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The Known World

Read é The Known World ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One of the most acclaimed novels in recent memory The Known World is a daring and ambitious work by Pulitzer Prize winner Edward P Jones The Known World tells the story of Henry Townsend a black farmer and former. Manchester County Virginia doesn t exist Never has After reading The Known World however you d be forgiven if you thought you could take a tour of it s plantations and slave cemetaries on your vacation to colonial Williamsburg The complicated pre civil war Southern society that Edward P Jones creates feels as real and surreal as any factual history of slavery you ve read It was not so much the story of Henry Townsend a black slave owner and all the people that his death allows us to meet that engaged me It was the world a world where I could taste the soil I might till and the women I might marry and the terrible choices I might be faced with that put it s claws in me and refused to let goIt took me nearly 2 months to finish the book s 388 pages It should ve been a uick read It is a fascinating place with peculiar problems and characters I cried for on than one occasion It should ve been a uick read but I kept asking myself this uestion who would I have been The slave toiling away in the field The overseer unable to see the world for what it truly was The freed man working desperately to free the rest of his family The smart child taken under the wing of the rich white slave owner and convinced that there was nothing wrong with owning another human being The broken black man tortured by his family s wealth built on the backs of men and women that look just like me The slave too proud too strong too powerful to let another take his freedom Who would I have beenWho am I nowIn matters of race there is always that fool s point usually made by a white person though not always that askswhy aren t you over it already Can t we just let it go It is a way to end an uncomfortable conversation The reasons don t matter I know many a person for which the sticky tar baby of race in America is simply a discussion they can t stick their hands in It is too difficult Too raw Too cloudy to be sure that people will remain friends after an honest chat The way I feel when I read books like The Known World is my answer No matter how well adjusted how integrated how loving of my fellow man how multiculti kumbayah I am I m not over it I can t let it goThis fictional world was very real not all that long ago It s effects still ripple through our every day The world I know doesn t exist without itHighly highly recommended

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Read é The Known World ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Slave who falls under the tutelage of William Robbins the most powerful man in Manchester County Virginia Making certain he never circumvents the law Townsend runs his affairs with unusual discipline But when deat. I m going to have to rave a bit because this is one of the best books I ve read in the past ten yearsJones packs in all the historical detail you could want and of course he s hit on a subject black slaveowners that in and of itself is tabloid sensational Where lesser writers might lean too hard on the sensational aspect or rely on it to bolster an otherwise weak narrative Jones works it into a compelling and powerful storyWhat makes it so powerful is a mix of fascinating characters who are woven into a series of overlapping plotlines For me it s the structuring that is so brilliant geek alert I actually diagrammed the time shifts in the chapters as an exercise to see when and how Jones yoked the whole thing together This less than linear approach might be frustrating to those who just want things to be straightforward but stick with it the shifts provide suspense as well as texture and they propel than one storyline at once They do all come together trust meI also admire the overarching authorial voice in the novel which certainly leans toward the formal but also comes across as aware of the history it s grappling with here and there Jones projects his voice forward for a moment or seemingly digresses with factual material and research Again it s all part of the tapestry and the mix and I also think that the level of narrative awareness which never disengages long enough to derail anything adds another layer to the very idea of history making the whole historical and contemporary bothAnd for those of you who can do without all of the above writerly blather a thousand pardons you ll find in this book characters who are engaging ignorant cruel earnest sympathetic tragic hopeful flawed in short complicated Halfway through you ll be fighting off the impulse to skip ahead to learn everyone s fateFinally I ll say that this book isn t perfect there are aspects of what I ve described above that sometimes don t work narrative turns that do seem pointless digressions a character or two a bit stereotypical or annoying No matter This book aims high as brilliant works of art do and the result is nothing short of amazing

Review ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Edward P. Jones

Read é The Known World ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook H takes him unexpectedly his widow Caldonia can't uphold the estate's order and chaos ensues Jones has woven a footnote of history into an epic that takes an unflinching look at slavery in all its moral complexiti. A very complex and beautiful compelling book about Henry a former slave who becomes a slave owner his wife Caldonia But they re just the start the book is really a series of stories vignettes about the families friends neighbors community surrounding Henry Caldonia It took me a really long time to get into the book because there are so many characters some important some not the book jumps around in time making it difficult to follow Trust me use the cast of characters at the end of this edition why not place this at the beginning give up your expectations about traditional narrative format you ll LOVE this book as much as I did In life we have our own story kind of playing in our head at the same time we have all these other stories we re hearing the story about your mother s great uncle The story about your brother in law s neighbor The one about your sister s husband s aunt her neighbor the one about your coworker s mother You know all those stories That s what this book is like some characters are important than others so you hear of their stories but minor characters have stories too they sort of appear out of nowhere you get to hear their story then they re gone It s really very cool I particularly loved the story of the womanizing slave who has a vision during a lightning stormtornado becomes the founder of an orphanage And the little tiny story about the family who don t want to give up their cow the woman goes into the barn to milk the cow there s this lovely description of her suirting the cow s milk into a cat s mouth if you ve ever seen a cat eat with true contentment you will recognize the cat body language that Jones describes Toward the end of the book there s a very powerful scene where a character who isn t a particularly good character says there should be a lantern or light of truth in the world an actual place where people can stand tell the truth without fear of retribution where one might be able to right a wrong It s a moment where you think yes this guy could right the wrong by speaking out because his fear of having people think he s on the negro s side iswell wrong But that s his fear in that moment of the book you understand it you think yeah what if he could speak out under that light of truth not have anyone judge him How wonderful would that be While the book depicts the horrors of slavery there are a few characters who are outright despicable there are many shades of gray in Jones vision as well It s a book that will make you think about slavery the myths realities tragedies of it all on top of that it ll make you think about your own life all the people you ve known how complex interesting we all are really It s beautifully written the characters will stick in your head as if you d known them too Oddly I think what I initially disliked most about this book its multitude of characters convoluted timeline is what I ended up really enjoying Another example of a book that made my head expand with some creakiness but I m glad the expansion can still happen

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  • 11 February 2020
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