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Summary The Spot 108 E wildly inventive and firmly rooted in tradition Means’s work has earned him comparisons to Flannery O’Connor London Review of Books Alice Munro Bob Dylan Jack Kerouac Newsday Hemingway Sherwood Anderson Chicago TribuneNPR Denis Johnson Entertainment Weekly Poe Chekhov and Carver Milwaukee Journal Sentinel but the spot he has staked out in the American literary landscape is fully and originally his own. Just gotta give props to a short storyabout spontaneous human combustion

Summary The SpotThe Spot

Summary The Spot 108 The Spot is an old blacksmith shed in which three men tweeze apart the intricacies of a botched bank robbery The Spot is a park on the Hudson River where two lovers sense their affair is about to come to an endThe Spot is at the bottom of Niagara Falls where the body of a young girl floats as if caught in the currents of her own tragic story The Spot is in the ear of a Manhattan madman plagued by a noisy u. I m than three uarters of the page into reading one of David Means short stories when I come to realize that I have been reading one long complicatedly intricate sentence Means stories are full of those beautifully expanded sentence that he manages so well Means is an American writer who has had stories published in many publications His stories are typically set in the American Midwest where originally from His first short story collection A uick Kiss of Redemption was published in 1991 and almost twenty years later his latest and fourth short story collection The Spot was published The Spot has 13 short stories each with completely different narrators ranging from a worried father to a detective investigating a teenager s crucifixion to a hobo begging for food Means touches on the complicatedness of human relationships and the human instinct to survive among other things in his stories The story Reading Chekhov follows the love affair between a Midwestern woman and a soon to be man of cloth At first I wasn t sure if I was reading it correctly a man of the cloth having a love affair with a woman And a married woman at that Yes I did read that right This story brings the reader s attention to how complicated this man s relationship is with women and then further complicates things making the reader uestion the man s relationship with God Adultery as we all know is a sin and a man that is studying theology would know this no doubt The man in Reading Chekhov doesn t seems ready to commit to any relationship certainly not where God is his one and only He is having an affair with a married woman which carries the implication that this is just a short term thing maybe just taking care of his manly needs before swearing off of any carnal pleasure for life Just how devoted can this man be if he is committing a sin in the eyes of God even showing affection for her in church On top of the flat pleats of her tweed skirt tight against her spreading thighs their hands rested clasped firmly This is certainly scandalous behavior for this man to be doing in church in front of God Means stories seems to be plucking out the idea that human relationships with God and other people is complicated maybe even wrong sometimes Along with complications is relationships there is the complicatedness of human instinct survival and what we must do to simply make it through the day The first story is the collection is titled The Knocking The title is uite fitting for the story about a man that seems to be going insane with all his thoughts on his upstairs neighbor s knocking As the story progresses it is reveals that this man has gone through a divorce which is deeply affecting his life Soon the knocking becomes in a way a coping mechanism for the pain of the deep loss he feels for having lost his wife and kids and home One afternoon as I was remembering how it felt to slide my hand along Mary s hips the sweeping sound began not a knocking but simply the sound of the man upstairs cleaning his apartment in the middle of a hot New York afternoon The sweeping sound which was not a knocking takes away the man s mind from the longing he has for the feel of his ex wife s hips As the passage continues the sweeping sound becomes so persistent it shifted to knock mode The knocking helps distract his thoughts and make it through his day but also serve as a sort of metaphor for the repetitiveness of the man s thoughts He is constantly thinking about the family he lost and the knocking never truly at peace with himself and living a complicated existence To further highlight the complicatedness of his stories Means writes long sentences that you can lose yourself in The sentences were truly one of the strong factors in the story they got me hooked and kept me on the line until I reached the end As an aspiring writer it is things like sentence structure that I pay attention to and makes me think of uestions like How does Means make that sentence work and not feel like a run on or How does the sentence length and complicatedness fit the story As I mentioned earlier one of the stories in the collection The Knocking starts off with a sentence that is almost three uarters of a page long One of the sentences in The Knocking starts off by addressing the sound of a broom then about the act of sweeping and then how the sweeping becomes a knocking in response to the narrator s moaning At some point the sweet even anachronistic broom swish has shifted to knock mode not so much the actual sound because that was simply vibrations in the air but rather the inherent pacing and gestural ualities in the way the sound produced itself and the sentences continues from there While the sentences were amazing and made me wish I could write sentences like that as well this could also be seen as a con of Means writing The long sentences can be a bit distracting At times I kept on thinking Is this sentence ever going to end and I would lose track of what was actually written and focus on sentence length which would cause me to do some re reading If you are looking to do some reading and maybe even some re reading of complicated characters complicated relationships and human survival then David Means The Spot might be just what you re looking for It takes you through an array of characters and situations but essentially gets down to the day by day struggles of human existence Just be ready to forget happy endings when reading The Spot and enjoy peeking into the lives of people that you probably won t ever get to meet in real life

characters ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ David Means

Summary The Spot 108 Pstairs neighbor The Spot is a suburban hospital room in which a young father confronts his son’s potentially devastating diagnosis The Spot is a dusty encampment in Nebraska where a gang of inept radicals plot a revolutionThe Spot draws thirteen new stories together into a masterful collection that shows David Means at his finest at once comically detached and wrenchingly affecting expansive and concis. I enjoyed this book much less than The Secret Goldfish and Assorted Fire Events The reason would be that the stories felt less human less warm and verbose Instead of getting into the character s heads it stories seemed to get into the author s words often brilliant but functioning in a less plot or character driven way

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