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  • From Heiress to Mom Billionaires for Heiresses #2
  • Therese Beharrie
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  • 02 August 2018
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From Heiress to Mom Billionaires for Heiresses #2

characters From Heiress to Mom Billionaires for Heiresses #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Finding a family with her exIn this Billionaires for Heiresses story Autumn is stunned when Hunter Lee her billionaire ex turned best friend appears. I love the premise for this secret baby romance in that it s not the heroine s baby Hero and heroine broke up a year ago in part because he recoiled at the thought of having a family He went off and had a drunken one night stand which he has now discovered produced a baby The mother didn t want his involvement because total stranger but is now up against parenting and the need to finish her studies There is no shaming of either hero or Other Woman at any point they unuestionably made some really bad decisions but it s possible to do that and then proceed like decent humans and talk about it and work stuff out Proper grown up conversation accepting human reality I love it The main conflict isn t this because everyone involved behaves like an adult for the baby s sake I m just going to repeat that a few times The issue is that hero and heroine are both mired in the past unacknowledged grief and guilt fear of loss fear of rejection fear of not being good enough They very much both need to sort themselves out Beharrie tends to write characters who are trapped in their own heads and who need to pick apart their problems which on the one hand gives us a deep dive into some pretty raw emotions but can also be claustrophobic because we re trapped in their heads with them That said the sense of things finally clicking into place and weights of a lifetime sloughing off people s shoulders is a huge relief and brings us to a thoroughly deserved sense of lightness at the well earned HEA Definitely emotion driven rather than plot driven read I am going to say the title is very category romance and I don t think it reflects the book well Also don t be put off by billionaire here if billionaires put you off it basically means money isn t a problem I had an ARC from the author

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characters From Heiress to Mom Billionaires for Heiresses #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF On her doorstep with a son Their relationship changed because she wanted a family and he didn’t believe he’d make a good father but they never. From Heiress to Mum is the second book in the Billionaires for Heiresses series by Therese Beharrie Hunter Lee and Autumn were very much in love but they broke up because she wanted children and he didn t He has a very good reason for not wanting them but he won t even entertain ways around that reason So they had to break up but managed to remain friendsA year later after a very distraught time at her parent s anniversary Hunter arrives at her house with the shocking news that he is a father He had a one night stand when they broke up and has just found out that a baby came from that occasion The mother wants to go away to study for 3 months and with nobody else to turn to she asks Hunter to have his sonHe agrees but freaks out and asks Autumn to help him Always wanting to please people and being as she still has feelings for him she agrees It might crush her spirit seeing him with a baby but she wants to be there for himWhat follows next is how they both come to terms with the things that kept them apart from each other Will they kiss and get back together or is there too much water under the bridgeDid I like this story it was OK I found parts of it unbelievable such as how a man who broke up with the love of his life would then go on to have a one night stand in which he doesn t use contraception He broke up with Autumn because she wanted children and he desperately didn t so no matter how drunk he got I can t believe he would have unprotected sexThen when he finds out he is a father how does Hunter have the gall to ask his ex to help him Also why would the baby s mother after only having a one night stand with Hunter happily leave the baby with him for 3 months The story as I said was OK but there was just too much angst and unbelievable parts for me to really enjoy it

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characters From Heiress to Mom Billionaires for Heiresses #2 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Stopped loving each other Now he needs her help Will caring for baby Eli together make them realize how much they both want this little familyforeve. From Heiress to Mom a lovers to exes to friends to I won t spoil it is a delightful rich and touching read from Therese Beharrie This was my first book of hers and I have to say I m about to go put all the others in my TBR pile because there really is something special in her writing I came to this book not knowing much about it other than a few snippets I had heard on Twitter Autumn is a successful bakery owner in the outskirts of Cape Town and her life is completely thrown upside down when Hunter her ex who never wanted a family shows up baby in tow I mean I have to say that s a pretty great but also complex premise to begin with and I admit I was curious about how Beharrie was going to navigate through the potential pitfalls and cliches associated with that kind of hook Let me just say she does so brilliantly with finesse and care Autumn and Hunter are well rounded characters who felt 100% real They are brutally honest with themselves for the most part who really is all the time and I appreciated that all feelings good bad and sometimes ugly made it into their inner monologues It made the complex and obstacle wrought relationship between Autumn and Hunter entirely believable and really did make me uestion at some points the possibility of their HEA The sign of a good romance in my opinion They are strong hot and beautiful with very human and relatable flaws I admit particularly related to Autumn I definitely saw a bit of myself in her And Hunter well let me just say make sure you have a fan nearby whenever he comes around There are other factors and trials of course which impact their relationship their feelings and their thoughts and views on family which I won t spoil But I will say that I thought all of these which could have felt exploitative rather than truthful were again handled with thoughtfulness and sensitivity and developed really beautifully Same goes for the relationships with other characters Autumn s sister Hunter s mother and particularly with Grace aka baby mama Again Beharrie could have taken the easy and predictable route but she did not and the book is all the better for it She handles Grace with grace yes I know very punny and sensitivity allowing time for her relationship to Hunter and Autumn to actually be developed when she could have so easily been a standard throwaway character The only thing I regretted was not seeing of the gorgeous locations I really enjoyed the descriptions of all the breathtaking places Autumn and Hunter freuent particularly Autumn s home which I would move into tomorrow and so I suppose I wanted All in all From Heiress to Mom is a delightful funny sweet excellently paced and very real book You can tell that a lot of love and care has been put into this book and if I m honest that s really refreshing for a romance novel Too often plot and tropes are used to cover a lack of true understanding and appreciation for the characters and genre but fear not potential readers That most certainly is not the case here Go read it