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  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Sweetwater Burning
  • Heather Sharfeddin
  • English
  • 21 November 2020
  • 9780385341288

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Sweetwater Burning Summary ´ 108 Th a secret on her heels And in brooding hard drinking Chas and his silent angry father Mattie finds two men who will pierce her own aching loneliness As Chas tries to make room for Mattie in this house haunted by the past Sweetwater is set on edge by an act of arson and Chas is the suspect Soon Mattie finds herself t. I didn t want to put this book down I read it in two sittings The story of the two main characters Chas and Mattie is subtle and complex at the same time The story is part romance part mystery with a little supernatural element thrown in A satisfying read I can t wait to start Mineral Spirits the book she wrote after this which takes one of the supporting characters of this book and makes him the main character of his own story

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Sweetwater Burning Summary ´ 108 Aking sides between a father and his son between a town’s hatred and a man’s sense of honor between her carefully guarded secrets and Chas’s urgent touch Suddenly a hardscrabble ranch becomes the setting for both love and violence as this brilliant beautifully written novel builds toward a shattering conclusion. This is the story of Chas McPherson who hires a home health care nurse Mattie Holden to care for his dying father a once powerful wrathful preacher now incapacitated by Parkinson s When the house of the lone Muslim family in Sweetwater is burned down the inhabitants of the tiny Idaho town accuse Chas of arson their old grudges against his father fueling their suspicion of the reclusive younger man This is a poignant story for our times It reminds me of the saying if we turn our skin inside out we are all the same A loving and moving portrayal of two people struggling to hold on and overcome predjudice

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Sweetwater Burning Summary ´ 108 In the small Idaho town of Sweetwater Chas McPherson tends his blackbelly sheep and keeps his thoughts to himself Unable to care for his terminally ill father he must hire a home care nurse for a job no one in his or her right mind would take But one woman accepts Mattie Holden comes to this cramped cluttered house wi. Funny things happen when you face the truth people begin to feel better about themselves That s how it is in Blackbelly a book full of small town angst Set in Sweetwater Idaho population a long way from a shopping mall the book s voice and cadence fits the landscape plainspoken unassuming and natural Author Sharfeddin has crafted a compelling story around Chas McPherson a 41 year old who wants to be left alone to tend his flock of blackbelly sheep and do the right thing which includes helping his dad live out his last days at home Intimidating as he is fragile the senior McPherson is dying from late stage Parkinson s You can feel sorry for him but it s not easy to like him His freakish past as the town s fiery pastor includes calling people out for their sins Now that he s mute and expressionless we don t know what he s thinking but he s apparently alert than the people able to walk and talk around him His silence looms large adding dimension and tension between he and his son and he and Mattie Holden the youngish nurse willing to put up with just about anything Sharfeddin romanticizes nothing The old ranch and house are a dump the sheep are dirty and the drinking gets hard Above it all is an earnest sheriff who s trying to figure out who burned down the house of an Iranian American family that good lord doesn t celebrate Christmas Nicely drawn is how the characters personal certainties unravel Particularly touching are nurse Mattie s one way slightly awkward conversations with the old man where she keeps him going by talking about everything from 16th century fashion to random Bible passages which she knows little about She works hard And she puts up with Chas a small man on the exterior but a big one inside Why would a nurse take a job in the middle of nowhere Why is Chas the town s number one suspect for the arson It s why I recommend it Throw in never die prejudices and the complexities of political correctness man made sins forgiveness and Sharfeddin delivers an even handed novel that touch the truths of remembering too much