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Daniels Good Day

characters ´ Daniels Good Day Is bees for the gardener birthdays for the baker and wagging tails for the mail carrier And for Daniel's grandma a good day is a hug from Daniel And when Daniel puts all these good days together they make a lovely poem full of his neighbors' favorite thin. What does it mean to have a good day Daniel is determined to find out so he asks each person he meets According to his neighbors it s clear skies a steady wind bees on flowers please and thank yous birthdays or hugs Daniel watches and notices all these things and reports that it is a very good day I love that it is simple thingsand that Daniel is paying attention to notice all of the good things around him If we all paid attention we would probably have good days

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characters ´ Daniels Good Day Daniel finds the poetry in the everyday activities of his own neighborhood in this companion to Ezra Jack Keats Award winner Daniel Finds a PoemThe people in Daniel's neighborhood always say Have a good day But what exactly is a good day Daniel is determi. Peter from The Snowy Day and Daniel would be BFFs for sure

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characters ´ Daniels Good Day Ned to find out and as he strolls through his neighborhood he finds a wonderful world full of answers as varied as his neighbors For Emma a good day means a strong wind for kite flying For the bus driver a good day means pleases and thank yous A good day. Upon waking in the morning we have no idea the course our day will take Each morning is a new beginning an opportunity to embrace the positive Sure we have certain expectations maybe even plans but those can change in a blink of an eyePerhaps the path followed through the hours is about finding one single simple thing to bring us joy Daniel s Good Day Nancy Paulsen Books an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC May 14 2019 written and illustrated by Micha Archer is about a little boy s neighborhood exploration in search of that very thing What he discovers what readers discover is combined individuals contentment is something exceptionalMy full recommendation