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Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Daphne Clair Daphne Clair ✓ 4 Read & Download Grounds for Marriage Read & Download ß 104 Too handsome too clever too sure of himself too everythingLacey Kerr at seventeen had thought that of Tully Cleaver before she'd made the mistake that had altered her life And Re Grounds for Marriage Daphne Clair gives us the second book in the From Here to Paternity series doing a little HP boundary breaking along the wayThis book seems seriously tropy and a bit dated now in 2018 but this book really was an unusually expansive HP back in the day One that took on a very real societal concern in several industrialized countries but most especially in the US Australia and New ZealandSerious and long time HP Voyagers know the standard HP pregnancy tropes There is the often used and abused seekrit baby trope where the H and h have a lurve club event something happens and the h ends up having the H s baby without his knowledge As soon as the H discovers the new addition to the family insta marriage happens and then the two of them fight their feelings while in HPlandia blessed matrimony usually with large diamonds and shopping excursions along the way We love this trope in HPlandia and devoted readers are never going to let that dieBut there are other pregnancy tropes too There is the fling trope where the H is immediately notified as soon as the h starts feeling ill and the little stick turns pink The H may have thought he is only having a one night or two week fling but an HP baby changes everything and thus we get another path to insta marriage and then wash rinse and repeatWhatever the pregnancy trope used ultimately the HPlandia Gold Standard is that when an HP h gets pregnant by the H there is going to be a marriage and then we get to the romance There is also the currently much less used trope of teen pregnancy Probably because teen pregnancy rates are much lower today and there isn t as much focus on it as there has been in the past Prior to this book teen pregnancy was usually the result of an h s bad luck experience with a man other than the Hero and the stalwart single mum living in a grotty flat waiting for her rich and besotted H to arrive is a HP vintage classicBut in the real world in the 1990 s teen pregnancy was a very serious social issue in the three countries named above Societal conventions and various societal group s economic levels along with the increased teen use of alcohol and drugs had led to a fairly large spike in teen pregnancy with a significant number of teen age girls having babies before their 19th birthday This in turn led to a spike in teen marriages which are by their very nature less likely to succeed and freuently ended in divorce often with children involved and domestic violence trapping women and children in a cycle of poverty that is very hard to break out of This was cause for concern because all kinds of things can go wrong in teenage pregnancy and high divorce rates are often seen as signs of social instability Increased domestic violence issues are also never good so there was a lot of debates in the US New Zealand and Australia about how to lower that teen pregnancy rate to be compatible with other European countries and how to break that cycle of teen pregnancy and poverty before it ever got startedDaphne Clair uses her slot in the Paternity series to address both issues She has a 17 yr old h drunkenly seduced by the eually intoxicated 19 yr old H who also happens to be the h s older sister s boyfriend Nowadays there would be a serious uestion of the h s consent if this book were set in a 2018 context Which is very appropriate to how we have developed socially over the last 30 years but this is Vintage HPlandia so different societal norms are going to applyI am also going to slide the backstory in first even tho it comes later in the actual story because the context of how this is set up is important to understanding why the H and h make the choices that they do The H the h s sister and the h are all at a teen party when the H and the sister have a fight and the h s sister storms off The h s sister is a self centered teen narcissist ueen Bee and the H is the epitome of Teen Hot Rich Bad BoyThe h is only at the party because she is much serious in nature than her older sister and the h s parents think she is a moderating influence that can keep the Man Trap in the Making sister out of troubleThe h gets stuck trying to comfort the H about his poor little rich boy life and he gets her drunk in a classic example of an innocent unicorn grooming teen s yielding to Bad Boy peer pressure As these things go the H gets very friendly in the after glow of downing a bottle of brandy and the intoxicated h thinks that is just a marvelous idear at the time The big lurve club event is NOT a personal success for the h nor is the throwing up in the bathroom later OR the little unexpected dividend that will be arriving nine months later The h s sister s hysterics and the h s parent s disappointment are all things that affect the h greatly and contribute to her feelings that she made a bad mistake and now she has to morally pay for it The h does manage to keep her baby in spite of the H s controlling mother trying to force her to have a termination and the H at 19 does step up to the plate and offer marriage The h refuses to go that route She uses her large supply of common sense and has a well developed backbone that sees her through to ten years later successful in her career and raising a well adjusted ten year old daughter in a co parenting relationship with the HThe H accepts the marriage proposal rejection and he does buy the h a house and then proceeds on with his life He dates he does young man things and while the h doesn t sleep with anyone else over the years she develops a dating life as well DC is very aware that she is pushing boundaries here so HP h celibacy rules are still going to applyThere have been a few roofie kissing incidents with the H over the years but in the h s estimation the H is a gad about playboy and she has a child to raise and the two are not compatible Tho the H does do his part time dad duties and he does them wellWhen the book opens the h announces to the H that she is ready for the next phase of her life She has met a man she thinks is compatible and she wants to marry him She wants the H to help their daughter accept a new stepfather and the H is NOT happy with thatThe H has proposed to the h multiple times over the years and the h has turned him down every time She knows that parenting and marriage are two different things and then there is also the estrangements in her own family Her older sister is married to a prominent doctor and has a family of her own but the lingering shame of the h getting preggers by her sister s boyfriend still ignites familial tension Besides the H has made no secret of his lady lurving activities over the years and the h doesn t think a marriage for the kid s sake is necessary after all this time The H disagrees he doesn t like the h s potential new husband and he really doesn t like the dynamics that get stirred up when he meets the OM s teenage daughter The h s new guy is a bit of a dweeb and a bad fit for the h but the h doesn t seem to realize it until there is big conflict between her OM s teenage daughter and her ownThe H figures out that the older girl is bullying their daughter and going so far as to have her illicit boyfriend threaten the h s daughter s cat The h and her OM go into their respective kid s corners over the whole affair and the OM is soon lost to the mists of HPlandia the h decides that they just don t work after allRunning the OM off was the H s goal the whole time but DC also shows that the H is doing his best to be an involved parent with the limited access that he has Then DC has to up the tension even further when the h s sister shows up to move in with the h The older sister is bored with her life and leaves her husband and her kids The H makes a huge point of reconnecting with the older sister and flaunting that reconnection in the very jealous h s faceThe h feels she has no right to complain tho because her sister has never let her forget that the h stole her boyfriend There are all kinds of underlying tensions and it looks like another big triangle is in the making but the older sister does manage to acknowledge that she has always resented the h for forcing the sister to share the paternal love and devotion spotlight and the h is shocked When the sister s husband finally shows up to drag his wife back to the family fold the h is forced to see the H in a different light He has genuinely grown up to be a good man his lady buffet days seem to be well behind him and he does do all he can to be a supportive parent and supportive partner to the h He even double checks to make sure that the sister s husband isn t the abusive type as he hauls his wife off When the H finally breaks through to the h that he isn t kidding in his attraction to her nor does he intend to falter in his devotion to creating a family unit with the h and his daughter the h agrees to marry him She now sees that the H has matured just as she has and that they really can build a good marriage if they work at it There is also the tidbit that the h has managed to fall in love with the H and of course the daughter is all for having two live in parentsSo the H and the h marry and the H has been fretting for a long time that his drunken 19 yr old self put the h off boudoir moments for life The honeymoon soon relieves both the h and the H of their lurve club anxieties and the h s only remaining worry is that the H is still carrying a torch for her sisterThere is finally full and open communication about the whole teenage drama which ends when the H explains that he and the sister were never lovers The sister liked to tease and the H got frustrated with her multiple juggling routines between all the good looking teen aged guys in their social group The H realized a long time ago that the sister was a self involved drama ueen and the whole seduction of the h occurred because even way back then the h was a mature and empathetic listener and the H had a lot of baggage that the h s uiet support helped him to unload When the h turned up pregnant the H was than willing to marry her but he figured he traumatized her and so he went to make his fortune and do what dad duties she would let him instead hoping that one day the h would really see him and then want to be with himThis leads to the h finally accepting that the H s declaration of love which he has been saying for a while now is really sincere and she makes her big declaration of her own love back Now that their love for each other is finally sorted out and acknowledged the H declares that they are buying a bigger house with space for a pony and kids are in the works for the pretty happy and very sincere through sunshine and rain HP rosy glow HEAThis one was boundary stretching because the h with a lot of social and H support was able to successfully navigate a teen pregnancy without the traditional reuired marriage route While it seems very uaint and old fashioned today this was a big issue in the context of the time it was writtenDC wanted to advocate that with the proper supports in place the cycle of teen pregnancy could be broken Ladies who had children as teens could take their place in society as self supporting functioning mature adults and marriage wasn t needed to be a forgone conclusion nor was it absolutely necessary to good parenting This is huge because this means that future HP h s and also real world ladies had options they did not have to let an unanticipated pregnancy destroy their future success as adults It doesn t really seem like a big deal now but DC managed to tactfully and respectfully disagree with a very common opinion at the time that teen mothers were doomed to low income living and a perpetual chain of parenting mistakes It is true that the h initially had assistance in getting her schooling and having a place to live but DC also shows that the h takes the initiative to grow and develop on her own providing a powerful statement that successful non traditional parenthood is achievable and not something to be sneered at or dismissedDC just wraps it up in the standard HP approved belated HEA thus making this story acceptable to the conservative HP readership and the editors of that particular time Future HP authors will have cause to appreciate this expansion DC s entertaining diversion into the less conventional routes to parenthood not only offer heroine s active assertiveness for future stories it also is part of the ongoing uest of keeping HPlandia relevant and current with real world changesThis means that Grounds for Marriage goes on the HP reuired reading list It is a genre expanding book in the HP backlist that makes some important statements about varieties of parenting and what makes a family It is also a really cute second chance romance HP voyage with a nicely rewarding HEA well worth the read if you run into it

Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Daphne ClairGrounds for Marriage

Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Daphne Clair Daphne Clair ✓ 4 Read & Download Grounds for Marriage Read & Download ß 104 Ed in Emma's life but he wasn't husband material However when Lacey announced that she was to marry Julian Wye Tully took action After all he was father of the bride's daughte At age 17 Lacey shared an unexpected encounter with Tully and wound up pregnant she refused his offer of marriage believing him to be too immature and untrustworthy and kept the baby Ten years later the two of them amiably share parental rights But when Lacey announces that she s getting married the dynamics of their relationship abruptly changeThis is serious and realistic in tone than most Harleuin Presents but Clair is a good enough writer to pull it off weaving in small threads about class distinctions self esteem and the growth of maturity Although at first I found the set up somewhat implausible as all of the complex backstory came out it made a lot sense Although dislikers of flashbacks will not be thrilled It s not the book to pick if you re looking for heavy drama and fantasy but I thought it was an interesting change of pace

Daphne Clair ✓ 4 Read & Download

Download ê PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Daphne Clair Daphne Clair ✓ 4 Read & Download Grounds for Marriage Read & Download ß 104 In ten years she hadn't changed her mind For her daughter's sake Tully was welcome in their lives and he had surprised Lacey by becoming a good father who wanted to be involv I really enjoyed this one It was so different than any other HP I have read Lacey is a single mom raising her daughter after having got pregnant when she was 17 years old with her sister s drunken boyfriend The story opens 12 years later where they share custody of the daughter and have built an amicable relationship The book opens with Lacey telling Tully that she has decided to marry someone else From there the sparks flyWhat was so intriguing about this book was nothing fit the mold Their relationship started out as a one night drunken stand with neither person having any feelings for the other With the help of flashbacks you see the tragedy caused by this one mistake and the destroyed relationship between two sistersOf course Tully steps up to the plate to offer marriage but Lacey refuses to settle for a marriage of convenience There were a couple of things I didn t uite care for Sleeping with your sister s boyfriend because you are jealous of her doesn t rank too highly for me I never could uite figure out why she did it other than oneupmanship which ultimately hurt her sister I also wasn t too keen on Tully s motives Needless to say neither would win a prize for good citizenship but they both evolved into good peopleTully so than Lacey I also found that I really came to like Tully and what he stood for in those ensuing 12 years A different book that worked well for me

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