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About Us

Dugisi Technical Services DTS cc, was conceived on 2008 and registered during 2009 as a response to opportunities in the Air-Conditioning, refrigeration, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering sector.

DTS consists of qualified, experienced technicians who have worked for well established companies and have expertise in the field. We pride ourselves with good management and technical abilities.

To become an incredible and affordable provider of Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration products and Services in Limpopo by 2015.

Provision of quality and professional Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical, Mechanical, related products and services in line with sector standards.


Company Details

Dugisi Technical Services

CK Number: 2009/200371/23

Income Tax: 9443620167

VAT Number: 4820257287

CIDB Number: 199698

BEE Number: 003448

PAYE: 7060772110

SDL: L060772110

UIF: U060772110

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Dugisi Technical Services DTS cc, is a multi-organizational company based in limpopo who has responses to opportunities in the Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering sector in and around South Africa.

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Mobile fridges for hire

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Mobile fridges in Limpopo

Mobile cold storage for hire

Mobile fridge for sale

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 Phone: 082 811 5287 / 072 780 4765

 Fax: 086 610 5433

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