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SUMMARY ë Heroes Ghosts CHARACTERS Heroes Ghosts Ichi is a repressed scientist who keeps mostly to himself and just as he's about to take a vacation his plans are put on hold After a night of drinking he orders a doll from PETS. Wrong book Not a fan of artificial human like pets for manipulation DNF ed


SUMMARY ë Heroes Ghosts CHARACTERS Heroes Ghosts Only when it arrives he gets a surprise he's received a free upgrade to a Living Companion He does his best to clinically and professionally deal with a Pet that was genetically. I started this book expecting a good story And it did deliver on that account But as I gradually read on I found myself less enthusiastic about the characters So the rating stops at 3 starsview spoilerIt had a great starting point A reclusive and clumsy scientist being rejected by his part time lover orders a living companion after too many drinks one night It was fun to read about his embarrassment at having the entire station know about his purchase and him trying to get along with someone in close uarters someone who had the physical appearance of his dirtiest fantasy And then to discover that Rye was a real human and the dedication to his rehabilitation back to society all tinged with sexual attraction I liked Rye and Ichi s personality and their misunderstandings from what they perceived to be their flaws But then the story picked up pace and all of a sudden the station is attacked Rye remembers he was a mercenary and trained killer mock threatens some hackers to find the whereabouts of his creator and abuser papa Conti and makes peace with another brother after nearly killing each other hide spoiler

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SUMMARY ë Heroes Ghosts CHARACTERS Heroes Ghosts Engineered to be a companion in every sense of the word to another man But when Ichi starts to suspect his new Pet isn't what he seems his dull little life gets turned upside do. This was just so frustrating I started off really liking it I m a sucker for stories about sentient sex toys Sadly it was pretty downhill after that The middle dragged horribly there were random tangents all over the place and it was much too long which is a complaint you will almost never hear from me I was getting so bored and couldn t wait for it to be over It picked up again at the end though and I think I ended up liking it overall The story is great it just really needed tightening up and a bit stronger focus Also there were MAJOR issues with the writing There was way too much head hopping sometimes the point of view would shift several times within a few sentences It made those sections incredibly difficult to read It was also rampant with typos but even worse were the words that were just straight up spelled or used wrong There were several instances of ridicules that should have been ridiculous dominate should have been dominant than used in place of then other s instead of others etc There were also a bunch of incomplete sentences and sentences missing words It drove me completely bonkers and distracted me from the story so badly I have a fairly high forgiveness level for typos in things published for free online but this was so bad I actually had to stop reading at times

  • Paperback
  • 304
  • Heroes Ghosts
  • S.A. Payne
  • English
  • 03 February 2019
  • 9780979939709