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  • Paperback
  • 240
  • Hermits; The Insights of Solitude
  • Peter France
  • English
  • 08 September 2020
  • 9780312194635

Peter France ß 7 Summary

Hermits; The Insights of Solitude characters » 7 R Robert Lax the pursuit of enlightenment involves finding a balance between interacting with society and finding solitude in which to work Filled with the wisdom born of solitude Hermits provides a body of spiritual knowledge that will inspire readers to meditate on the need we all have for a time of solitude in our liv. There are certain insights and mental adjustments that come to me only when out on a hike or an extended backpacking or canoeing trip Shutting out the noise of modern life if only for a few days reaps great benefitslike popping a new battery in the system Ever since I built and camped in hand built shelter as a child the idea of living Thoreau like has been a compelling if unrealized idea better lived vicariously There are some who have taken it to a whole new level and the author explores a few of them The author delves into this with chapters focused on both the ancient and relatively contemporary This book could have been than it is and is a bit of a let down if you are looking for comprehensive treatment

review Hermits; The Insights of SolitudeHermits; The Insights of Solitude

Hermits; The Insights of Solitude characters » 7 Gained through an ascetic existence hermits have been revered and scorned for their often odd behavior Although the traditional life of a hermit has always been ascetic and antisocial it has often been difficult for these truth seekers to avoid people altogether However for the modern hermit such as the expatriate write. Chapter are inconsistent in writing style length main ideas presented They are also not in chronological order The smallest chapter was about Hinduism which makes me laught since India is origin of Hermit style of lifestyle The fact that Buddhist and Taoist hermits are completely ignored force me to say that author made extremely poor research I don t recommend it to anybody who thinks about such a lifestyle or is on spiritual path The informations present here are incomplete and bent by author poorly research topic and by picking not adeuate sample of hermits and their lifestyle with inconsistent writing style across the chapters

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Hermits; The Insights of Solitude characters » 7 In this lucid and inspirational book Peter France provides engaging accounts of the lives of famous hermits and hermitic movements from the Greek Cynics to the Desert Fathers to modern seekers such as Thoreau Thomas Merton and the American poet Robert Lax Viewed as possessing remarkable moral strength and mystical powers. People who can t stand being alone make the worst company