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Read & Download Becoming Bimbo H. Dean ½ 5 Summary Becoming Bimbo Free download é 105 Public display But there was no choice in the matter not if she wanted to save her marriage Before long she was acting the part of a perfect sex starved and brainless bimbo wife She had no way of knowing her act would become reality. Allora non sar semplice esprimere un commento seriamente Il racconto non romantico non va preso alla leggere se siete fan di 50 sfumature state alla larga Sostanzialmente si segue un percorso di una donna che diventa un oggetto sessuale nel senso letterale degradante ma ha un non so che di psicologico e di contorto che ti ritrovi incollata alle pagine e a chiederti cosa stia succedendo cosa succeder e cosa diamine stia pensando Brandi malato Perverso uasi agghiacciante Si Se pensate di sopportarlo prendetelo e buona lettura Sul finale preferisco non dire nulla Ho apprezzato moltissimo l epilogo ualcosa si intuisce gi durante la lettura D altronde tutti abbiamo solo bisogno di una scusa o di un alibi per vivere uello che vorremo e che si ritiene socialmente sbagliato

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Read & Download Becoming Bimbo H. Dean ½ 5 Summary Becoming Bimbo Free download é 105 It wasn't right She knew it It wasn't a lack of love or affection that drove her to step out on the only man she had ever loved It was loneliness Then her husband John discovered her infidelity He was furious Why wouldn't he be He w. Why do I do this to myself While I m uestioning myself so is Michelle in this story She s renamed to Bimbo Brandi Because you know Brandi is of a bimbo name OO Note to self never name a daughter or niece Brandi Once again Mr Dean pulls me into another story filled with humiliation This one isn t dehumanizing but it definitely is devolving a seemingly intelligent woman into a sexual play thing to be used and abusedBecoming Bimbo isn t so physically sadistic unless you have an abhorrence for anal sex and enemas If you like anal play woohoo This book is total maledom with females as total sex objects This short story is filled with sexual gratification for the husband and totally sexual degradation for the cheating wife I guess when a spouse cheats penance comes at a high cost Mr Dean s narrative is all from the female s perspective It s rather accurate and depressing at times I didn t empathize with her I ended up being a voyeur greedily watching her devolve into a mindless sex toy Each humiliating act I smirked and thought oh how I d love to see a girl turned in this sexy little doll Is that wrong of me Probably The story is left open ended with possibilities I ve already pinged the author for some Please note this story is TOTAL fantasy and not light kinky sex If you don t like humiliation and objectification of a female don t read this book If you don t like bad stereotype of Asian women speaking don t read this book I think there could have been degrading things done to Brandi in a permanent way but then that would just be so taboo

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Read & Download Becoming Bimbo H. Dean ½ 5 Summary Becoming Bimbo Free download é 105 As deeply in love with her Get out he ordered But she couldn't leave she loved him and she begged to stay I'll do anythinganything you want she beggedThe PVC skirt and bustier made her look ridiculous and all but put her breasts on. I was going to say that this one moved even uicker into potential DNF territory then noticed I made it to 46% of the book before tossing it aside Then noticed that it is only 91 pages long so that might be why I got so far so uickly Right got so far so uickly Heh I read books so uickly that sometimes I read three books on the same day That so uickly Reading what is that something like 45 pages Took me four or five days for me to doSo what was the problem with this one Why was I not able to complete it I mean it is only 91 pages long Surely I could read that in a gulp right Wrong Especially not whatever the fuck this was If I recall the story line correctly man and woman woman either super submissivesuggestiveor easily controlled Man controls her bathroom breaks or if not that extreme just keeps her always wearing a butt plug Whether or not he actually controls her bathroom use he did do something so gross I couldn t continue he liked using her as a toilet As in he d pull her butt plug out pee into her butt then put the plug back in and make her hold the pee inside of herself That s I don t like butt play in general and that might just involve someone accidentally having a pinkie rest gently on the edge of the opening This Fuck Instant DNFRating 46% is probably far enough to rate a book right Hmms Yes No If I did put a rating on it it d be 1 starFebruary 22 2018

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