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  • Cat's Eye
  • Margaret Atwood
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  • 10 September 2020
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Free download Cat's Eye 105 Margaret Atwood à 5 Read & Download Cat's Eye is the story of Elaine Risley a controversial painter who returns to Toronto the city of her youth for a retrospective of her art Engulfed by vivid images of the past she reminisces about a tr. I look at the progression of 5 star ratings by friends mostly women and wonder if it is a womanly weakness to rate a book 5 stars which deconstructs the world from the female perspective Is this visceral urge something to be ashamed of something you must suppress to show due deference to standards of literary appraisal But then why don t I feel conflicted enough while handing out my 5 stars to those modern masterpieces written mostly by dead white men All those narrative voices that busy themselves with the righteous task of pondering the depths of colonialism and oppression and class conflict and what other sociopolitical fuckups have you while simultaneously omitting out one half of the human race s points of view books that throw in a woman character as the obligatory object of patronizing love or lust or as a lifeless plot device turning her into a mere accessory meant to embellish the life of the male narrator whose word is the truth by default while the sanctity of all else is subject to skepticism The naked women are presented in the same manner as the plates of meat and dead lobsters with the same attention to the play of candlelight on skin the same lusciousness the same sensuous and richly rendered detail the same painterly delight in tactility They appear served up Or is this a failing of civilization that a large majority of readers will simply glance at that blurb or the reviews which make it sound as if this were solely about the private world of girls spot that glaring feminism label and dismiss the possibility of reading this One would think that even a literary treatment of the private world of girls is a subject so outside the sphere of all humanly concern that it warrants the level of universal apathy it generates Women are hard to keep track of most of them They slip into other names and sink without a trace This is not so much the story of an ageing female painter Elaine Risley a relic of the pre feminism mode of life told in snatches as much as it is an account of the relationships which molded and shaped her character and the enduring trauma of childhood bullying which manifested itself in nearly all her life choices flawed as they were Not so much a fictionalized outpouring of her discontent with her declining youth and whitening hair as much her rivetting blow by blow dissection of the world and the people around her through the years And because I know Atwood stringently avoids any associations with the term feminist or any group identity which seeks to shoehorn her writing into some exclusive compartment I ll merely say it also includes some of the most cutting precise and unbiased observations about every issue of major importance Wars terrorism racism religious bigotry sexism misogyny art and art criticism motherhood the politics of relationshipsyou name it and Elaine has startling new wisdom to offer on that topic however time worn The world is being run by people my age men my age with falling out hair and health worries and it frightens me When the leaders were older than me I could believe in their wisdom I could believe they had transcended rage and malice and the need to be loved Now I know better I look at the faces in newspapers in magazines and wonder what greeds what furies drive them on The complexity of relationships between women of nearly all ages is often a difficult thing to fully comprehend let alone commit to paper Generally we find it easier to communicate with men While with other women you are forever grasping at straws unable to determine which layer of superficiality you are dealing with and which of your layers of feigned cordiality or fabricated fellow feeling may win their favor But Atwood the mistress of the craft that she is has brought the private secretive world of female bondings alive and demolished one of the greatest pop culture stereotypes ever that of the mean girl So believe the reviewers who have confessed to having a Cordelia like frenemy in their lives someone who understood them better than a lot of people while simultaneously doling out emotional torment in devious ways I m no exception Once you come across a Cordelia in your life no matter how much you may have loathed her at times it s hard to dull the edges of the memory of your involvement with her She looms larger than life at the back of your mind and fades into the distance of years Try as you might you cannot forget her And neither could Elaine There is the same shame the sick feeling in my body the same knowledge of my own wrongness awkwardness weakness the same wish to be loved the same loneliness the same fear But these are not my own emotions any They are Cordelia s as they always were

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Free download Cat's Eye 105 Margaret Atwood à 5 Read & Download St and woman but above all she must seek release from her haunting memories Disturbing hilarious and compassionate Cat's Eye is a breathtaking novel of a woman grappling with the tangled knots of her li. Pity wanting PainReading Cat s Eye is like watching a film only with smells and taste and touch in addition to cinematic sight and sound Its heroine Elaine has all these outward wits which Atwood captures magnificently But although Elaine is an artist she has almost nothing of the inward wits of communal sense imagination fantasy estimation or memoryThe story is three dimensional the NorthSouth dimension of her life with her parents who migrate every year from Toronto to the Laurentians on biological field trips the EastWest dimension of her independent life which stretches from Toronto to Vancouver and the temporal dimension of her own maturationPeriodically the three dimensions collapse into moments of insight and clarity that progress from childhood with age boys are noisy and messy but essentially uncomplicated girls are generally hateful even especially when they are friends young men are superficial and boring older men are duplicitous and domineering motherhood is a schlep marriage is a continuous losing battle feminist sisterhood isn t to be trusted art is largely pretense and scam and dates rather uicklyElaine s life is a tale of haplessness of lurching from one emotional trauma to the next There are no plans no goals no passions She falls into art as she falls into bed with unsuitable men The step by step development of her life is told is Proustian detail but without the introspective analysis Every action is compulsive with no apparent rationaleShe knows this and learns from her traumatic experiences but only those lessons that are relevant to the past not to new situations Every insight is obsolete as soon as she arrives at it Her past persists in her feelings and her art both inadeuate for the world she inhabits now She realizes that her life is a ruin with no obvious cause for its ruinationSo Elaine lives in pain Pain is important but only certain kinds of it the pain of women but not the pain of men Telling about pain is called sharing Among her feminist friends at least She prefers men even her ex husband to this therapeutic band There s not much time left for us to become what we intended she says as if she actually had an intention Perhaps this is the source of her pain Potential she says has a shelf life But Atwood isn t saying what the source of her apathetic trajectory might be She let s the reader make her own diagnosis

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Free download Cat's Eye 105 Margaret Atwood à 5 Read & Download Io of girls who initiated her into the fierce politics of childhood and its secret world of friendship longing and betrayal Elaine must come to terms with her own identity as a daughter a lover and arti. One of Atwood s famous works of fiction Cat s Eye is at once a meditation on the sorrows and comforts accompanying age as well as a coming of age story about a tumultuous and abusive bond between two young girls The novel juxtaposes past and present against each other via twin narratives about the protagonist s childhood and adulthood The latter plot follows artist Elaine Risley as she returns to bustling Toronto the city of her desolate youth for a retrospective of her work while the former focuses on her toxic childhood friendship with her classmate Cordelia which ends in trauma In addition to portraying relationships between young girls with great nuance the novel subtly captures how the lingering memory of early adversity informs the experience of everyday life during adulthood