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  • Paperback
  • 482
  • The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2)
  • C.K. Brooke
  • English
  • 15 May 2020
  • 9781937546403

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Free read The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) 100 C.K. Brooke ò 0 Read & Download characters The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) Her inheritance awaitsbut is it what she expects Dainy Ducelle possesses only one clue to her hidden inheritance Accompanied by her loyal companions Mac Jon and Bos the young woman embarks upon another riveting uest braving pirates desert. I absolutely love this series at first i wasn t thrilled about the writing style because it wasn t something I was completely used to reading for a genera like this however It had me hooked from the first book and I love each and every character they are easy to relate to

characters The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2)The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2)

Free read The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) 100 C.K. Brooke ò 0 Read & Download characters The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) The battle to reclaim Jordinia in CK Brooke's gripping seuel to The Duchess uest Jordinia Book 1 Wrought with harrowing adventure and deepening romance war is waged while love is lost and found in this epic conclusion to the tale of Jordin. When I opened The Duchess Inheritance I was so happy to return to the lives of the characters from Book I The Duchess uest In this second book Dainy now knows she is a duchess and daughter of the murdered emperor The story involves a hair raising uest for the return of her family s fortune and her rightful position as leader of Jordinia At her side is the incomparable Jon Cosmith the love of her life whose arrogant swagger and clever brain are now somewhat tamed by his devotion to her and his determination to serve her even if it costs him his life There are shocking and unexpected moments in this book which showcase author CK Brooke s skills at story telling and this is another of her books you won t want to put down from the opening page If you enjoyed The Duchess uest you have to read The Duchess Inheritance to see how it all works out in the end

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Free read The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) 100 C.K. Brooke ò 0 Read & Download characters The Duchess Inheritance (Jordinia #2) Thieves and mountain gales through the exotic nations of the Great Continent to seek her royal fortune But when her unusual treasure is finally uncovered the former duchess gains the sudden potential to become a future empress Thus ensues. Original review found here story picks up where the first book left off with the main characters going on a journey to claim the duchess inheritance thus the title of this book Duh and what a journey it was Full of pirates near death experiences action and romance the author does not disappoint as she continues the story of Dainy Cosmith Macmillan and their friendsLike in The Duchess uest there are many moments that will stop you and make you think Oh I understand this reference which make the story familiar and fun well at least to me I also felt that the author s use of solstices seasons and moons to keep track of time and birthdays was very uniue and kept things interesting It also made the book romantic and created an Old World feeling throughout the book mainly because the story is basically set when electricity does not exist and this is also true for the first book But I think that s one of the many charms of this story it makes the story alluring and refreshingJust like the first book The Duchess uest the book is written in third person and each chapter focuses on a certain character like scenes in a movie The author also provides a map and a pronunciation guide for those who struggle with the pronunciation of certain namesOverall I thought the book was very well written with just the right amount of details and the format made the book very enjoyable because I felt as if I was reading a script and looking at a storyboard of a movie at the same time So if the books get picked up to become movies I will be one of the first people to pre order tickets because it s one thing to imagine the characters and the land in which they live but it s another to actually see everything right before our eyes it can be an entirely new and enjoyable experienceAlthough I am sad that the story has ended I am very happy with how it endedGreat job CK Brooke I look forward to the other adventures you have in store for us