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Homelessness review ↠ 109 Measured in terms of displaced persons the dimensions of the crisis rival those found during natural disasters such as the uebec and Manitoba floods or the great ice storm of '98Today's homelessness in Canadian communities represents a relatively new phenomenon difficult to comprehend in this land and time of plenty How did this happen How did we get here What can be done to solve itJack Layton one of this country's leading experts and outspoken activists on. A well done comprehensive easy to understand and accessible book on homelessness housingI read this book for school I wanted to learn about Jack Layton and his opinions and experiences and I also thought he would probably not write in a pretentious way This book also seemed very well rounded providing a variety of aspects of the housing crisisLayton gathered lots of studies and statistics even though at the time of writing homelessness and housing issues were not tracked as well as they are now I did read the older version of this book which was written around 2000 instead of the updated 2008 one Layton backed up his claims very well and at times there were even too many statisticstoo much math made it a bit dryAs I hoped the book was easy to understand written for an ordinary person to grasp Layton s care and passion can be felt by the reader This book was interesting throughout and was not hard to get through It was definitely a worthwhile read I am educated and understand housing as an issue much better after reading this book I really appreciate how Layton makes this book accessible for any Canadian instead of writing it in a way that only housing experts could understand The reader is able to learn about the issue the government and policy feel sympathy or empathy and become aware of the factsI would recommend to anyone interested in a very comprehensive book on homelessnessthe housing crisis This book will deepen your knowledge of the subject provide important perspectives and a history of how this issue has progressed over time

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Homelessness review ↠ 109 Barely two decades ago the world's experts in housing policy were giving Canada high marks for its progressive housing policies Until recently our own common understanding of homelessness had been limited to occasional wanderers eccentrics boozers or addicts Yet as a new century dawns homelessness as we recognize it has changed and grown offering painful reminders of the soup kitchen lineups of the depression eraHomelessness is a rapidly growing social problem. This was a great resource for me and gave me greater insight into the beginnings of homelessness in Canada at least at the levels we are experiencing now However there was a lot of repetition throughout the book and I found myself skimming But since I am fully immersed in this issue and participate in a lot of dialogue in my community on a regularly basis my skimming probably has to do with my attention span than the writing itself Having said that I really appreciate how well Jack Layton balances heartfelt compassion for fellows human beings with cold hard facts on policy and economics which is a rare find among authors who have written on the subject

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Homelessness review ↠ 109 Housing issues addresses the crisis from its roots in order not only to understand the problem but to find workable solutions With a stunning combination of rigorous research and compelling personal anecdote and trenchant and timely analysis from such wide ranging sources as social scientists housing economists mayors journalists clergy and the homeless themselves Homelessness offers insight perspective and proactive solutions to a seemingly intractable crisis. A must read from the late great Jack Layton It s a prodigious report on the state of homelessness in Canada up to date to 2006 but with trends that reverberate today Every page is infused with Mr Layton s empathy compassion and sense of urgency for the people who suffer this condition due to poverty high urban rent job loss personal tragedy in the form of divorce domestic abuse or onset of mental illness and instances of addiction or frayed home life At the same time comprehensive data is provided at the highest standard It s at the high standards of an academic work yet readable for all of us who are involved in a society with such a pressing issueAlso here s a uote tidbit I cannot help but append hereIsn t it sad that these people just seem to want to be homeless from p31 Premier Mike Harris of Ontario great forerunner of Doug Ford