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Hedge Witch

DOWNLOAD Ç Hedge Witch Rae Beth ä 1 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Hedge Witch Ers accompanied by pen and ink sketches bring the reader to an understanding of the solitary witch's lifestyle and beliefsNote Published in the USA as The Wiccan Path A Guide For the Solitary Practioner. I wanted to like this but it was hard to follow I saw that it was in letter style when I picked it up which I was cool with But it really wasn t letter style It only had the letters from the author not the letters TO her So you never really got an idea for the interest of the other party making the book seem like a collection of community college lectures on a subject That was not what I was looking for I wanted a conversation about the path not a one sided lecture Also the path taken by the author is very far from my interest However I learned that by reading the book so that was beneficial


DOWNLOAD Ç Hedge Witch Rae Beth ä 1 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Hedge Witch Written in the form of letters from an experienced witch to her two apprentices solitary witchcraft is offered not as a substitute for coven worship but as a fulfilling lifestyle in its own right This b. There were many things that I thought this book did well But it really hasn t aged too well I didn t like how the book regularly implies that to be a spiritual person and ultimately a witch one must embrace sexuality and sex As an asexual I do not agree with this Also there are several sweeping statements such as Like all men and Like all young people that I feel stereotype people based on gender age and sexuality In the way that there are too many men speaking on behalf of women Rae Beth does not get to speak on behalf of all menThe title and synopsis implies that this is a nonfiction book about witchcraft Although it does cover some areas of witchcraft it is primarily focussed on Wicca Wicca witchcraft But this book does do a great job of covering the basics of Wiccan beliefs and practices and if that s what you are looking for this could be a good place to start A lot of the beliefs in this do not line up with my own personal experiences with the gods and unfortunately it wasn t for meAnyway I m off to make string poppets Until next time Peace and Love


DOWNLOAD Ç Hedge Witch Rae Beth ä 1 DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD Hedge Witch Ook provides spells for all the key festivals of the witch's calendar describing the therapeutic powers of trancework and herbalism and outlining the Pagan approach to finding a partner Her lyrical lett. Hedge Witch was the first book I read relating to the subject matter in fact the first book I read that related specifically to witchcraft that captured my imagination spurred my creativity and set off a spark of inspiration for me It is also a book I find myself returning too when I find I am feeling a little flat and uninspired Why is this I wonder Personally I find Rae Beth s writing uite accessible and also inspiring Hedge Witch is no exception The book potray s key festivals in the pagan and witch calender and the celebrations rituals and spells that a solitary witch may wish to follow throughout the year Rae Beth also manages to explain the key gods and goddess and how they fit into the spirituality of a Hedge Witch in a way that does not preach nor expects one to follow merely to understand The book is presented in a series of letters sent to two apprentices who wish to follow the path and are seeking guidance and advice As the book says Her lyrical letters accompanied by delicate pen and ink sketches bring the reader towards a deeper understanding of the solitary witch s lifestyle and beliefs I have often found myself looking at the book again usually at key times of the year The letters are dated and speak of what festival celebration and cycle is upon us at that time I often find reading the letters around that time of year has helped to inspire me encourage creativity and encourage me to standstill for a brief moment take a deep breath and look around at what is happening within and without

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  • 01 January 2019
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