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Read & download Into the Ravine Into the Ravine Download Ë 106 Richard Scrimger ☆ 6 Read By hobos and bewitched by bikinis By accident they crash a funeral and by design they crash a pool party with tragic resultsUrban blight and rural beauty Into the Ravine is a journey where the geography mirrors the contradictions of the human heart Renowned author Richard Scrimger draws on his powerful ability to tell a story that can truly make you laugh until you cr. Jules is chatty Chris is the best of the three Cory is a bit slow On their last journey of childhood they come across amazing people and Jules gets his first kiss

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Into the Ravine

Read & download Into the Ravine Into the Ravine Download Ë 106 Richard Scrimger ☆ 6 Read In the tar melting heat of a suburban summer everyboy Jules athletic and handsome Chris and oddball Corey he laughs at gravel and anticipates zombie attacks have lived side by side for most of their lives Behind their backyards is a ravine through which flows a modest river This familiar territory is by turns comforting and terrifyingWhen a tornado brings down a big map. This book is just a series of events happening to a group of characters with absolutely nothing interesting going on I mean the writing s alright and the conflicts that came up were sometimes interesting but this book is just not very good I mean I didn t realize that it was a comedy until I noticed that the narrator was referring back to his jokes and read online that it was apparently supposed to be funny The jokes are not very good sometimes getting borderline bad dad joke wasn t very surprising to find out that Richard Scrimger really is the type to pull incessant dad jokes But the narrator too often pretends that these jokes are genius and repeats a lot of them doing that meta thing where he goes huh I already used that joke didn t I I don t know dude you wrote the book It s not like I even noticed the joke the first time you used itThe characters are all basic stereotypes really nothing to say about that This book also tries so hard to be woke by having obvious metaphors and saying deep things oh wow the dog s name is satan isn t that so metaphorical Oh wow they re riding down the river of their youth isn t that just soooo deep Just as deep as an irl ravine The author also feels really obnoxious what with the acknowledgements at the end which literally start by saying wow i didn t expect this book to be this good those moments when the characters reflect on how deep something they just said was and of course the bad young adult fiction trope of having a meta preface Man Ricky real big brain of you to split chapter nine into three parts and call the first part a broken up chapter It s original I ll give him that but it feels so halfassed and mostly pretty pretentious Like there s a reason you usually have ONE chapter nine and give your chapters good namesIf you want a good suburban coming of age story with Canadian immigrants read Brother by David Chariandy instead Better by a landslide and they re set in the same city too But as for this book solid passAlso since when was saying midget as bad as saying the n word I feel like calling someone a dwarf is worse lol

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Read & download Into the Ravine Into the Ravine Download Ë 106 Richard Scrimger ☆ 6 Read Le tree the boys make a raft of the branches and set off downstream After all at thirteen they are old enough to take a day trip by themselves On their way the boys meet with a series of adventures that are funny at first glance but resonate deeply They rescue a diabolical dog confront a hydrophobic gang and survive a waterfall They are bombarded by bicycles hoodwinked. This is probably enjoyable for young readers but I had a hard time I kind of got into some parts while other parts seemed out of place Young adult fiction is one of my favorite genres but this one might have been just a little too young for me

  • Paperback
  • 264
  • Into the Ravine
  • Richard Scrimger
  • English
  • 16 February 2020
  • 9780887768224