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Yuichi Yokoyama ¿ 9 FREE READ FREE READ ↠ Yuichi Yokoyama New Engineering Yuichi Yokoyama makes comics in a uniue language situated somewhere between the primal drives of William Blake and the elegant geometries of Sol Lewitt they are works of philosophical complexity and stunning visual power of which he has said I'm not trying to write stories that are set in the future but rather to write stories which are delivered from references to any given epoch or tim. It makes total sense that Yokoyama in the interview in the back of this book states that he wasn t interested in comics exactly he just found that he needed to explore what had happened before and after particular of his paintings Which then caused them to swell into these odd abstracted narratives As observed elsewhere the Engineering stories are his meticulous inhumanly architectural best while the action stories are interesting explorations of types of motion and deconstructed objects but tend to be less pure and visually jumbled Still nothing tops Travel

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Yuichi Yokoyama New Engineering

Yuichi Yokoyama ¿ 9 FREE READ FREE READ ↠ Yuichi Yokoyama New Engineering E If the history of the world had turned out differently from what we know today men would live according to different sets of values and different aesthetics It would be a civilization completely alien to ours This first US book on Yokoyama's work combines two of the artist's central themes fighting and building One set of graphic stories Public Works details massive structures being er. BRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTBRILLIANTAbsolutelyFuckingAmazingActually the best piece of literature I have read this year so far And it s funny because there s virtually no dialogue from the characters The landscape and the objects within speak to you What I mean is Yokoyama does this thing with sound effects in comics I have never seen beforeJust wowAbsolutely recommended if you want to dive into Yokoyama and understand his oeuvre This is really a seriescollection of several of his different comics But then at the end there is an interview followed by brief notes on each of the pieces in the text valuable insight from the artist himselfEverything in here will seem unrelated but if you know Yokoyama you know this is not true I read Garden a few months ago And in the story Dress Up 1 pretty much Garden in its entirety is given new meaning and sort of explained And I like that about an auteur I remember reading Garden and thinking What the fuck But then now look a few months later and I am beginning to understand it Everything and nothing is connectedEssentially tho in a nutshell Yokoyama is about striving to communicate something new and the carrying of information He explains artwork as either being craft or able to carry information Craft artwork is the type of work one desires to purchase and own Yokoyama creates work that is able to carry information in the sense that he is creating work that can endure the test of time and be appreciated in a broad range of contexts a work that can be viewed several hundred years after its production by people of other civilizations and people from any place on earth and still be enjoyed for the new discoveries it offers as opposed to providing the kind of enjoyment that craft offersWow 2Further Yokoyama is influenced by the works of Tadashi Kawamata in art Andrei Tarkovsky in film Arthur Honegger and Toru Takemitsu in music and Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ernest Hemingway Franz Kafka and Masuji Ibues in literatureI am buying ALL of his books this afternoon3

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Yuichi Yokoyama ¿ 9 FREE READ FREE READ ↠ Yuichi Yokoyama New Engineering Ected across a landscape Plot is pushed aside in favor of sheer formal verve as we watch buildings about which we know nothing come into being The other set of stories Combats is one seuence after another of elegantly choreographed battles Manga comics have never seen a talent that combines this level of formal ambition with such exuisitely drawn depictions of fashion art and architectur. There doesn t seem to be a point to most of these stories Some people fight things fall from the sky and other things grow Still the pictures are awesomereally awesome I took it out of the library for the cover alone It brought me back to when I was 8 or 9 and would stare at the action figures in the Berenstain Bear s Bad Dream book

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