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Summary I Fucked the Puppet 107 Aspiring ballerina Emily doesn't like her job as a backup dancer on the Dongo the Puppet show When she stays late to get a wa. i mean it s puppet eroticaand that coverthis book is not even trying to be sexyfunny erotica is my bread and butter and it s true there is nothing sexy about this book which is why sunny didn t much like it but me i read this stuff because my mind is blown by what people come up with to sexify and this one pretty much takes the cake of WAIT WHY IS THAT SEXYi had read puppet romance before in Hand In Glove but this takes to next step into creepy erotica landso we have a girl who has trained as a classical ballerina somehow unable to find work in the world of professional ballet and working as a backup dancer on a children s television show whose star is a giant green shag covered puppet named dongo a magical puppet brought to life by the imagination of children see coverone night she stays after hours and ends up doing some ballet in her underwear alone on the darkened stage as one doesand then all of a sudden out comes dongo in his giant dongo suit and says all sorts of creepy things to her this is the only face i ve got i d like to bury it in your twat ties her up like a puppet uh hoo uh hoo the ropes are tight a puppet friend i ll have tonight and has puppet intercourse all over her with his green shag carpet penisimagination of children indeedmeybe these childreni agree with sunny the idea of taking a green shag carpet covered penis into my mouth is unacceptable and then into my lady bits no way man i feel like the carpet would be really absorbent ruining any chance at pleasure and creating undesirable friction ever had rugburn not looking for that on my labia thanksand speaking in rhyme is never a turn on especially when the rhythm is off you dance like a magical fairy between those boobs my face i ll buryor just completely gross coming from the mouth of a beloved children s icon hooray this blowjob is first class put your fingers in my asssmoochy would never say that neverand i hated all the uh hoos it is like having sex with a bird i imaginewere i still a little tyke the idea of my favorite character coming to life would be a dream come true but not like this never like this again i can only focus on the practicality of the coupling in uestion and i have to give this one low marks even though she claims that there is plenty of lubrication and even though he comes in shiny rainbow colored droplets that taste like candy i think i would give dongo a pass if he showed up on one of the dating sites i am always getting e mails about christianminglecom trust me you do not want me in your genepoolUH HOO

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Summary I Fucked the Puppet 107 Rdrobe malfunction repaired Dongo catches her ballet dancing and Emily finds out what it's like to dance on puppet stringsWar. And again it s Weird Shit Wednesday 917201435 Kermit Stars rounded downGreen furry puppet on ropes called DongoSpecial features furry cock long tongue cum taste like candy and is glistening in every color of the rainbow bondage kink Puppet speaks in rhymesUncontollably urges to LOL preprogrammed For a Weird Shit Read it was surprisingly good I felt extremly good entertained

Free read Ò eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ☆ Fannie Tucker

Summary I Fucked the Puppet 107 Ning Explicit sexual content Puppet sex bondage domination and a big green monster who knows how to please a woman 4000 words. My Oh MyWhy should I be surprised by anything I read with a title and book cover like this Did it misrepresent itself in any way No Did I learn of this fine tome from New Yorker Magazine or from a Goodreads group titled Sexxy Monsters Where else can the evidence a H s pleasure be comparable with glittery liuid Skittles This short story tells the tale of a real man size puppet on strings named Dongo star of his own popular children s TV show and a back up dancer After hours they find themselves entangled in a little you know puppet sex Green hairy delight ensuesTechnically the story is written well It is not loaded with careless errors If you like your erotic short stories with tongue firmly implanted in cheek this book is your one stop read

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