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Free download Freedom™ 109 The Daemon a lethal computer program created by a twisted genius is firmly in control and moving towards its endgame As the global economy begins to collapse the world's most powerful organizations monolithic corporat. I have to say I was a little disappointed in this book compared to Daemon It seemed a bit off the rails very preachy and without a central character to latch onto Plus the level of violence and gore was WAY over the top I think the central messages are valid super interesting and high level scary but I m not sure he gets them across as well as he could have Kind of like burying an important social message inside Grand Theft Auto You can do it but most people are just laughing and running down hookers

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Free download Freedom™ 109 Ng loyalties rapidly diminishing human power and the possibility that anyone can be a daemon operative or a corporate spy Sebeck knows that he embodies the last hope that freedom can survive the information revolution. Tough rating probably deserves 25 starsThis is the seuel to Daemon which I recall enjoying a good bit Daemon was pretty popular among computer programmers for its according to the description here at goodreads shockingly plausible premise It s a techno thriller without the techno babbleFreedom is I think meant to be in the same mold although I m not sure what an encrypted IP beacon is That is to say the techno gets a little babblyI did love the premise In Daemon an out of control computer program tries to take over the world It s the enemy In Freedom things are a little complicatedStill lots of the issues feel half baked It s great to imagine a utopia of hyper local communities but where are the ones outside of Iowa going to get their food How s it going to work with citiesAlso there s only one female character and she s pretty much a passive observerSo it gets rounded down to two stars Disappointing given my memory of Daemon

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Free download Freedom™ 109 Ions complete with armies of their own prepare to fight their unseen enemyWhen civil conflict erupts in the United States former detective Pete Sebeck finds himself forced to protect the new world order Amid conflicti. Rating 710Good Deliver us from Daemonor notThis novel is a seuel to Daemon so you have to probably read that first Before reading this review do check out my review of Daemon The first novel was definitely one of the best techno thrillers I have ever read and experienced It had all the traits that a techno thriller has There were plethora of things that I learned With that much excitement I had while reading the first novel I started the second novel and I would say it was a total disappointment even though it was entertaining at timesWhile the first novel concentrated on the gory and so dark side of the Daemon the second novel was completely contrary ie it focused on Daemon being a good Samaritan I was completely flabbergasted and taken aback by how the author completely flipped the script It got me interested while I sensed that it was heading in that direction But while I was reading there were many things that didn t stick right There were many time jumps which was a real pain and got me boring at times The story didn t do justice for the main characters and it just invented many side characters who were totally monotonous It felt like the scenes depicted were a cut and paste from various parts of the first novel at times The pacing of the story was getting worse by every chapter there were some chapters that made me dreary The ending became anti climatic with no strong note and was flat While the novel suffered from the above mentioned it found strength in the last part of the novel except the ending the way the events branched were a thrilling roller coaster ride There were speculative technical ideas and the themes that were focused in this novel was mind blowing The focus on the Virtual Reality and fantasy elements were interesting and a delightOverall I would say this novel is an entertaining popcorn flick which could have made a real good addition to the duology if it wasn t for the downs mentioned above