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characters Icy Sparks ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Icy Sparks is the sad funny and transcendent tale of a young girl growing up in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky during the 1950’s Gwyn Hyman Rubio’s beautifully written first novel revolves around Icy Sparks an unforgettable heroine in the tradition of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird or Will Treed in Cold Sassy Tree At the age of ten Icy a brigh. I didn t care for this book It felt like one of those that you re supposed to like to seem smart of part of a certain crowd ie oprah s book club I got this from a thrift store since normally O don t read the oprah books Even with icy s episodes it was a lot of nothing that happened with a bunch of wildflower descriptions thrown in I didn t really care about her as a character I was also very annoyed that I read 275 pages then it went very God showed me the way in the last 20 30 pages I hate preachy books even so when it comes out of left field The ending felt like a cop out From the revival scene on I completely disliked the story

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characters Icy Sparks ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ep humiliationNarrated by a grown up Icy the book chronicles a difficult but ultimately hilarious and heartwarming journey from her first spasms to her self acceptance as a young woman Curious about life beyond the hills talented and energetic Icy learns to cut through all barriers physical mental and spiritual in order to find community and acceptan. Sometimes when I come to the end of a good book I feel a little sad because I ve enjoyed the story so much and now it s come to an end That s how I felt when I closed the book on Icy Sparks by Gwyn Hyman Rubio I d picked up the book because it was one of Oprah s selections and the book jacket sounded interesting a little girl with a troubling affliction grows up in 1950s Kentucky As one growing up with deaf parents I felt very different from the others as a child I would be able to relate to this characterIcy Sparks is going to be one of those memorable characters for me like Scout Finch and Francie Nolan Orphaned at a very young age spunky Icy is raised by her loving grandparents When she is about 10 she begins to struggle with a frightening condition she ll get an urge to tic pop her eyes or croak She tries really hard to hide what is happening to her but it all comes out in the presence of one very cruel teacherIcy spends time in a mental institution which seems brutally cruel but after all this is the 1950s when people didn t understand about these kinds of things They didn t accept people s differences as easily as they do todayLuckily Icy is surrounded by enough love from her grandparents her friend Miss Emily her principal Mr Wootten and the hospital aide Maizy that she isn t lost forever She s got a gift that helps her deal with what s happening to her a lovely singing voiceI thought this book was fantastic and definitely recommend it as an excellent read

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characters Icy Sparks ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB T curious child orphaned as a baby but raised by adoring grandparents begins to have strange experiences Try as she might her secrets verbal croaks groans and physical spasms keep afflicting her As an adult she will find out she has Tourette’s Syndrome a rare neurological disorder but for years her behavior is the source of mystery confusion and de. Icy Sparks is Anne of Green Gables with Tourette Syndrome I loved the character but wasn t super crazy about the story The book is divided into three parts The first part was kind of painful because it shows her at 10 years old first beginning to manifest Tourette s and becoming an outcast in her community it s the 1950 s in rural Kentucky and nobody had a clue about Tourette s I really liked the second part which induced me to keep reading the book saying what it s about would be a spoiler but the last part was a letdown

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