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Read & Download The Tally µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A DARK TALE OF DANGER AND DIESEL FOR THE STUDENT LOAN GENERATIONWelcome to the Student BubbleWelcome to a world where the DJs play the same songs in the same order every single night and the one and only hit wonder reigns supreme Welcome to a world of crude cartoon and misplaced melodrama; a world free of all but the most trifling of conseuences where exaggerated sensitivity is rife and a semester’s success or suicide hangs on the whim of a woman Young Tommo wiles away his evenings in a purple drunken stupor lost. The Tally is a true to life portrayal of student life meets murder mystery and unlike anything I have read before The novel is at times puerile but as already said it is only trying to be an accurate depiction of student life and the thought processes of the average male student something the novel nails brilliantly The Tally is on occasion laugh out loud funny but with freuent asides of philosophical inuiry to add depth The book like the characters it portrays has a superficially crude exterior but will regula

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Read & Download The Tally µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E the next to fall prey to the invisible menace that has started stealing students away from the streets of Hull Will has nothing to fear though – after all he has his recently arrived destitute father to watch his back And the fearsome Gristle And the zealously neurotic Jamal And the dangerously depressed TomThe Student Bubble is about to burst and when it does the degenerate residents of 146 Worthington Street will find themselves drowning in a reality that they’re not euipped to comprehend let alone survive i. This s a really weird book that I probably wouldn t have tried if I hadn t readheard the author s Who fan fics on his website I m very glad I did though because it s very well observed and very funny in harsh way A bit like he did in Wolfshead E G Wolverson sets his story in the grubby student world of Hull but sends it off on all these crazy tangents Murder Demons Post Apocalypse The Tally is a gripping read that makes you think laugh and cry and I d definitely recommend it to readers that ve got an open min

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Read & Download The Tally µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook To the tender mercies of what he desperately wishes was a hopeless love affair but in reality isn’t even that Gristle meanwhile is enraged when his weak bladdered housemate Spadge moves out only to be replaced by a neurotic freak named Jamal who dares not only to bring books into his house but to read them tooAnd for poor Will matters are even worse Women are staying in of a night How’s he supposed to rack up his ‘tally’ of conuests if women daren’t leave their digs They’re all terrified that they’ll b. Anyone who reads my blog is likely to be familiar with the work of EG Wolverson It was Mr Wolverson who created and ran The History of the Doctor filling it with hundreds of articles reviews and works of short fiction The whole time he was working on that he was also working on The Tally his first novel It s now available to download from although anyone looking for some whimsical Doctor Who like fantasy should look elsewhere although he has managed to sneak the odd reference to both Who and Star Wars into th

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  • English
  • 10 September 2019
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