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Summary Made in Yugoslavia 108 Ars and covers the major figures styles and social contexts of music in the region that for most of the past century was known as Yugoslavia Exploring the role played by music in Yugoslav art culture social movements and discourses of statehood this book offers a gateway into scholarly exp.

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Summary Made in Yugoslavia 108 Made in Yugoslavia Studies in Popular Music serves as a comprehensive and thorough introduction to the history sociology and musicology of popular music in Yugoslavia and the post Yugoslav region across the twentieth and twenty first centuries The book consists of chapters by leading schol.

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Summary Made in Yugoslavia 108 Lanation of a key region in Eastern Europe An introduction provides an overview and background on popular music in Yugoslavia followed by chapters in four thematic sections Zabavna Pop; Rock Punk and New Wave; Narodna Folk and Neofolk Music; and the Politics of Popular Music Under Socialis.

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