begin to develop feelings for each otherThis was a very sweet story with a lot of family dynamics and a great small town feel Rating 35 StarsSensuality Level Spicy